• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Grantham & District Canine Society

 Grantham and District Canine Society 

75th Anniversary Open Show, 13 October 2018 

 Boston Terrier 


1 Turner’s Geeseco Porter Tiny Dancer.  BOB & BP.  Smart and sturdy with a compact outline, attractive head with large nose pad and good square muzzle. Nicely arched neck.  Good body for age. Moved well with an easy, smooth action.  

2 Ward’s Frenbosen Graces Secret. A well-marked, feminine 6 months old baby with the most lovely temperament.  Short, fine coat.  Good skull and eye but couldn’t quite match the finish of muzzle of the winner.  Good depth of brisket, slight cut-up. 

 Post Graduate 

1 Turner’s Champaca Blossom for Geeseco.  Well made with good rib and body, pleasing head, clean with good breadth of jaw, open nostrils.  In gleaming coat and good body condition with some muscle tone.    


1 McCallum & Pastuszka’s Burlesk Call Her Savage. Reserve BOB.  Compact and sturdy yet graceful.  Neat, well set ears.  Expr4essive dark eyes. Good breadth of jaw with well finished muzzle.   Clean arched neck. Once she settled to the job in hand she moved out well.    

2 Ward’s Wildax Buzz of the Bumble Bee.  Soundly made and well-marked with a close glossy coat.  Excellent condition.  Good skull and eye, slight cut-up.  Moved soundly with an easy action.    



1 Wheeler’s Regalflight Pemba.  Head of good length with a soft, wistful expression, typical topline with long thick tail.  Could have a little more depth of brisket.  Well angulated and shown in good coat. 

 Australian Cattle Dog 


1 Jebson’s Clever’s Keep Icon of Style for Austmans.  (Imp ITA.) Best Puppy.  Just over 6 months and presents a most typical outline.  Strong, yet feminine head, decent breadth and depth of chest, good bone and well-padded feet.  Ribbed well back.  Moved easily and soundly.  Very confident with a great temperament! 

 Post Graduate 

1 Guy’s Jahanghirs Phoenix Kiss. Red Speckle. Strong and masculine and very typey, good breadth of skull, dark intelligent eye, well ribbed with strong short loin.  Well-muscled quarters.  Moved out well. 

2 Morris & Cowan’s Goolara Midnight Blu.  Not quite the strength of the winner, pleasing head and keen expression, very typical outline, moved soundly.  Happy and she does show to best advantage. 


A good class. 

1 Jebson’s Austmans’s Aurora Australis. BOB. Good breadth of skull, dark keen eye, strong neck and good forehand with round bone and slightly sloping pasterns.  Good body and rib, excellent coat and good brush.  

2 Jebson & Plummer’s Austman’s Doppler Effect. Reserve BOB. Excellent head and eye. Presents a most appealing outline with his good proportions, masculine and strongly made, good topline and tailset.  Moved well with a positive, easy action. 

3 Knight’s Bryndingo Bleiddian. 


Just five dogs in total but I though they all had some quality. 


1 Matfin’s Tikis Dancing Flame with Ashlante.  BOB.  Combined strength and grace and appealed for overall balance.  Good breadth of skull, excellent pigmentation and lovely smiling expression.  Well ribbed with plenty of heart room and strong short loin.  Really made the most of herself both standing and moving. Shown in good coat and condition.   

2 Woodhead’s Nikara Secret Wish with Pashka.  Giving away a little in age but he has a lovely wedge shaped head, flat skull and dark, well-shaped eyes.  Good bone, typical feet.  Presents a good outline and moved out with some drive from the rear.   

3 Gwynne’s Vandreem Imperial Katriona. 


1 Woodhead’s Zeelukzak Ice ‘N Precious from Pashka.  A well-balanced bitch who scored here with her good driving action.  Good breadth of skull, well pigmented.  Deep, well sprung ribs.  Excellent coat and condition. 

2 Gwynne’s Rosnorske Obi WanKenobi.  Typical in outline and his profile action is impressive.  Broad, wedge shaped skull, lovely expression, well bodied and shows to good advantage.  

 Any Variety 

 Help for Heroes AV Puppy 

1 Simm’s Exhar The Duke.  Chinese Crested.  I thought this youngster had a lot to admire, excellent temperament, dark alert eyes, well set ears.  Soundly made and this was reflected in his good movement.  Nicely rounded rump and good quality skin.   

2 Jackson’s Terra Di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon (Imp Esp.) Retriever (Golden).  A smashing youngster!  Lovely kind, intelligent expression, good bone, legs and feet.  Short coupled with good depth of rib and adequate length of leg.  Shown in first class condition.    

3 Fenton’s Layoli Glowing Embers.  Tibetan Terrier. 

 Help for Heroes AV Open 

1 Deveson’s Milesend Sea Pearl.  Shetland Sheepdog.  A top-class bitch with a very sweet head and expression. Excellent forehand with good layback of shoulder and nicely arched neck.  Absolutely sound and typical on the move.   

2 Greenfield’s Ch Gillandant Shakeelah.  PMD.  A really handsome dog, typical in outline, head and expression.  Good eyes and pigmentation.  Good breadth of chest with some breadth over the back.  Free moving.  Clean and well presented but not quite in the best of coats today. 

