• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Walsall & District Canine Association

Open Show 10/11/2018

AV Imported Register

Puppy D/B 1

1. Spry’s Tamoanchan Venus, Xoloitzcuintle bitch, Feminine head, correct dentition, dark almond eyes, super skin and body, well angulated quarters. Topline OK. Front movement to settle. Excellent condition. Reserve Best Imp Reg & Best Puppy

Junior D/B 2

1. Vidler’s Dosia Z Garlkicy Duchownej at Apailana, Russian Toy, bitch 14 months. Most attractive head, well bodied and balanced throughout. Just needs to drop in chest. Excellent rear movement, front to settle. Best AV Imp Reg

2. Sumner’s Nantiderri Myrtle, Korthals Griffon, bitch 14 months. Excellent head qualities, strong rear angulations. Would prefer a touch more depth of body. Moved OK.

Post Graduate 1

1. Spry’s Rollenwod Chahta, Xoloitzcuintle, bitch. 2 years. Good shape on the stand. Largest of the three sizes, dark colour, one ear held a touch low, scissor bite. Dark eyes, excellent skin, medium bone. Moved well.

Open 1,1


Puppy D/B 8,3

1. Mycroft & Brown’s Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supeta (Imp NLD). Red Br/White Trim. Extremely smart. Ideal length of head, well-shaped muzzle and jaw. I loved his forehand movement. Super brisket with long back and good tuck. Beautifully balanced. At 7 months he is extremely promising. BPIB & PG2.

2. Goff’s Pagarni’s Imitation Game, fawn parti. Another nice one. 8 ½ very feminine bitch, well balanced with good eye shape and colour. Long, elegant neck, good shoulder and bone. Moved well but just lost out on front extension. Excellent hindquarters.

3. Jones’s Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun

Junior 3

1. Jones’s Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun. Red fawn/white trim youngster, pressed hard in the previous class. Nice make and shape, good proportions all through producing an attractive outline. Stands well over her ground, showed well, particularly in this class.

2. Chappell’s Jemalsheva Golden Fleece Into Blueflight, male of nice make & shape. At 14 months showing lots of potential. Streamlined head, good reach of neck, ample forechest & depth of brisket, ideal rear angulation. Moved well enough.

3. Daniels & Bridgman-Lewis’s Elmanash Glen Burgie

Post Graduate 3,2

1. Lindley’s Jazzellie Fantastic Time 14 months black/ fawn brindle. Female. Appealing head with dark eyes, strong jaw with correct bite. Correct ears. Perhaps a touch wide in forechest. Good ribbing, strong rear quarters with ample width and angulations. Elegant mover.

Open Dog 3,1

1. Lindley’s Jenaul Apple Scrumpy of Jazzellie. Mature 6 year old dog. Preferred head qualities here having a lovely balance and finish. Perhaps a touch long throughout. Balanced front & rear, sturdy loins, proved steady movement.

2. Chappell’s Blue Flight Tiger Mist. OK for size. Decent head, neck and outline. Super for neck and chest. OK pasterns. Moved OK.

Open Bitch 7,2

1. Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscop Let It Shine for Supetra JW. Ultra-feminine Gold fawn with white trim, superbly balanced bitch and she just fills the eye. Upon examination everything flows so beautifully. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders, super topline and correctly angulated strong rear assembly. Gorgeous skin and coat. In top form, beautifully presented; handled to perfection and moved very soundly. BOB, G1 & Reserve BIS.

2. Lindley’s Cobyco Charming Ways of Jazzellie. Another super elegant bitch, 2 ½ years. Loved ‘her look at me’ attitude in the ring. Well balanced brindle girl sporting elegant lines – correct size. Lovely curves. Deep brisket and nice strong loin, super mover correct fore and aft. RBOB.

3. Jones’s Jothryn Golden Glow JW


Post Graduate D/B 3,1

1. Graham’s Dashava Calgary, 2 year old male. Attractive head of correct shape having good depth of under-jaw. Curves in the right places and so pleasing to go over. Powerful and strong but loses nothing in elegance department. Excellent balance and overall body proportions. Free and sound on the move. I suspect there is more to come with maturity.

2. Johnson’s Skyrose Sea of Papavas at Viridis Bitch, feminine head with a lovely expression, correct dentition. A little straight in front. Well balanced body of correct length. Could have tidier feet. Well-presented coat. RBOB.

Open 2

1. Wilenczyc’s Dreamlight Northern Dancer at Kashiba. 4 year old male, Good for size. Long and lean head, dark almond shaped eyes. Nicely arched neck. Strong front and well angulated hindquarters. Correct shaped ribcage with great depth of brisket down to elbows. Gracefully curved topline with good tuck up. Well set tail. Steady mover. BOB & G4.

2. Johnson’s Skyrose Sea of Papavas at Viridis


Miniature L/H

Junior D/B 1

1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Constantly. B/T 9 month old baby. Lots to like. I have judged before and feel that he is maturing nicely. Super for head, topline and body proportions. Good sound honest mover.

Post Graduate D/B 1

1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Love To Be. Litter brother to previous class winner and although also B/T, quite different in many respects. Excellent topline. I would just prefer more body weight to finish. Attractive head and finish, Super for neck well grown. Moved well. BPIB (close call).

