• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Camborne Redruth Canine Society

Cambourne Redruth Canine Society

Open Show

Saturday 14th July 2018


Open 1

1. Breeze’s Davricard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway. 22 months. Bitch. Good for head, neck and shoulders. Touch overweight which detracts. Moves very well. BOB


Miniature S/H

Post Graduate 4,1

1. Helmann’s Janacop Maggie May. Quality young bitch. Excels in head and topline, balanced throughout, splendid coat. Perhaps a touch more length of leg to complete. Moved superbly. RBOB

2. Landry’s Tilleylamp Turning Tables. Larger than 1 and well off for overall balance, appealing head; good reach of neck. Secure level back. Good ribs. Moved Ok but unenthusiastically.

3. Speights Daisymead Santa Cruz at Trewedna. Puppy, giving a lot away here. Appealing head of correct proportions, Ok front. Level back line. Moved OK. BPIB

Open 2

1. Thomas’s Royaldach Authorized Queen JW ShCM. Very smart and well balanced. Super head and length of neck. In excellent coat. Really secure back line. I loved her personality – that well held tail never stopped wagging! It wasn’t until the conclusion of the breed judging that her owner reminded me that I had awarded her BPIS at Exeter 4 years earlier. Obviously, she had impressed me again as I awarded her BOB & G1. Later the BIS judge awarded her Best In Show. Congratulations!

2. Helmann’s Bronia Ramona. A touch smaller than 1. Well proportioned. Super head, eye, neck and chest. Strong hindquarters. Moved well but topline became a touch soft. Super coat and condition.

Miniature L/H

Post Graduate 2

1. Sainsbury’s Drymoor After Eight at Boscolla. Sweet 6 month old B/T baby. Lovely shape and size. Excellent body length and top line. Movement needs time to settle. RBOB & BPIB

2. Westaway’s Abbilis Jive Talking at Treranch. Head nicely balanced with typical expression, super eyes, well set ears. Would prefer a touch more neck. OK topline. Clean precise front movement.

Open 3

1. Landry’s Renandar Leading Lady of Royaldach. Attractive shaded cream, ultra-feminine head, small in stature but well balanced. Super for neck and shoulders. Moved really well. BOB

2. Westaway’s Abbilis Jive Talking at Treranch 2nd in PG

3. Sainsbury’s Ridgegrove Constance at Boscolla


Puppy 1

1. Livsey’s Palmik Ace of Spaces. Appealing 7 month old brindle/white dog. Impressive on the stand being well balanced. Good head qualities, excellent reach of neck. Correct topline. Super depth of body. Strong rear angulations. Just a touch untidy coming back to me but has plenty of time. Powerful rear drive. Profile when moving looked super. Won BOB on sheer breed type. BPIB G2 & PG1.

Open Dog 2

1. Carr’s Willakyme Thrythwig. 5 years old mature looking br/w. Good length of head and finish. Balanced neck. Body with good ribbing and correct topline; sturdy loins. Presented in great condition. Excellent feet. A touch lose in front. Excellent rear drive. RBOB.

Open Bitch 3,2

1. Mellows Trevingey Sweet Dreams Bliss ShCM, Larger type, especially in respect to bone and substance. Excellent depth of chest and underline. I would prefer more length of neck. Clean front. Secure purposeful movement both coming and going.

2. Willakyme’s Golden Future. Appealing head and lengthy neck. Would like more body length to complete a balanced picture. Moved OK.

AV Hound Veteran 1

1. Willakyme’s Recall Kingpin He’s Got It at Willakyme, Whippet. Impressive head. Body with good depth of chest, correct topline and tail setting. Excellent ribbing and strong loins. Rather severe fall away at the croup. Great mover. Best Hound Veteran.

Hound Group

1. Dachshund Miniature S/H

2. Whippet

3. Dachshund Miniature L/H

4. Beagle

Hound Puppy Group

1. Whippet

2. Dachshund Miniature L/H

3. Dachshund Miniature S/H

Open Stakes 16,10

1. Thomas’s Royaldach Authorized Queen JW ShCM, Dachshund Miniature s/H. Hound Group Winner.

2. Walton’s Ch Marinik’s Mayhem In Love at Keunnevek JW ShCM, Bichon Frise. Toy Group winner. Feminine girl of Super-size and shape. Excellent coat texture. Deep pigmentation, dark round eyes with halos. Moved with ease. Presented in prestine condition.

3. Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM, Tibetan Spaniel