• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Teresa Dunsdon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation to judge at their show, where a warm and friendly welcome awaited me along with a lovely entry of quality dogs and very few absentees. Special thanks to my willing stewards who worked hard on such a hot day.


An excellent entry with so many high quality dogs present, and a fantastic Open Class where I was spoilt for choice.

Puppy (4)

1st Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love, elegant 10 months Weimaraner bitch, liked her height to length ratio and her well-proportioned clean feminine head with correct median line & depth of flew, eye colour typical for her young age, alert expression, long neck into excellent front angulation, good depth of chest for her age, well ribbed, long back, short-coupled, level topline, strong thigh & moderate rear angulation with correct bend of stifle, moved effortlessly on a long smooth stride, pleased to award her Best AVNSC Puppy

2nd Bryant & Hollis' Phenset Sparks Will Fly, well-built 11 months English Setter bitch with plenty of substance for her age, long & lean head with reasonable depth of muzzle, dark eye giving the most melting of expressions, long neck into well-laid shoulders, needs to develop a little more in forechest  as she matures, but has plenty of depth of chest & well sprung ribs, strong in loin, good short back with level topline, moderate rear angulation with strong thighs, moved with drive behind, just a little loose in front today

3rd Newson's Tivalake Let's Misbehave, NSDTR

Special Yearling (5, 3 absent)

1st Wallington's Nicael Blue Diamond, very smart 15 months Hungarian Vizsla bitch, elegant yet robust in build, well balanced noble head, moderately long & clean in neck, good width in front with plenty of forechest, still needs to drop a fraction in chest but ribs are well sprung & she is strongly coupled with slight arch to loin, level topline, well angulated front & rear, pleasing muscle tone, movement was light & effortless, just inclined to crab slightly, Reserve Best AVNSC

2nd Bennett's Jesham Baronet, 17 months Field Spaniel dog, balanced masculine head, long & lean in muzzle, gentle expression, strong neck & front with good forechest & front angulation, strong bone, deep chest, moderately long in leg, good body proportions with ribs well back & couplings short, level topline, strong in thigh & moderate bend of stifle, moved well in front, just needs to strengthen in hocks and rear movement, was a little unsettled today, hope he regains his confidence as he continues to mature

Post Graduate (2, 1 absent)

1st Payne's Lovenjoel Prince Charming, Irish R/W Setter dog, athletic appearance with good substance, particularly liked his head, very typical with good stop & slightly domed skull, square muzzle of good length, plenty of forechest, moderately long & muscular in neck, well angulated front  & rear, deep in chest & ribs well sprung, could perhaps be a shade shorter in couplings but strong enough with firm back, moved with plenty of drive from powerful rear quarters, showing  off his lively & playful character

Open (14, 3 absent)

1st Strevens' Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM, outstanding NSDTR dog with an eye-catching profile, broad wedge-shaped head with kind eye & typical high earset, muscular neck of correct medium length, excelled in forechest  & depth of body, straight front , well sprung ribs, strongly coupled, well angulated front & rear, tremendous width of thigh, well carried tail, light & effortless on the move, delighted to award him Best AVNSC & subsequently Gundog Group 3

2nd Finch's INT SH CH/NL CH Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss JW, mature Weimaraner bitch, liked her overall balance & refinement, feminine head of correct long & lean proportions, good forechest & straight front, well angulated in front, strong & deep in body, well coupled, excelled in rear angulation with moderate bend of stifle & wide powerful thighs, her movement was flowing & powerful, close decision in this class, just wouldn't show herself off with a different handler in the challenge for Reserve Best AVNSC

3rd Weller's Hannahdene Danny Boy with Juldeane JW, English Setter


A quality entry of Cockers, thank you for the privilege of going over your dogs

Puppy (1)

1st Hutson's Stobytill Hippy Hippy Shake, 12 months on the day Bl/Roan bitch, confident & outgoing, very pretty well-balanced & feminine head with kind dark eye, low-set ears, moderately long in neck into well-placed shoulders, sufficient width to front with good forechest, compact body with plenty of depth of chest, well sprung ribs, short-coupled, level topline, low-set tail, strong well-angulated rear which she used to move round the ring with drive & typical Cocker "bustle", BPIB

