• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading & District Kennel Association

Open Show

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Best In Show

Rauhut’s Tibetan Terrier, Ti La Shu Hot N Spice. This bitch is so beautifully balanced and moves superbly. She was my BOB from a fabulous breed entry. Following this in the Utility Group, she was awarded Group 1 by Breed Specialist Mark James. Later she returned to the Best in Show ring where she gave a truly magnificent performance and therefore, I had no hesitation in awarding her BIS. Subsequently, she has now gained her UK Champion title. Congratulations.

RBIS – Robertson’s Jack Russell Terrier, Hunter Hawk Honour with Soletrader (Imp NOR). This appealing bitch built on clean lines really comes into her own on the move. Head with dark dare devil eyes, super quarters, good rib, strong loin, tail set high. Handled and presented in consummate fashion. Movement in profile was a joy to watch.

BPIS – Guvercin’s, Border Terrier, Glebeheath Fingers On Lips. Grizzle and Tan attractive bitch. Super in profile. Extremely pleasing head and finish – so feminine. Spanned well. Good for bone. Jacket and skin in A1 condition. Excellent tail setting. Moved with accuracy and precision.

RBPIS – Shahmatova’s, Border Collie, Nashdom La Vie Est Belle. Feminine puppy and screams quality. Super head with balanced ratios, tapered muzzle and great use of correct ears. Beautiful eyes. Great bone and feet. Well ribbed. Handled to perfection and moved very well.

BVIS - Betts’s Bearded Collie, Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW. Such a beautiful bitch, in fabulous coat and condition. Super eyes and pigment. She looked an absolute picture. I was told she is sitting on two CC’s I just hope that she is justly awarded another to attain her crown.

AV Imported Register

Puppy D/B 1

1. Cunningham’s Yulyeong Warrior Princess, Korean Jindo, 10 month old Bitch. Triangular shaped head, dark eyes and well pigmented. Erect triangular ears. Body of balanced ratios, steady topline. Well-muscled body for age. Just needs to strengthen a touch in forehand. Excellent temperament. RBOB & BP

Junior D/B 1

1. Orchard’s Grande Misterio Beatrix My Soul at Manatek (Imp LVA), Russian Toy, 14 month old Chocolate Bitch. Small and elegant throughout. Well shaped head demonstrating the correct wedge shape, lean muzzle and round expressive eyes. Correct length of leg. Excellent rear. Front OK. When moving looked stunning in profile. Best Imp Reg

Post Graduate D/B 1

1. Wright’s Rollenwood Tlaco, Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Dog. Broad head of good shape and balance; almond shaped eyes, correct ears. Excellent skin. Strong body. Little untidy going away and would prefer arched toes and nails shorter.

Open D/B 5,1

1. Orchard’s Grande Mistererio Ula La At Manatek (Imp LVA), Russian Toy Bitch, Well balanced head with lean finish of muzzle. Rounded expressive eyes well set, good stop. Fine and elegant on the move. OK tail set. Well presented.

2. Gordon’s NL/Bel Ch Local Hero’s King of Harts (Imp NOR), Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Dog. Impressive in profile. Broad strong head, lovely almond shaped eyes. Strong jaws. Good skin. Excellent rear assembly. On the move topline appeared to roach somewhat. Presented in excellent condition.

3. Dennis’s Bailey of Sereno Spirit (Imp ESP), White Swiss Shepherd Dog


Puppy D/B 3

1. Strong & Clinton’s Amphoras Magiq In Vogue By Mackjama. Immature but promising, produces a nice outline, balanced bone. Excellent coat and condition. Moved well for one so young. BPIB

2. Longhurst’s Abbeyhurst Midnight Magic. Head well balanced, jaws strong and excellent dentition. OK for neck and shoulders. Prefer more moderate rear angulation. Moved OK.

3. Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendip Tea

Junior D/B 4,1

1. Andrew & Rees’s Kierpark Hello Love, Dog. Upstanding and masculine. A dog I have judged before. Well bodied, good bone and substance. Extremely sound accurate mover with the best of hindquarters. RBOB

2. Anderson’s Gazenorth Secret Service, Dog. Well balanced, deep chest, defined tuck up. Well set tail. Strong hindquarters. Just not quite the front extension and drive of 1. Super skin and coat.

3. Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendip Tea

Yearling D/B 4,1

1. Andrew & Rees’s Kierpark Hello Love 1st Junior D/B

2. Baulch’s Erinnis’s Mignonette, A lot to like in respect of this well balanced feminine bitch. Impressive size and curves. In excellent coat and condition. Moved well.

3. Finch’s Jothryn Heaven Sent to Zenobia

Novice D/B 2,1

1. Longhurst’s Abbeyhurst Midnight Magic. 2nd in Puppy

Post Graduate D/B 6,1

1. Baulch’s Whistefield Je Ne Sais Quoi. A pretty bitch of good overall length. Excellent neck. Good head shape and ears. Deep brisket. Strong loins. Moved with purpose.

2. Strong’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi. Another nice bitch that produces a lovely outline when standing. Plenty of length, good depth of chest and elbows set well under. A steady mover but today not moving with quite the reach and drive of 1. Close decision.

