• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Eastern Whippet Society

 My sincere thanks go to Luke Johnston and all of the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge at this well run and friendly show.  I had two excellent stewards (thank you Paul and Marcia) and some really lovely bitches to judge.  I was impressed with good manners and sporting attitude of all the exhibitors.   

 Veteran Bitch 

1 Wilkinson’s Feltchgate Tiger Lily.  In grand form and condition for her age, pretty head with feminine expression, fairly neat nears.  Good arched feet.  Present a nice outline with some breadth across the thights and good angulation.  Moved out well with some propulsion from the rear.  

2 Skelley’s Ringmore Fleur De Lys.  Long clean skull, kind expression, good depth of brisket and gently arched topline.  Couldn’t quite match the hindquarters of the winner.  Shown in good condition. 

 Minor Puppy Bitch 

1 Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice.  Best Puppy Bitch.  A really good prospect I thought.  Classy head with neat ears, bright expression, lovely neck and shoulders.  Good depth of brisket for age, nicely arched loin.  Has some breadth over the quarters and he moved out well.  Fine quality coat.  

2 Green’s Supeta’s Tell The World.  Very pleasing to handle as she does present a series of graceful curves and a lovely outline.  Well put-together and she too has very good quarters with decent angulation and some drive from the rear on the move.  

3 Hawker’s Rosedale Lady at Mollytop 

 Puppy Bitch 

1 Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen of Diamonds JW.  Another right out of the top drawer!  Lovely head of good length and bright expression.  Neat ears, decent forehand with well laid shoulder and good pasterns and feet.  Lovely outline.  Moved well with a most pleasing propulsive action.   

2 Jones’ Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun.  A real glamour girl who really does make the most of herself.  Good length of head, ears could be neaters.  Excellent forehand with nicely arched neck, good body with gently arched loin.  Well angulated and impressed on the move.  

3 Thjrd’s Stormalong Selkie at Bruntsfield 

 Junior Bitch 

Two very good bitches. 

1 Ellis’ Railfield Rainnymph.  Presents a lovely outline covering some ground and completely unexaggerated.  Pleasing head, good depth of brisket, good breadth over the back and thighs.  Well angulated and moved soundly with some drive and this just gave her the advantage.  Fine coat.  

2 Lawley’s Crosscrop Its Magic for Lawleymoon.  Beautifully balanced and very typey, excellent forehand, good legs with some give in the pasterns and good feet.  Moved soundly.  Lovely outline and shown in first class order.  

 Yearling Bitch 

1 Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscrop Let It Shine for Supeta JW.  I judged this bitch yesterday at Walsall KA where I awarded her Reserve BIS from a very good quality entry.  She has a real air of quality with a very pretty head, neat ears, well laid shoulders and good depth of brisket.  Good length of loin with a most pleasing outline.  Has some breadth over the hind quarters and she moves really well.  Shown in good coat and muscle-tone. She should finish at the top. 

2 Service’s Crosscrop I Love My Life.  Feminine, attractive head and expression, neat ears, elegant neck and good shoulders.  Good depth of brisket and strong gracefully arched loin.  Good quarters.  Moved soundly but not quite as collected as the winner but her profile action is impressive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

3 Bowers’ Saraquele Sound Effects 

 Novice Bitch 

1 Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice 

2 Jones’ Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun 

3 Parr’s Crosscrop rumour Has It at Belnan 

 Graduate Bitch 

1 Winkley-Balmer’s Ardencote Destiny’s Child of Edenwhip.  I admired her pretty head, good length of neck which she uses to advantage.  Good forehand with some spring in pasterns and very good feet which gave her an advantage.  Graceful outline with depth of brisket, strong loin and good quarters.  Moved out well with some propulsion from the rear.  

2 Ellis’ Railfield Rainnymph 

3 Finch & jones’ Jothryn Heaven Sent to Zenobia JW 

 Post Graduate Bitch 

1 Wilson’s Langshor Who’s That Girl at Willowash.  Shown in excellent condition and muscle tone.  Good forehand with decent fill in, good depth of brisket, strong loin.  Well angulated and her movement was exemplary.   

2 Robinson’s Tarward Ginetta.  Very typey, feminine with a pretty head and expression.  Well balanced and presents a most pleasing outline. Moved soundly. 

3 Hedley’s Knoxhill See The Stars 

 Mid Limit Bitch 

1 Holding & Holden’s Danluke De Foret Gateau.  A lovely bitch of some type and quality.  Attractive head and expression, neat ears, nicely arched neck and some breadth over the back and quarters.  Gently arched loin, defined tuck up and strong hind quarters.  Has some power on the move and was shown in excellent condition.   

2 Hardcastle’s Collooney Nickers In A Twist.   Close up and has so much to admire.  Pleasing head, good forehand, typical outline and another who moved out with some propulsion from the rear.  Good quality jacket.   

3 Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip For Your Eyes Only 

 Limit Bitch 

1 Green & Place’s Collooney Hells Angel of Brochinbelle JW ShCM.  Feminine and beautifully balanced and I thought she would be a real contender for top honours.  Most attractive head, bright expressive eyes, neat ears.  Good forehand with some depth of brisket.  Has some breadth over the back and thighs and strongly muscled hindquarters.  Very good, typical mover.  Shown in lovely condition.  Reserve Best Bitch.  

2 Dufty & Morland’s Triken Follow That Dream.  Soundly made and very pleasing to handle as a consequence.  Good head and eye.  Plesing forehand with depth of brisket and some give in pasterns.  Slightly arched loin and defined tuck up.  Moved soundly.     

3 Thomson’s Cornstalk Witchcraft by Berwicklaw 

 Open Bitch 

1 Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve JW.  Best Bitch.  Really classy, strongly made yet elegant and feminine.  Pretty head and expression, good length of neck, clean shoulders and good depth of brisket.  Some breadth over the back and quarters with a strong, gracefully arched loin.  Moved really well here with some drive from the rear. 

2 Perkins’ Silkridge Whispering Grass.  Elegant and very soundly made and this was evident in her good action on the move.  Excellent neck and shoulders, good body and rib with sufficient depth of brisket and defined tuck-up.  Strong, well angulated quarters.  Shown in first class coat and condition.  

3 Robinson’s Tarward Willow JW 

 Special Racing / Lure Coursing Bitch 

1 Hedley’s Knoxhill Let’s Dance.  Presents a most pleasing outline standing.  Attractive head and expression.   Has some breadth over the back and quarters, strong loin with graceful arch.  True and precise both out and back and pleases in profile action.   

2 Third’s Tango Time of Bruntsfield.  Very typey and stands out well covering plenty of ground.  Clean neck and good shoulders.  Good depth of brisket.  Moved soundly.   

3 Leathart & Skelley’s Ringmore Day Lily 

 All of the top awards were made jointly with my co-judge, Kerry Hutton and we agreed on all of them.  Best in Show was the dog, Yacoby-Wright’s Cobco Standing Ovation. Rally smart and in the challenge he looked a little fresher than the bitch who had just been shown in the Ch. Show and this was reflected in his very good hind action and good length of stride.  

 Reserve Best in Show the bitch, Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve JW 

 Best Dog Puppy and Best Puppy in Show , Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King of Clubs.  Nearly five months older than the lovely bitch and litter brother to the winner of the PB class.  Mature in body and attitude.  He is top class with a lovely outline, best of legs and feet.  Impressed on the move.      

 Best Bitch Puppy Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice 

 Best Veteran in Show, Thomson’s UK Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM.  A grand example of the breed and a great credit to his owner and breed. 

 Judge: Tom Mather