Open D/B 1

1. McCarthy’s Nagshall Just Lucamac JW. There is a lot to like about this cream dog. He is balanced height to length. Perhaps, ideally a touch more length of leg. Quality head, eyes with dark pigment. Stylish carriage on the move. Presented in lovely coat & condition. BOB

Miniature S/H

Junior D/B 3

1. Hunt’s Carpaccio Clarice Cliff JW Black & Tan 11 ½ months, what a super puppy - ideal head properties, good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders, well ribbed, great body length, short loin, well angulated fore and aft. Produces a stunning profile on the stand. BPIB, PG1 & Reserve BPIS.

2. Roberts & Smith’s Inkums Hot Gossip at Rayol. Another very nice one - adorable B/T baby, at 6 months but so well together. Pretty head. Lovely shaped eyes. Elegant neck. Front nice and tight for a youngster. Tight feet. Sufficient keel for age. Confident mover.

3. Starkey’s Carpaccio Black Obsidian for Hamoura

Post Graduate 2

1. Phillips’s Stargang High Hopes of Robinswood 4 years old boy another impressive free moving dog of good quality. Clean outline, attractive balance of head and eyes. Correct bite. Super for neck & shoulders. Firm top line, short strong loin. Steady on the move. RBOB

2. Roberts & Smith’s Ayseebee Mistletoe Kisses For Rayol. Appealing head and eye. Well-made puppy. Good ribbing. Retained secure level topline. Ideal for size and length. Moved very well. Giving some away in maturity.

Open 1

1. Hunt’s Carpaccio Midnight Lace JW Shcm. Red bitch of outstanding type and quality, the most attractive head, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders, prominent forechest, excellent ribbing, short strong loins. Well-muscled hindquarters, moved sound and true holding a secure topline at all times. Handled to perfection. BOB

Miniature W/H

Junior D/B 3

1. Phillips Gulliagh Loganberry of Robinswood. Promising dog puppy. Pleasing head and good length of neck, good shoulders, strong hindquarters, best of toplines. Great textured coat. Swift accurate mover.

2. Dance’s Emen Constance Sunshine. 7 months old bitch. Super disposition, just enjoying everything! Secure topline. OK for chest and ribbing although not the length of 1. Moved very well.

3. Mobleys Samlane Fran

Post Graduate 1

1. Dance’s Emen Summer Sunshine. Another attractive puppy bitch, 7 months old. Liked the overall size and balance. Lovely substance. Appealing head and finish. Strong jaw. Impressive mover. RBOB & BPIB.

Open 2

1. Dance’s Ch Emen Gloria Sunshine JW Sh CM. Beautifully balanced throughout. Great head qualities, neck shoulders and topline. Super jacket. Excellent mover. BOB without hesitation.

2. Mobley’s Jakanem What You Will. Unfortunately, was not very happy and moved with tail down. Not the length of ribbing. Ok for head qualities and substance. Despite the lack of animation, movement was accurate both coming and going.


Puppy D/B 6,3

1. Richardson & Wood’s Mombatongaempress Eugenie of Cooperland (Imp IT), Basenji Pretty Tri girl 10 months, correct size for age and creates a lovely balanced outline. Correct shaped head with super expression, required medium front, correct backline, high set tail. Presented in fabulous condition. Impressive mover in profile. Best AVNSC Puppy.

2. Clayton-Smith’s Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose, Dachshund W/H. 6 months old. Impressive balance of head, good for chest and body proportions. Steady mover. Promising baby.

3. Hunt’s Carpaccio Faberge Dachshund S/H

Junior D/B 1,1

Post Graduate 3,1

1. Bridges Barrassy By Definition, Irish Wolfhound. Fabulously furnished head with kind expression, good length neck, excellent underline. Secure topline on the move. Perhaps a touch longer cast. Easy mover.

2. Spurrs Grand Cru Pierro For Suttonelms, (Imp) Greyhound. Elegant and of nice proportions. In excellent coat and condition. Lovely for size and shape. Strong rear angulations, produced purposeful movement

Open D/B 6, 3

1. Hunt’s Luaralee Huckleberry Fin at Carpaccio JW, Dachshund S/H. Impressive dog and he didn’t disappoint upon examination. Well-proportioned masculine head but not overdone. Excellent reach of neck, well angulated fore and aft. Good forechest, body length and spring of rib all with enough daylight under. Happy confident mover. Best AVNSC & G3

2. Adam’s Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip, JW Min W/H with very neat outline. Super for breed type. Correct shoulder placement with good length of ribbing and keel. Moved true front and rear, coat a touch soft today. Reserve Best AVNSC

3. Skinners Skyswift Moonlite Tango, Greyhound

AV Veteran Hound 7,3

1. Wilenczyc’s Ch Kashiba Oh No Not My Baby ShCM, Borzoi. This 10 year old elegant lady is so lovely to watch on the move. Beautifully balanced throughout. Presented in fabulous order and without knowing it I suspected she was a titled lady. Well deserved. Best Veteran Hound and Best Veteran In Show.

2. Phillips’s Brialey Tu Tiara For Lanesend (Imp), Beagle. 9 ½ and in super condition. Excellent mover. Balanced throughout. Head with beautiful feminine expression.

3. Starkey’s Carpaccio Jasper From Hamoura Sh CM, Dachshund

Hound Group

1. Whippet

2. Beagle

3. Dachshund S/H

4. Borzoi

Puppy Hound Group

1. Dachshund Miniature S/H

2. Whippet

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

4. Beagle