• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Walsall & District Kennel Association

 German Shorthaired Pointer 


1 Rose & Gaffney’s Pingarypoint The Way to Kavacanne.  Best Puppy.  A real prospect and at just over 6 months of age she performed like a seasoned showman.  Absolutely true both out and back and her good quarters gave her some push from the rear.  Clean head with kind expression, good neck and shoulders.  Good depth of chest.  Well boned with nicely arched feet.  Pleased to see she caught the eye of the Group Judge and finished PG2 under David Craig.  

 Post Graduate 

1 Rumney’s Kacela Sweet Ayana.  BOB.  Beautifully balanced and presents a most pleasing outline.  Excellent forehand with good depth of brisket, good muscle tone and bone and excellent feet.  Ribbed well back with a strong short loin.  Moved soundly.  Went on to win Reserve Best Gundog.  Well done. 

2 Baines’ Sparowbridge Crazy Diamond.  Pleasing head with kind expression, shown in good form and muscle tone.  Typical and well balanced but not quite drive of the winner on the move.  


1 Peebles’ Keigame Belle of All.  Res. BOB.  Attractive head and expression, good forehand with good legs and feet.  Good depth of rib and strong loin.  Very typical on the move.   

 Hungarian Vizsla 


1 Bradley & Green’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM.  BOB.  A classy, well balanced bitch of obvious quality.  Pleasing head, good depth of brisket and decent spring of rib.  Strong, moderately angulated hindquarters.  Moved out well keeping a level topline. 


Only three Pointers but I liked them all and thought they had had a lot of quality.  


1 Anthony’s Jilony Iris.  Best Puppy. Feminine and very appealing for both type and balance.  Good head and eyes, large open nostrils.  Very good bone and tightly knuckled feet.  Ribbed well back with good depth of brisket.  Holds herself well and impressed on the move.   

 Post Graduate 

1 Anthony’s Jilony Ola.  Reserve BOB.  Well made and pleasing to handle, good head with kind gentle expression, good ribbing and slightly arched loin.  Strong meaty hindquarters and she used them to good effect on the move. 


1 Adams’ Millpoint Simply Smashin JW ShCM.  BOB.  My first male of the day and he has an attractive head, very good forehand, oval bone and excellent feet.  Ribbed well back with strong loin and he is very good on the move with typical tail action. 



1 Davis & Brown’s Janeva Cocktails & Dreams at Wystry. Best Puppy & BOB. At just 8 months she has time to develop but she is beautifully balanced and so typical and feminine.  Well proportioned head, clean neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and decent spring of rib.  Moved well with a true, easy action.   

2 Brierley & Needham’s Grausturm Hairy Potter (Imp).  Reserve BOB.  A handsome, masculine youngster, good head with kind intelligent expression.  Good bone, legs and feet.  Well ribbed.  Not quite as precise as the winner on the move. 

 Post Graduate 

1 Brierley & Needham’s Grausturm Hairy Potter (Imp).  Reserve BOB. 

 Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch Stakes 

1 McGreevy’s Minamia Rewrite The Stars.  Miniature Poodle. I was impressed with this lovely youngster, very typical Poodle temperament, good length of head with nicely shaped eye and some chin.  Decnet forehand, well ribbed.  Excellent tailset and carriage.  Moved soundly with a light easy action. 

2 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Under The Ivy.  French Bulldog. Compact and cobby with a good skull, pleasing expression with nicely finished muzzle. Good legs and feet.  Shapely body with gentle roach.  Sound moving.  

3 Allen’s Zimavolks Force Awakened.  Siberian Husky. 

 Puppy Dog or Bitch Stakes 

1 Milligan Bott & Bott’s Thendara Crystal Ice.  Irish Setter.  A lovely youngster with a most feminine head and kind expression.  Clean neck and well laid shoulders, good depth of chest.  Well angulated and short from hock to heel.  Moved out very well here but was not quite so settled in the competition for BPIS.  A really good prospect.    

