• Show Date: 22/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

York Canine Association

A terrifically hot day and this did affect some of the dogs and was reflected in their performance. There were some really lovely dogs in the Stakes classes and it was interesting to see the catalogue and to read just how many imported dogs were present. My thanks to the Officers and Committee for their hospitality and special thanks to the catering staff who kept me supplied with drinks and a delicious lunch.  

AV Imported Breeds  

1 Stoner’s Pumiden A Word In Your Ear at Kericrest. Hungarian Pumi. Pleasing typical, square outline, good length of head, well pigmented. Well placed, mobile ears. Fine bone. Good coat.  

AV Ted Hutchinson Memorial Puppy Stakes  

1 Fieldsend’s Qessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (Imp CZE). Briard. Typey and well balanced, good length of neck which is used to advantage. Well laid shoulders and good bone. Decent breadth and depth of chest. Very good profile action.  

2 Pinkerton’s Kulawand Hot Toddy at Bareve. Jack Russell Terrier. A well made youngster with a really strong, muscular backend and this was reflected in his very good movement. Neat ears, keen expression and good forehand.  

3 Jellie’s Kiltondale Coco Chanel at Jellwell. Bearded Collie. One of several very good examples of this breed here today.  

AV Doug Paterson Special Junior Stakes  

1 Atkin’s Milesend Merchant. Shetland Sheepdog. An impressive youngster with a grand head, sweet expression, well shaped eyes. Small, well carried ears. Nicely arched neck, good body. Moved well with a smooth co-ordinated action.  

2 Smith’s Javidel Despicable May. Norfolk Terrier. Presents a lovely outline with his compactly made body and good topline and tailset. Very good on the move. Not quite in his best coat today.  

3 Robinson’s Bushoby A New Daybreak. Basset Hound.  

AV John Pope Special Open Stakes  

1 Rose’s Ch Rossvale Master of Destiny for Esorkees. Keeshond. A handsome, mature dog, good head proportions, good ears and a keen, alert expression. Deep chest and excellent, well ribbed compact body. Shown and presented in first class order.  

2 Bird & Caden’s Ch Domburg Brown Sugar ShCM (Imp USA). Tervueren. A well balanced and very typical dog of some quality. Excellent temperament. Well balanced head with good carriage. Combines both elegance and strength. Once settled he moved well.  

3 Weightman’s Debbeacol Poetry In Motion JW. Bearded Collie.  

AV Brace  

1 Mrs Whiting’s Dalmatians. A very matched pair who moved around the ring in unison with a well co-ordinated gait. Both show to advantage.  

YCA Special Members’ Open Stakes  

1 Clarke’s Ferndel High Fidelity With Tigerrock ShCM. W.S.S. Stood at the head of a good class, good head with a kindly expression, excellent forehand with good bone, legs and feet. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Moved out well with some drive from the rear.  

2 Mahony’s Am Ch Haiku Tacori Yamato Takeru Shishio (Imp USA). Japanese Chin. Like his kennel mate this smart youngster made the most of his chances here. Nicely cushioned muzzle, good eyes, lovely hare feet with good feathering. Well bodied and moved soundly. Fine, silky coat.  

3 Weightman’s Debbeacol Poetry In Motion JW. Bearded Collie.  

KC Junior Warrant Competition  

1 Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM. Beagle. I realised when typing this report that I had given this lovely youngster a BPIS win some time ago. He is sturdy and compact with a very attractive head and expression. Good spring of rib, excellent topline and tailset. Moved out well with some drive.  

2 Horne’s Taemarus Miss D’Appointment With Chanceinn JW. Lhasa Apso. Feminine with grand head, decent forehand with adequate bone. Good length of rib, good topline and highset tail. Very typical jaunty, unexaggerated action. Good quality coat.  

3 Peirson’s Denters Whirlwinds Braodway Baby JW. (Imp). Bearded Collie.  

Pastoral Puppy Group  

1 Naylor’s Skaijak’s Cool N’Classic. Polish Lowland Sheepdog. A mature, very typical bitch, pleasing to handle as she is well made with a rectangular outline and well-muscled for age.  

2 Fieldsend’s Qessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (Imp CZE). Briard.  

3 Jellie’s Kiltondale Coco Chanel at Jellwell. Bearded Collie.  

4 Walker’s Tooralie’s No No Nanette. Shetland Sheepdog.  

Best in Show  

Virgo & Hicks’ Am Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon a Star by Sumaharai ShCM (Imp USA). Afghan Hound. On an extremely hot day this handsome hound looked cool and dignified and certainly had some style and class about him. Well balanced head with strong jaw, nicely arched neck of good length. Deep brisket and well angulated, muscular hindquarters. He carried himself as one would wish on the move and his presentation was first class.  

Reserve Best in Show  

Panton’s Cherylee Stribrne Prani for Dunningvale (Imp CZE). Yorkshire Terrier. I thought this youngster was a really good prospect and she has a most attractive head and keen, expression. Neat ears. Moderately ribbed with a good topline and well set and carried tail. Free moving and sound. Her quality silky coat is developing well and her colours were just right for her age.  

Best Puppy in Show  

Maskell’s Kazkell Milo’s Dream. Papillon. Good head with large, mobile, well set ears. Fine muzzle. Pleasing forehand with typical feet and strong fine bone. Good body proportions with decent spring of rib and strong loin. Moved soundly with a typical light action.  

Reserve Best Puppy in Show  

Melbourne, Hirst & Walker’s Diheath Really Cosmic at Kejana. Basset Hound. Soundly made and unexaggerated with a good skull, lovely clean eyes and long, well set ears. Good bone, well ribbed with good ground clearance. Moved out well with some drive evident.  

Best Veteran in Show  

Mackfall’s Ch Kelshanti Senator of Africaner JW ShCM. Rhodesian Ridgeback. Top class and may have been a contender for BIS had he qualified. Handsome and masculine with a good head, excellent pigment and keen, intelligent expression. Good depth of ches, strong muscular hindquarters. Sound and true on the move.  

Reserve Best Veteran in Show  

Butler’s Arcticdawns Free and Easy at Kaytoo. Alaskan Malamute. She coped really well with the head and despite her 11 years she could still stride out with an easy, effortless gait. Very typica outline with slightly sloping topline.  

Junior Handling Association  

Unfortunately, James Rogerson wasn’t able to travel to the show and I took over his assignment.  

6-11 years old  

1 Lacey Stevenson – a very polished performance from Lacey with her Dacshund. She set her charge up well on the table and didn’t feel that she had to use the whole ring when moving.  

2 Adam Deas – Adam put on a good show with his Chihuahua and I do appreciate that a free standing breed requires a little more effort. Adam moved his bitch at just the right speed and if he could encourage her to be a little more animated when free standing he will do very well.  

12-16 years old  

1 Daisy Mason – a confident and unobtrusive effort from Daisy. Handled the table well and her pace when moving the dog was ideal and really gave her charge the best opportunity to shine. Welll done – I’d let you show one of my dogs!  

2 Willow Johnson – A good show here from Willow who kept her charge’s attention at all times and and followed my instructions to the letter.  

3 Isabelle Dale – Isabelle made a really good show with her Yorkie, not an easy breed as they have to be stacked and the handler has grooming equipment to contend with as well. However, Isabelle put on a good performance here and coped admirably.  

Judge: Tom Mather