• Show Date: 03/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tina Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bridgend & District Kennel Association

German Spitz Mittel 

9 entries 4 absentees 1 withdrawn on day.


1st – Spellcast Talk Tidee. Brown male of 2 years old presented in fabulous condition. He presents a super well-knit outline. Grand head with the desired wedge shape and topped with well used neat ears. Beautiful oval eye complimenting his colour. Clean cheeks and correct scissor bite completing the picture. Short neck leading down into well-made shoulders, well ribbed chest, nice short loin and excellent rear quarters. Correct cat feet & well-muscled throughout and this was shown on the move in his effortless brisk movement in all directions, he looked like he could of gone all day. BOB & later I was pleased to watch him win the utility group.

2nd – Spellcast lets Ava Talk at Pufnstuf – cream bitch of just over 18 months, still very much a baby but much to like. Fabulous temperament, another happy to be gone over and enjoying her time in the ring. She is utterly feminine to look at. Not in full coat today but what was there was of good quality. Pretty head with well-set ears, dark eye and correct bite. Moderate neck leading into well-made shoulders, correct ribbing, moderate tuck up and correct rear. Shown in excellent condition with good muscling throughout. Once settled on the move she moved well all ways.


1st – Sobriety’s Grizzly bear for Pufnstuf JW. This one had so much to like, it’s not until you put your hands on him that you realise how well-made he is. Brown male of just under 4 years old with a fabulous temperament clearly enjoying his time in the spotlight. Larger male but within the height standard and of completely correct proportions. Super outline, correct almost square shape with a beautiful rich brown coat of correct texture. He possesses a super head of good wedge shape with correct skull proportions topped with well-placed neat ears which he used to advantage. Correct eye shape and set, clean cheeks with correct bite to finish the picture. Superbly muscled throughout, correct length of neck, set in good shoulders leading down into deep ribbing, short loin, and correct tail set. Correct gait in all directions but could be a tad lighter on his feet and this unfortunately cost him top honours on this occasion.