• Show Date: 24/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Finnish Spitz Club

The Nordic Show

Delighted to be invited to judge BIS at this very special show, a unique show which brings the best of the spitz breeds under one roof. Very well run by the committee and a super entry with some delightful dogs, and sporting owners, a show with a very friendly feel.

Av Imported Register Spitz

PD/B – no entries. SYD/B (2,0) 1. Winter & Unwin’s Morningcalm White Wizard at Snowtrekka (AI), Korean Jindo, well boned, strong dog, moderate angles, strong wedge head with good stop, lovely eye shape and colour. Well-developed chest and moved soundly in all directions. Showed correct brave temperament and was alert to handler, BIR. 2. Cunningham’s Yulyeong Warrior Princess, lovely red colour, not showing the angulation of winner, and rather loose on the move. Lovely chiselled head with good proportions excellent eye, ears set well, RBIR. OD/B (1,0) 1. Cunningham’s Morningcalm Firethorn, pale fawn bitch, stands well balanced, moderate angles, but chest not as developed as the yearling, head is correct wedge but would like more definition to stop. Correct almond dark eye, uses ears well. Not as brave as youngsters. Moved rather wide in front. VD/B (1,1) absent.

Best in Show

From my shortlist of nine, the BIS was the Siberian Husky, Siberiadrift Keep Forever JW ShCM, a moderate bitch who conveys strength without being overdone and athleticism without being weedy, lovely typical fox like head with rounded muzzle, excellent double coat, and very good angulation which showed on the move, effortless stride, with plenty of drive. The RBIS was the canaan dog, Anacan Talia My Treasure, who I later found out was in fact a veteran, she certainly doesn’t look like one or move like one! Strong built square proportions, head correct wedge with low ears, confident and steady. Lovely and sound in all directions, handling the floor with ease, also BVIS.

The others who caught my eye included, Chow Chow, Janqbu Kiyo Our Sweet Dragon, compact bitch, in fabulous coat and lovely movement, Finnish Lapphund, Oberitz Valea Yo, correct outline and lovely coat, attractive bear like head. The German Spitz Mittel, Ch Spellcast Jive Talking, a log time favourite of mine, who was in very strong company today, Japanese Spitz, Charney Chanresh, excellent presentation, fabulous pigment, head well proportioned. The puppy Keeshond had been sent through as BOB and Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good for Mezanda is certainly well matured, and lovely and sound, and finally the smallest dog in the line up, the schipperke, Ch Aradet Xtra Addition, excels in outlne, cobby four square standing and attentive to handler.

Of the six puppies that caught by eye I was delighted with the Chow Chow, Janqbu Valentino, who I see is son of the BOB, he took the top spot of BPIS, compact outline, correct short striding typical movement. Broad flat skull, strong muzzle and excellent pigment. Lovely coat. The RBPIS was the Swedish Vallhund, Tanellis Blooming Primrose, exciting prospect, plenty of strength in a little dog, well boned, lovely wedge head piece, with flat skull, well-marked, good mover.

The other four were the Keeshond, who made the adult shortlist, the Finnish lapphund, Morval Helina Keiju, good shape and head developing well, moved soundly. The Japanese Spitz, Glamglow’s Devil in Disguise, well matured, just off square, high set tail light and easy on her feet and the cheeky Norwegian Elkhound, Laakso Canute, a powerful dog with square outline, broad wedge masculine head, high ears used well, strong mover.

The veterans were headed by the RBIS Canaan dog, Anacan Talia My Treasure, with runner up to the basenji, Ch Tokaji California Dreaming, alert, clean lines, lovely chiselled head of correct proportions, correct dark almond eye, easy sound mover.

AV Spitz Classes

VD/B (6,2) 1. Ch/Ir Ch Rynard Flash Gordon ShCM Gold W18, Jap Shiba Inu, correct outline, good chest and correct underline. N good cat. Correct blunt triangle head with well filled cheeks, neat ears slightly hooded, good mover. 2. Rajarani Koko for Alepenkye JW, Siberian husky, bright and lively, correct almond eye set obliquely to give correct expression, fox like head, well developed muzzle, free mover, and natural convergence behind. 3. Nickila Silver Sovereign.

Nordic Open Stakes D/B (10, 6) 1. Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit at Lyfearon ShCM, Siberian husky, liked his body proportions good length to back with firm topline, correct double coat, and excellent presentation, alert and attentive to handler. Attractive wedged head, good eye. Bets mover in the class. 2. Salazka’s Mr Abernathy, Siberian husky, striking B&W, rangier in type to winner, good size and well coated. Preferred head proportions and angulation of 1. 3. Chadbower Nevaeth Lahetti.

PD/B (18,11) 1. Zimavolks Force Awakened, Siberian husky, lovely shape in profile, enough bone for a bitch, excellent angles, feminine head good eye and high set ear, moved soundly. 2. Jacalous Fire N’Ice, Siberian husky, similar type, good angles, correct wedge head, attractive eye, moved well. 3. Laakso Cara.

JD/B (11,8) 1. Mortimer’s Laakso Belina, Nor Elkhound, moderate angles as required in this breed, strong tail, high set, firm back. Broad skull dark eye, soundest mover of the class. 2. Salazka’s Mr Abernathy. 3. Azgard Kapma For Alepenkye.

PGD/B (5,4) 1. Tsoyu Murasaki Go, Jap Akita Inu, good size with classic head, and ears correctly tipping forward to create the hood, exquisite eye giving correct expression. Well coated. But found movement weak, especially on rear.

OD (6,5) 1. Roopec Dinky Demon, schipperke, good compact shape, correct wedge head with flat skull, good eye. Is a shade wide in front, good rear angles.

OB (3,2) 1. Bel Ch Tsoyu Gokujou Go, Jap Akita Inu, just off square in outline, good strong neck, attractive head, with dark almond eye, hooded eras with rounded tips. Good coat. Rather loose in front on move and would like to see tighter feet.

Brace (10, 7) 1. Bowden & Hughes, Siberian huskies, well matched for size, and type, good quality and excellent on the move, synchronised strides, and true in all directions. 2. Mortimer’s Nor Elkhound, dog and bitch pair, showing strength. Both have broad skulls, moderate angles and moved well.

Team (1,0) 1. Mortimer’s Nor Elkhound, well matched group, and well settled on move.

AV Bred by Exh (9, 7) 1. Laakso Canute, Nor Elkhound, good compact shape, well boned and moderate angles, high tail. Lovely head, pointed ears, good front, moves well though not as enthusiastic as some. 2. Matsukita Takehiko Go, Jap Akita Inu,brindle masculine, strong head, flat skull, good stop, correct ears. Rather wide in chest and would prefer tighter feet and movement.

AV Not bred by Exh (9,6) 1. IrCh Akna Carroz** WTD, CED, good size male, strong coat, wedge head, good shape of eye, firm back, moved well. 2. Roopec Dinky Demon. 3. Salazka’s Mr Abernathy.

AV Sled Dog ND/B (5,3) 1. Jacalous Fire N’Ice. 2. Salazka’s Mr Abernathy.

AV Sled Dog OD/B (9,6) 1. IrCh Akna Carroz** WTD, Best Sled Dog. 2. Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit at Lyfearon ShCM. 3. Shepherdsway Eskimo Angel at Akna.

Judge Toni Jackson (Elbereth)