3. Longhirst’s Zoraden Carrera at Abbeyhurst

Open D/B 1

1. Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM. This beautifully conditioned fawn/white trim 2 year old dog is impressive to examine. Well-muscled, topline with a slight arch over strong loins. Straight forelegs, neat feet, fair lay of shoulders. Well let down hocks. Moves well - particularly the hindquarters. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. BOB

Bedlington Terrier

Junior D/B 1

1. Yearley’s Lowbrook Lobo Tommy. Nice stamp, good shape. Attractive head, neck and shoulders. Clean front legs. Just lacked confidence which is a pity as he is a very nice dog. BOB

Tibetan Terrier

Puppy D/B 7

1. Plummer & Bingham’s Silgarhi Holy Smoke. Absolute baby good for shape. Sturdy and balanced throughout. Like her head and expression. Excellent dentition and jaws. Moved very well. BPIB

2. Bett’s Q’Karma For Tibettsi from Heaven’s Earth. Well-built and has a great body. Bone and substance. Lovely temperament and presented in great condition. Moved well.

3. Meakin’s Layoli Firecracker

Junior D/B 4,2

1. Hadlows Quidditch A Touch of Sass. Head with strength, correct stop and correct clean dentition. Body compact, well-muscled. Produced accurate movement. Would just prefer a touch more length of leg to finish.

2. Plummer & Bingham’s Gandaki Bust A Move. Lovely shape and size. Excels in head qualities, just lost out on the clean, accurate movement of 1.

Post Graduate D/B 4,2

1. Rutley & Keulers Sumanshu Pretty Woman at Javey (Imp NED) B/W with white blaze to add to the attraction. Excellent dentition. Feminine but still demonstrating strength and substance in body. Secure topline, sturdy body and tail held well. Super mover.

2. Cherry’s Lynces Hazy Shade of Winter. Attractive head qualities, not quite the spring of rib or depth of chest of 1. Excellent mover holding secure level topline and correct tail.

Open D/B 9

1. Rauhut’s Ti La Shu Hot N Spice. Stunning bitch. In fabulous coat. Gorgeous for bone and substance. Super expression in a balanced strong feminine head which is well furnished along with beard. Powerful jaws and excellent dentition. Strong muscular length of neck to carry her proud head carriage. Movement was breath-taking. BOB, G1 and I was delighted to award her BIS.

2. Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer ShCM. B/W This mature masculine dog I have judged before and is a pleasure to examine. Presented in fabulous condition, moves with plenty of drive. I loved his overall muscle tone and balance. Correct head ratios and stop. Large flattish feet as required. He is a totally honest and straightforward dog. RBOB

3. Rauhut’s LUX/MNE Ch Ti La Shu Give Me a Magic Kiss

Lhasa Apso

Small but a quality entry!

Puppy D/B 1

1. Zentarr Osbourne. Such an endearing baby showing so much promise. Despite his tender age he showed beautifully for his most capable young handler. Presents a fabulous outline, ribs and substance; great tail. Presented to perfection and moved well. Most promising. BPIB

Junior D/B 1

1. Clutterbrook & Jackson’s Kutani Material Girl, Quality Gold that gives a well-balanced outline. I particularly liked her depth of chest and length of ribs. Super coat and condition. A free mover she holds her head proudly and maintains a secure topline. Presented and handled to perfection.

Post Graduate Bitch 1

1. Clutterbrook & Cain’s Kutani Shockwave. Gold. This 14 month year old male really grew on me. He is definitely upstanding and masculine without any form of coarseness. Full of breed type and quality. Correct head proportions, arched neck and secure topline. Tail set perfectly with that all important lift. When settled his movement was most impressive. BOB amongst a quality entry.

Open D/B 1

1. Blake’s Damjoz Moon Lady at Claelamir JW. Another fabulous one. Well balanced, so typical for type. Pleasing head and expression, firm frame and body, excellent coat texture. Moved Ok today. For BOB this was a very hard decision and in the challenge just preferred the young males stunning profile on the move. RBOB

French Bulldog

Junior D/B 2,1

1. Tilley’s Kuredeux Hitey Titey Mossport 14 months and a lovely shape. Strong hindquarters and sturdy body. Good for head shape and eyes; perhaps lacking a tad in finish of jaw as yet. A touch lethargic on the move today.

Post Graduate D/B 2,1

1. Brooks and Cairns Corursus Life Can Be So Nice JW, 22 months beautiful dark brindle. Attentive expression, correct ear-set, good mouth, typical outline and balanced angulation. Sympathetically handled and a great mover. RBOB

Open 5,1

1. Morrison’s Jafrak Soft Centre with Xandene. Loved the head shape and expression of this relatively young cream bitch She is feminine but with plenty of bone and substance. Powerful shoulders. I liked her size and shape. Moved very well. BOB

2. Brooks & Cairns Corursus the Glamorous Life ShCM JW. Brindle. Intelligent expression from a well-balanced head and correct muzzle, lovely ears set well. Strong front, topline and correct tail set. Moved well. Just preferred the bone and substance of 1.

3. Morgan & Ling’s Tytorro Easy Action JW ShCM