• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ruthin Canine Society

Ruthin Canine Society Show – 16/6/18 The first time I have been to this impressive venue. All judging was indoors because of the showery weather but I gather there is ample room for the show to be held outside. I was blessed with the best of Stewards, Kim Lathaen and another lady whose name escapes me – sincere apologies. Best in Show was Price & Leese’s Tibetan Terrier, Araki Already Whispering. Feminine, beautifully balanced and ideal for both type and size. Attractive head, relatively large dark eye. Good neck and shoulders. Adequate bone and large feet. Good length of rib with slightly arched loin. Free moving and sound with some drive from the rear. Shown in excellent coat and condition. I later learned that she already has two CCs and I would imagine her third can’t be far away. Reserve Best in Show the Greyhound, Heath’s Ch Boughton Back to Blighty. Powerful yet feminine with good length of head, kind intelligent eye, good depth of chest and plenty of heart room. Good breadth over the back and strong, slightly arched loin. Strong, meaty quarters. Moved soundly with an economical easy stride. Best Puppy in Show the Bullmastiff, Abbott’s Alonzobar Blac Chyna. I thought she was very promising. Good sized, well-proportioned skull, large nostrils and good underjaw. Good breadth and depth of chest. Compact and well ribbed with strong topline. Moved very well with some power from the rear. Reserve Best Puppy in Show the Beagle, Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Maid in America. I particularly liked her head and expression, excellent pigment. Good front with round bone and compact, well-padded feet. Excellent topline and high set tail. Moved well with some drive evident from the rear. Best Veteran the Dobermann, Dickson’s Trajanteam Show Stopper ShCM. It was hard to credit that this classy bitch was a Veteran as both her looks and demeanour belie her years. Good head planes, clean neck and shoulders with good legs and feet. Strong, slightly sloping topline. Well-muscled and very typical on the move. Beagle Puppy 1 Serenaker Maid in America. See above. 2 Greenough’s Tevelen’s Miss Demeanour Post Graduate 1 Mair Jones & Denny’s Matoutahi Prince in the Snow. Shown in excellent condition with very good muscle tone and this was reflected in his rear action. Attractive head, good forehand, compactly built with good ribbing. 2 Thomas’s Beighleigh Legacy for Tevelen. Open 1 Greenough’s Jalhar Velvet Underground for Tevelen. BOB. Scored here with her showmanship and very good, powerful hind action. Pleasing head, kind expression. Adequate neck, good shoulders. Well boned with good feet. Sturdy well ribbed body with short, strong loin. Excellent topline and tail carriage. 2 Caple’ Tregoniggie Colour of Magic at Morsefield JW ShCM 3 Parker & Steven’s Serenaker Daydream Whippet Junior 1 Disley’s Silkridge Grace & Favour. Very pleasing for both balance and size. Head of good length, lovely eyes. Nicely arched neck and good depth of brisket. Slightly arched loin. Well angulated and muscled. Pretty and feminine. 2 Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance. Best Puppy. Post Graduate 1 Disley’s Silkridge Limelight. Well balanced, shapely and feminine and she presents an attractive outline both standing and moving. Muscular, broad thighs, good angulation. Free moving and has plenty of thrust from the rear. 2 Sampson’s Ranvelli Sandy Steps. Open 1 Sampson’s Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM. A very smart dog who has some obvious quality. Grand head, long arched neck and good shoulders. Deep brisket and ribs with plenty of heart room. Shapely and shown in a fine jacket. Moved well in typical fashion. 2 Smith’s Rivarco Jack Daniels Borzoi Junior 1 Hughes & Bradley’s Serenfol Andres. Good length of head, oblique eye set and with some veining. Strong neck and good shoulders. Pleasing forehand. Deep chest, adequate tuck up and very typical topline. Good hindquarters with some drive evident but he is still a touch untidy in front action. Nonetheless, I thought he was worthy of BOB as he kept his outline at all times and I think in a bigger ring he could extend a little more and use his forehand to advantage. 2 Donnelly Serenfol Alejandro. Post Graduate 1 Devereux & Donnelly’s Serenfol Alicja. Litter sister to Andres and many of the same remarks apply. Good forehand with strong, flexible pasterns. Good body but a fraction flatter in topline than her brother. Moved out well. Open 1 Thomas’s Clairleighs Cuba Kharusso. At nearly 10 years of age she was in impressive form and condition, attractive feminine head with some veining; strong, reachy neck, very typical outline. Strong propulsive hind action. Greyhound Junior 1 Vernon’s Artefakt Ideal Love. A lovely youngster who combined strength and power with some elegance. Long head, flat skull. Nicely arched neck and good forehand. Strong well angulated hindquarters with good muscle definition. Very free moving. Open 1 Ch. Boughton Back to Blighty. BOB. See preamble. 