• Show Date: 16/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Stithians Agricultural Association

Stithians Agricultural Association Open Dog Show

Monday 16th July 2018

AV Utility – Special Veteran 7-9 years 5,1

1. Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Keeper of the Dreams JW ShCM, Tibetan Spaniel bitch. Appealing head lovely eyes. Level back, correct topline, high set plumed tail. Complimentary coat and furnishings. Moved really well and presented in fantastic condition. Best Utility Veteran, Reserve Best Veteran In Show.

2. Rutley’s Ch Javeys Here Comes Summer JW ShCM, Tibetan Terrier bitch. Beautifully balanced, appealing head, super jaw, strong neck and powerful body proportions. Moved really positively having a strong rear drive and proud head carriage. RBV.

3. Worth & Houghton’s Rynard Red Baron with Respryn, ShCM,

AV Utility Special Veteran 10 years and Over 3,2

1. Quest’s Chenrezi Keep The Faith ShCM, Tibetan Spaniel Bitch. Head of correct size and shape. Lovely eyes portraying a very appealing expression. A touch short in leg length. Good for neck and topline. High set tail. In great condition. Moved Ok in front.

AV Terrier – Special Veteran 7-9 years 2,1

1. Malden’s Louka Kolar Koded ShCM, Bull Terrier Dog. Excels in head qualities. Strongly built. Powerful muscular neck and correctly placed shoulders, clean front. Good depth of chest. Bite OK. Good forehand reach, Ok behind. Best Terrier Veteran.

AV Terrier – Special Veteran 10 Years and Over 2,1

1. Allison’s Badgerback Forrester, Border Terrier Dog. 14 years and in great condition. Spanned OK. Strong rear and fair front. Excellent tail, skin and pelt texture. Reserve Best Terrier Veteran.

Miniature Schnauzer

Post Graduate 5,3

1. Woods Penbro Put A Spell On You, Bitch 8 months old P/S and most eye-catching. Well built without being overdone and of correct proportions. Dark oval eyes, neat ears correctly placed. Balanced length of neck above well laid shoulders, level back and tail high set. Moved with a lovely forehand reach. Short, hard, wiry coat well presented. Should have a successful show career. G2 & PG1

1. Woods Penbro Dream On, Bitch Also 8 months. Black. I perceived the similarities before I learnt later they were litter mates. Similar in statue. Excellent body, having well sprung ribs, topline gently sloping as required, high set tail. Not quite as precise as 1 or the coat texture as yet.

Tibetan Spaniel

Graduate 5, 2

1. Quest & Kalske’s Chenrizi Back to Black B/T attractive baby. Good size and shape for age. Nicely bodied, sufficient neck. Coat gave the impression he was high over the loin but this was not the case upon inspection. Correct size of skull with attractive expression. Perhaps to come up a touch on leg. Movement to settle but was more composed later in the puppy challenge. BPIB & PG2

2. Denton & Quest’s Lililean Legally Blonde (Imp FIN) Typey bitch with attractive head, eye and eats. Impressive body proportions and enough coat. Just rather shy which rather spoilt the whole thing. When she gains confidence she will come together nicely. Preferred her overall refinement over 3.

3. Conibere’s Chenrezi That’s My Girl

Limit 4,3

1. Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Happy, Dog. Stood alone which was a pity. 18 months old. Masculine well shaped head. Super eyes of correct size and shape. Great finish of muzzle. Level back line, high set plumed tail. Fair front assembly, excellent hindquarters. Moved with style. RBOB


Open 5,2

1. Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton (Imp FIN), Dog 18 months and maturing well. Impressive size shape and balance. Has enough substance and bone for it all to be nicely balanced. Perhaps a touch strong in under jaw. Moved OK behind. BOB

2. Denton’s Chenrezi Love On The Rocks at Tremorvah 4 year old mature bitch. I loved her feminine expression. Just a touch short in leg. Nicely balanced for bone and substance. Super coat of the correct texture and volume. Careful mover but I felt could have put a little more into it.