Special Yearling (5, 3 absent)

1st Clifford's Serci After Dark at Shadow Amor of Chamford (IMP SRB), 19 months Bl/Roan dog, well-proportioned kind head & soft expression, reasonable length of neck with desirable slight arch, sufficient width in front, liked his front angulation & forechest, perhaps a little rangier than 2 in overall shape, but strong in body & well-ribbed, short-coupled, moderate rear angulation, level topline with correct tail carriage, moved out briskly, RBOB

2nd Pilkington & Ellis' Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck, 16 months Black dog, preferred his compact shape to 1, could be just a fraction squarer in muzzle but has a pleasing masculine head with gentle expression, strong moderately long neck into good shoulder placement, sufficient forechest, good width and depth of chest, liked his short couplings & strong level topline, well-angulated rear, moved steadily but unfortunately high tail carriage spoilt his outline

3rd Kidd's Freestone Serendipity Too

Post Graduate (4)

1st Wildman's Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo, well-grown 19 months Bl/Roan dog presenting a pleasing compact profile, well-proportioned masculine head with kind expression, strong neck of moderate length into well-laid shoulders, good width in front, strong & deep in body, well-sprung ribs, short-coupled with deep muscular loin, moderate bend of stifle with good width of thigh, well carried tail, showed drive & "bustle" on the move to take BOB and subsequently Gundog Group 4

2nd M Faustus at B

3rd Bindza's Cachel Hearthrob

Open (3, 1 absent)

1st Rothchild's Cachel Starlette at Rothmia, mature Black bitch built on smaller lines than other winners, very compact in outline, feminine head with sweet expression although not quite the balance of 2, strong neck, liked her well-developed forechest and front angulation, deep and short in body with well sprung ribs, strong in loin & well-coupled, moderate rear angulation, unfortunately was rather unsettled going round today, but showed enough of her sound movement to win the class

2nd Hutson's Stobytill Shake Ya Booty, pretty Light Bl/Roan bitch, very pleasing feminine head with skull & muzzle of correct proportions, appealing gentle expression, liked her length of neck and front angulation, good depth of chest, moderate rear angulation, level topline, moved out steadily, just found her a little lighter all through than 1 today and could not match 1's spring of rib, two bitches of quite different styles and both with many pleasing attributes


Thanks to the patient Labrador Retriever exhibitors whose scheduled judge was not able to attend. The majority accepted with good grace my decisions as last-minute substitute judge.

Puppy (2)

1st Bysouth's Luckswarren Secret Phoenix, promising 6 months Black bitch, strongly built for her young age, feminine clean-cut head of good proportions, bright expression showing her kindly nature, strong & muscular in neck, plenty of forechest, deep in body with big ribs, short-coupled & strong in loin, well angulated front & rear with wide thigh, hocks well let down, correct otter tail carried well & constantly wagging, in good coat & condition, active & steady mover, BPIB, still going well later in the day to be awarded Gundog Puppy Group 3

2nd Harrison's Llanstinan Mascara with Stebel, sturdy 7 months Black bitch, bigger framed than 1, strong broad & well-proportioned head but still obviously feminine, alert expression, strong & muscular neck, excelled in forechest, strong & deep in body, well-sprung ribs, strongly-coupled & muscular loin, liked her angulation front & rear, perhaps a shade longer in rear pasterns than 1, another who used her tail well, in good coat & condition, a real handful on the move & difficult to assess

Special Yearling (0)

Post Graduate (2)

1st Scutcher's Winsleywood Wild Anise JW, attractive substantial Yellow bitch with a well-balanced feminine head & kind expression to match, strong neck into well-placed shoulders with sufficient forechest, deep-chested with big ribs, deep & strong through couplings, level topline, nicely bent stifle with wide thigh, hocks well let down, nicely carried wagging tail, in lovely coat & condition, looked a picture standing, steady enough on the move, but disappointingly moved very close behind lacking drive, not what I was expecting to see, RBOB

2nd Raynor's Rossclyde Highland Jet, sturdy Black bitch with nicely shaped head & appealing expression, strong neck, standing with front legs well under her showing good front angulation & ample forechest, deep chest & good spring of rib, just a shade longer in body than 1, not quite as deep through loin & topline not as firm, wide & strongly built thigh, sufficient rear angulation, thick otter tail which she used well, steady on the move, preferred head & overall outline of 1