2 Tinker’s Zaltana Kiss My Paws at Lolotea (Imp).  Siberian Husky.  A handsome youngster, well balanced with good length of leg.  Unexaggerated and workmanlike, moved well both ways with a very light, easy action.   

3 Allen’s Zimavolks Force Awakened.  Siberian Husky. 

 Junior Dog or Btich Stakes 

1 West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW.  Spaniel (Cocker).  Sweet head and expression, clean neck and shoulders.  Well boned with nicely padded feet.  Compactly made and moved out well with a typical bustling action.  

2 Tinker’s Zaltana  Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea (Imp).  Siberian Husky. Ultra smart with proud head carriage, good forehand with decent depth of chest.  Moved well with some fdrive and an easy action.  

3 Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po.  Tibetan Spaniel. 

 Open Dog or Bitch Stakes 

1 Cowley’s Callendu Despicalble Me at Kashbeluli ShCM. Hungarian Puli. A dog I have admired before and he goes from strength to strength.  Beautifully balanced with a fairly small head, well pigmented, and dark expressive eyes.  Good straight legs, tight elbows and good depth of rib.  Very typical on the move with a lively short stride.  Presented in first class order.   

2 Hughes’ Finkime Ready Teddy Go.  Akita.  A handsome masculine dog with a good breadth of skull, well placed ears and nicely shaped eyes.  Well boned, straight legs with well knuckled feet.  Deep, wide chest and typical body proportions.  High set, thick tail.  Moved soundly.  

3 Bennett & Chapman’s Tsoyu Murasaki Go.  Japanese Akita Inu. 

 Champion Dog or Bitch Stakes 

1 James’ Sh Ch Inostricani Florella JW ShCM.  Italian Spinone.  Has a real air of quality, strong and solid yet still feminine with a delightful head and expression.  Good forehand with medium neck and well ribbed body with very typical topline.  True and easy on the move. 

2 Thomas’ Int Ch Clarmers Talking Mischief with Kelmorespitz.  Lux Jr. Ch. German Spitz (Mittel).  Good breadth of skull; neat, well placed ears and lively expression.  Well ribbed body, good topline and high set tail.  Moved out well with a light buoyant action.    

3 Walters’ Sh Ch Goytre Daddy’s Saucie Girl JW.  Border Collie. 

 Best in show was West’s Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW.  Spaniel (Cocker).  Her litter sister won the good Junior Stakes under me and she is very similar with a lovely head and gentle expression.  Excellent forehand with good bone and tight, compact feet.  Big ribbed with a compact body and in very good coat and condition.  Absolutely typical on the move.    

Reserve BIS.  The Whippet, Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscrop Let It Shine for Supeta JW.  She presents a most pleasing typical outline with her good reach of neck, deep chest and defined tuck up with gentle arch over the loin.  Stands well covering plenty of ground.  On the move she is impressive with some drive from the rear.  Fine quality jacket and she shows to best advantage.   

 BPIS.  The Skye Terrier, Curtis’ Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill. A really good prospect for the future, good sized skull; well placed, nicely fringed ears.  Good forehand with quality bone and well padded feet.  Excellent body with perfect topline and well set and carried tail.  Beautifully preseted, hard double coat.  Free moving with an easy, fluid action.    

Reserve BPIS.  Hunt’s Carpaccio Clarice Cliff JW.  Dachshund (Min. S/H).  Very impressive in outline with a perfect topline emphasised by her strong, very slightly arched loin.  Good forehand with pleasing bone and feet.  She has adequate ground clearance and on the move she has a good stride and is particularly good in profile.   

 Best Veteran in Show was the Borzoi, Weileczyc’s Ch Kashiba Oh No Not My Baby Sh. CM.  A grand headed bitch with keen expression and some veining.  Good depth of brisket.  Deep ribbed with typically curved topline and some breadth over the thighs.  Moved really well and shown in great form and condition.  

 Judge: Tom Mather