3 Murphy’s Ch Amahle Impho at Lusapho ShCM.  Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

 Any Variety 

I was impressed by the quality of the dogs shown in all of the Variety classes, lots of very good ones were unplaced.   

 Minor Puppy Dog 

1 Ezhar The Duke. 

2 Mycroft’s Shiny Sensations Wish Upon a Star with Supeta (Imp. NLD.).  Whippet. A scopey youngster, good length of head, expressive eyes.  Presents a good outline and moved soundly but not quite the maturity of the winning Crested as yet.  

3 Pilkington & Myers’ Supeta’s Show and Tell Astrazone. Whippet. 

 Minor Puppy Bitch 

1 Gregory’s Amikirs Dubly Delicious (AI).  Keeshond.  Most impressive for type and balance.  Very pretty head, neat ears, nicely shaped eyes with defined spectacles.  Well ribbed and compact with a high set, well carried tail.  Gazed adoringly at her handler and this gave me the impression she was side winding but once settled I was very happy with her movement.  A real prospect.                                                                                              

2 Clay’s Eastonite Black Alicia at Cutiepooch.  Pug.  Lots of quality in this good black bitch, lovely satiny velvety coat.  Good sized head with lovely eyes and well finished muzzle.  Moved to advantage.  

3 Hardcastle, Green and Bradley’s Vizslanya Sziena by Viszaset.  Hungarian Vizsla. 

 Grantham & DCS Puppy Stakes 

1 Adams & Scales’ Fisherbloom Re’Encountered.  Pointer.  Masculine yet graceful and soundly made.  Attractive head with typical nose pad and kind expression.  Lovely clean neck and shoulders, good bone and feet.  Good depth of brisket for age.  Ture typical action. 

2 Ezhar The Duke. 

3 Mycroft’s Sant Kreal Jewel for Supeta. (Imp. Russia.) 

 AV Junior 

1 Cooke & Barker’s Radstorm Legal Eagle.  GSP. Sound and typey and shown in excellent muscle tone and condition, good breadth of skull, kind eye, nicely arched neck and clean, well laid shoulders.  Good breadth over the hips and her movement was exemplary.                                                               

2 Ram’s Dacan Sharp Spear.  Pointer.  Grand dog who was impressive on the move both up and down and in profile.  Good legs and feet.  Kind, masculine expression.   

3 Wilson’s Chadbower Nevan Henki Mit Clyalwin Bel. Ir. JCH CJW’18. 

 AV Good Citizen Dog Scheme 

1 Radstorm Legal Eagle 

2 Thomas’ Layoli Dazzled by Smoke ShCM BE JR CH. Tibetan Terrier.  Typical outline, masculine head with fairly large, dark eyes. Good forehand with typical feet.  Good hind angulation and short foom heel to hock.  Good coat texture and presentation.    

3 695.  Sorry no name in catalogue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Grantham & DCS Open Stakes 

1 Cowley’s Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli ShCM.  Hungarian Puli.  A good example of this lovely breed.  Well proportioned, fairly small head, well pigmented.  Lively expression.  Good straight legs, strong short loin and very good quarters.  Quick, light action.  Excellent coat which was presented to best advantage.   

2 Deveson’s Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCM.  Shetland Sheepdog.  Unlucky to meet the lovely Puli as this splendid bitch is certainly out of the top drawer.  She has a lovely head and expression with neat well carried ears.  Level topline and definite sweep to croup.  Moved well with an easy, graceful action.  

3 Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscrop Let It Shine for Supeta JW. Whippet. 


My fellow Group Judges had sent forward some top class exhibits and I was spoilt for choice.  

 However, Best in Show was Dunhill’s Japanese Shiba Inu, Vormund the Next Episode.  This youngster pulled out all of the stops for the top award.  On the move he has a typical light easy action which is true and sound but it was on the table that I really admired him.  Typical head with well developed cheeks and beautifully placed and shaped eyes that give him a grand expression.  Good height at withers, good depth of chest and short coupled.  Presented to perfection.  Reserve Best in Show the St. Bernard, Thomas’ Tombears Once Upon A Time.  My Best Puppy earlier this year when I judged a breed club show and she has developed very nicely.  Grand head and expression, clean tight eye, very good orbital ridge.  Level, broad back and strong quarters.  Moved well in the big ring with an easy, driving action. 


Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Goodwin’s Shetland Sheepdog, Highbrook Hobnob.  Yet another good example of this breed.  Good length of head with neat well-placed ears, lovely eyes and a most pleasing expression.  Good forehand, neat well-padded feet.  Good rib and body.  A well fitted, double coat and his good movement were the icing on the cake.    

Reserve Best Puppy in Show to the Norfolk Terrier, Gee’s Watercroft Duty Calls.  A cobby, compactly built pup with a keen alert expression, well carried ears, good bone and well laid shoulders.  Moved out well with some drive from the rear and shows to good advantage.    


Best Veteran in Show the Pointer, Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer ShCM.  A curvy, graceful bitch, lovely outline, good depth of brisket, strong loin and muscular, well angulated quarters.  Moved out well with very typical tail action.   


Judge: Tom Mather