Open (3)

1st Bysouth's Halloran Phoenix over Luckswarren, workmanlike Black bitch, sturdy appearance, feminine head of good proportions with a bright kindly expression, strong & muscular in neck, liked her well-developed forechest & front angulation, deep in body with well-sprung ribs, not quite the depth of flank of PG winner & still a little matronly in underline following a litter, but well-coupled, firm & level in topline, strong & wide in thigh, well bent stifle, hocks well let down, ever-wagging tail, fitness showed in her active movement, which I preferred to PG winner, BOB

2nd Elliott's Winsleywood Wild Joker of Lyndham, very substantial Black dog, very broad in head & obviously masculine, kindly expression, very strong in neck & appearing a shade thickset over forequarters which to my eye made him look too heavy & unbalanced in front, liked his well-placed shoulder & upper arm with plenty of forechest, deep all through body with firm topline, good width of thigh & bend of stifle, well set & carried otter tail, steady mover, just preferred overall balance of 1

3rd Gentleman's Ballyduff Blackcap at Embletay


A wonderful selection of Gundogs to judge with several in serious contention for the four places

G1 - Thomas & Upton's SH CH Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM, WSS bitch, my first thought was how impressive this strongly-built yet feminine bitch looked standing, when I laid hands on her I could scarcely believe how good she felt, she has so many breed attributes from her well-shaped "Welshie" head & dark eye giving the kindest of expressions to her powerful hindquarters and correct moderate rear angulation, when she set off round the ring I knew that I had found my Group winner, her movement was straight, driving, effortless & a joy to watch, thrilled to see her go on to BIS

G2 - Norbury's Medogold Milkshake at Heartbury JW, B/W Pointer bitch, another super beautifully- proportioned bitch who appealed greatly for her clean flowing & symmetrical outline, lovely feminine head with correct dish-faced appearance, straightest of fronts, well-balanced front & rear angulation, strong yet lithe in body, in excellent condition & well muscled, correctly carried tail, her accurate footfall, even stride and power on the move guaranteed her Group 2 behind the unstoppable WSS

G3 - Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM, NSDTR dog

G4 - Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo, Cocker Spaniel dog


A very strong Puppy Group with a number of very promising puppies, making for some close decisions. Must mention the gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy who flagged right at the end of a long hot show, but whose day will surely come

PG1 - Brown's Graygees Gigolo, 7 months GSP dog, clean-cut head on this young dog with well-shaped muzzle and correct broad skull, moderately long neck with slight arch & close-fitting skin, well-laid back shoulders, forechest developing nicely, body proportions were spot-on for his age being deep in chest & short-coupled, well-sprung ribs, well-angulated hindquarters with strength in thigh, short-backed with firm topline & standing over plenty of ground giving the desired graceful outline, his movement was a joy to see being smooth & effortless, hope he goes on to great things

PG2 - Norbury's Medogold Bamalam, 9 months L/W 10 months Pointer bitch, presented a lovely outline full of symmetry & so well-balanced throughout, beautiful feminine & proportionate head with kindly expression, long & muscular in neck, plenty of forechest, straight front , particularly liked her well-laid shoulder balanced by good length of upper arm, deep in chest, well ribbed back, strongly coupled with slight arch to loin, well muscled & curvaceous hindquarters, hocks well let down, carried & used her tail well, powered round the ring with smooth driving movement, close decision between 1 & 2, I wish her much success in her show career

PG3 - Luckswarren Secret Phoenix, Labrador Retriever

PG4 - Sandiford & Lewis' Hernwood Apollo, impressive 11 months Gordon Setter dog whose outline gave more than a hint of the substantial "heavy hunter" that he will become, well-balanced deep & masculine head, neck long & lean, particularly liked his front assembly showing ample forechest, excellent shoulder placement & length of upper arm placing forelegs well under body, moderately long body with deep chest & well-sprung ribs, hindquarters developing well with good width of thigh & bend of stifle, standing straight & strong behind, his construction translated into sound, easy & true movement,  will watch out for him in the future

Teresa Dunsdon