3. Penny’s Fercott Rave On ShCM, Dog

Tibetan Terrier

Graduate 4,2

1. Rutley & Keulers Sumanshill Pretty Women At Javey (Imp NED). Bitch Square in outline, not the largest but of sufficient bone and substance. Black coat of correct texture. Well bodied. OK for neck. Moved well. RBOB

2. Charlesworth’s Dazzle Dragon, Nicely proportioned head but could be a touch stronger. Excellent neck and top line. Strong powerful mover, particularly from hindquarters. Well set tail.

Open 3,1 1.

1. Rutley’s Ch Javeys Here Comes Summer JW ShCM. Reserve Best Utility Veteran. BOB

2. Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Nyima. Dog. 2 years old. Fair head; would prefer more depth of chest and slightly shorter in loin to produce a squarer outline. Moved with an excellent forehand reach. Correct coat texture

Shih Tzu

1. Diffey’s Marhilway Edge Related, Bitch. 3 years old, super round expressive eyes, head round in shape with good finish; muzzle short and of good width; well placed nose with healthy nostrils. OK for neck. Presently out of coat but obviously this is just a temporary matter. Moved really well with head held proudly. BOB

Poodle (Min)


1. Hosking’s Tarquas Strut My Stuff ShCM, Bitch. Head of good length and proportions giving a feminine expression. Excellent dentition. Nicely balanced throughout. Deep chest, level back line. OK tail. Moved freely. BOB, G3.

Japanese Spitz

Open 5,1

1. Luckman’s Fleurlilly Moonbeam. I thought his overall ratios were most pleasing. He’s still young so coat to mature. Lovely for head, neck and shoulders. Best rear movement in the class. BOB & BOB.

2. Quant’s Snowshoes Winter Fox. Good for coat colour. Coat texture OK as had clearly undergone a moult. Deep pigmentation. Attractive eyes. Economic forehand; OK rear.

3. Lucman’s Tawvale Winton ShCM

Japanese Shibu Inu

Graduate 2

1. Sharrock’s Narocka’s Daydream Believer, Bitch. Nicely balanced throughout. Blunt triangular shaped head, eyes of correct size and shape. Strong neck, level back. Tail set on high. Moved well but a touch close behind.

2. Worth & Hougham’s Respryn Trelawney. Another with impressive head qualities, not quite the coat texture and condition as 1. Medium spring of rib as required. Moved a touch wide in front.

Open 2

1. Worth & Hougham’s Rynard Red Baron with Respryn ShCM. Good size but appeared a touch heavy all through. OK for head qualities. Well set tail. On the move held a good topline and the profile looked impressive. BOB

2. Sharrock’s We-Sedso Enjoy For Narockas (Imp DEU). Balanced head of good shape and size. Would have preferred to be a touch shorter in overall length. Excellent rear drive. Good coat.

AVNSC Utility

Puppy 2,1

1. No name given.

Open 2,1

1. Carfury My Precious (TAF), Boston Terrier, Dog. Liked the overall shape, size and body. Fair finish to head. Excellent for neck, top line. Strong hindquarters and moved very well.


1. French Bulldog. This was the only Utility breed I did not judge. I was impressed the moment she entered the Group ring. Impressive bitch of lovely proportions. Super head size and shape sporting a lovely expression. Beautiful ears. Moved really well and looked a picture on the stand. I was told later she is sitting a CC. Congratulations and Good Luck!

2. Schnauzer

3. Poodle (min)

4. Tibetan Spaniel


1. Schauzer

2. Tibetan Spaniel

3. Japanese Spitz

4. French Bulldog. Good for head qualities, muzzle and finish. Fair neck and topline. A touch longer in body than ideal. Moved really well. Presented in beautiful condition.



Graduate 1

1. Allison’s Trevassack Archie, Dog. 10 months old. Well shaped head, strong muzzle and clean neck. Correct deep narrow body. Spanned well. Harsh dense coat. Movement to settle. BPIB.