2 Vernon’s Artefact Gala. Another very good quality bitch I have admired before. 3 Vernon’s Artefakt Charisma. Rhodesian Ridgeback Junior 1 Kehoe’s Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya. Very typey with an attractive head, clean neck and shoulders, well boned with nicely padded feet. Good depth of chest. Moved soundly. Good ridge and crowns. Open 1 Zhao’s Vkloof’s Bongani Jin JW. BOB. A classy bitch of obvious type and quality. Presents a lovely outline both standing and moving. Excellent forehand, deep body, good rib with strong short loin. Well angulated and shown to advantage. 2 Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya. Basset Fauvre De Bretagne Post Graduate 1 Humphrey’s Blevwil Kept Me Secret for Gloynbyw. BOB. Most attractive head and expression, good forehand with adequate bone. Well bodied with good length of rib and decent topline and tailset. Harsh jacket. Bloodhound Junior 1 Crabtree’s Maghullpaws Everest. BOB. Unexaggerated with a pleasing head, clean eye, large open nostrils, very moderate amount of loose skin. Good round bone, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest. Good tailset. Free moving in profile. Open 1 Jones’ Harvidene Devil in Disguise. A handsome, masculine, well-balanced hound. Good head proportions, clean eye, good length of neck. Strong bone. Well ribbed. Decent feet. AVNSC Hound Junior 1 Price’s Sufayre Lydia of Harecroft. Hamiltonstovare. Very pleasing for both size and balance, feminine with a kindly, calm expression. Strong neck, good forehand. Deep brisket and ribbed well back. Free moving with a good length of stride. Post Graduate 1 Taylor’s Tangaer Chris Caramak. PBGV. Typey and particularly good on the move with a sound, free, jaunty action. Good head proportions, lovely dark intelligent eye which is a good size. Excellent topline and tailset. 2 Clark’s Deavanni Emojoi. Open 1 Clark’s Cora Del Falco Rosso. Cirneco Dell’ Etna. Presents a lovely square outline, super head which is both lean and clean. Arched neck and correct depth of chest. Moved soundly and in typical fashion. Shows to best advantage. Hound Group 1 Ch. Boughton Back to Blighty. 2 Lewis’ Trixhund Opium JW ShCM. Dachshund (Longhaired). Very pleasing for both size and balance as he is masculine but in no way overdone. Very good forehand with strong bone and good feet. Good length of rib and strong short loin. Keeps a pleasing outline at all times. Moved out well. 3 Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM. 4 Cora Del Falco Rosso. Hound Puppy Group 1 Serenaker Maid in America. 2 Jones’ Carlita Sunrise. Dachshund (Miniature Wirehaired). A smart youngster with a good head, decent forehand and well ribbed body with sufficient ground clearance. Strong, well angulated quarters. Impressed on the move. 3 Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance. He was 2nd in the Whippet Junior Class to a much more mature bitch but this handsome youngster is very typey, stands well covering plenty of ground, lovely outline and fine quality jacket. 4 Lewis’ Trxihund Paddington Bear. Dachshund (Longhaired). Very pleasing to handle as he is soundly made with a pleasing head, excellent forehand and a braod rump and very good hindquarters. Unfortunately, he was a little reluctant to move on the shiny floor surface here in the group. Other variety class winners included: Sayle’s Baranova Top Gallant. Newfoundland. Right out of the top drawer and a smashing representative of the breed. Large broad skull, minimal stop, clean eyes and good muzzle. Excellent forehand with lovely bone, tight fitting elbows and good feet. Broad back with firm topline and good depth and breadth of chest. Sound and free moving. In excellent coat and condition. Abbott’s Nikami The Lyrical. Great Dane. Won two good classes and I was impressed with this good quality bitch. Good length of head, large nosepad and clean lip line. Clean, strong neck and good shoulders. Good depth of chest, some tuck up and strong loin. Good quarters. Moved well both ways with some drive from the rear. Langley & Adkins’ Aelia De champna of Philisha. Portuguese Pointer. Very typical head and alert, kind expression. Square in outline with compact body and strong loin. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters gave her an easy, fluid stride. The Brace class was won by Sayle’s Newfoundlands. Beautifully matched for both type and quality. Judge: Tom Mather