Open 3

1. Baird’s Dowgri Demelza ShCM, Attractive expression in a well balanced head. Expressive eyes. Good bite. Straight forelegs, neat feet. Well bodied. Super tail. Moved very well. BOB G3

2. Baird’s Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri ShCM. Just preferred head qualities of 1. Strong accurate mover. Good jacket. Balanced in bone and substance. RBOB

3. Allison’s Badgerback Forrester

Soft Coated Wheaten

Open 3,1

1. Ateyo’s Kanjuley Scarlett O’Hara. Decidedly unexaggerated. Head a correct width and proportions. Clear dark eyes, correct ears. Just would prefer a touch more compactness of body. Moved well. Top line a touch soft at times. Correct coat colour. BOB

2. Ford’s Kanjuley Scarlet And Gold. Square in outline. OK for head. Compact body and OK coat. Excellent on the move. Very fit for 8 years old. RBOB

Manchester Terrier

Open 1

1. Gallie Digelsa Double Diamond, Dog. 5 year old mature dog, good for size and shape. Well built and compact. Balanced head being fairly long and narrow, dark eyes of correct small size. Excellent ears. Super coat texture and tans. Moved steadily both coming and going. BOB

Bull Terrier

Graduate 1

1. Malsen’s Louka Starman. Well built. Long head with depth and well filled. Correct eyes. Strong thick set neck. Topline a not as secure times. Powerful front and hindquarters. Moved with determination.

Open 3

1. Martin & Vanstone’s Diton Dixieland With Puissance ShCM. Impressive head and overall balance. Dentition OK. Long muscular neck, strong shoulders and front assembly. Great body being of correct roundness with lovely spring of rib. It fits well together. Powerful mover. BOB & G4.

2. Louka Masked Maiden, Bitch. Ok for head; excellent mouth. Strong jaws. Very muscular hindquarters. Secure topline. Would prefer a touch more length of leg to complete. Sound mover.

3. Blazinbully’s Sweet Surprise



1. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost ShCM. Gave this boy high honours at as a puppy. He excels in head qualities, eyes and neck. Nicely balanced throughout. Best of rear angulations. Impressive mover. Smooth short coat. Presented in fit hard condition. BOB

2. Marshallsay’s Cosmic Love, Bitch. Loved this 10 month old young lady. Feminine and has ideal substance. Gorgeous head, excellent mouth. Muscular neck and shoulders. Strong hindquarters. She is most impressive on the move. She pressed her kennel mate extremely hard in the challenge and it was an extremely close call! RBOB, BPIB & PG1 and delighted to receive a message late informing me she had won Best Puppy In Show!


Open 3,1

1. Webber’s Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes ShCm, Bitch. Muscular and strong with a certain refinement in deportment. Lovely attitude. Skull of correct proportions, clean strong neck and great lay back of shoulders. Strong top line, short loins. Moved well. BOB

2. Sherifs Red Hot ShCM, Dog. Built on much heavier lines but of correct shape. Not the length of head of 1. Strong neck, straight forelegs, good feet. Well set tail. Moved with power.


Open 6,2

1. McManus’s Travellerways Jessica, Bitch. 10 month old feminine bitch presented in first class order. Not the largest but well within in standard. Loved her head shape and expression. Graceful on the move making full use of her excellent conformation. Coat presented in exemplary fashion. On today’s performance she must have a very bright future. BOB BPIB, PG2

2. Sothcott’s Jobanker Chit Chat, Bitch. At 18 months, she is obviously more mature than 1. Totally honest and maturing nicely. Super head and neck. Good for front and rear angulations. Moved with grace and determination. RBOB

3. Soutcott’s Jobanker Sugar Sugar, Bitch


Open 1

1. Biscoe’s Jamabis Devon Boy Blue, Dog. 13 month old and very attractive in outline. Good for head shape, eye and neck. Compact body. Coat texture being of sufficient harshness; just felt that hair around the head would benefit from a touch more finish. BOB

AV Terrier

Puppy 1

1. Hills’s Honey Sticky Bear, Norfolk Bitch just out of puppy. Good body but a touch long. Fair neck. Expression was a tad spoilt by eyes being too close together. Harsh coat which would benefit from tidying. Fair front and rear. Moved OK when settled.

AVNSC Terrier

Open 1

1. Pinfold & Pinfold’s Cyre Adonis, Kerry Blue, Dog. Impressive stud of a dog. Gorgeous for shape, size and balance. Compact throughout. Clean front legs and fairly narrow chest as required. Tail well set on. With maturity, I expect the texture and colour of coat to change. Moved with style. BOB & G1


1. Kerry Blue

2. SBT

3. Border

4. Bull T


1. SBT

2. Bedlington

3. Border

4. Norfolk