• Show Date: 24/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sutton Coldfield & District Canine Association

Sutton Coldfield and District Canine Association 

Saturday 24th February 2018 

Judge Tania Gardner ( Danwish ) 


Thank you to the committee for the invite to judge at your well run show . I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging . The ring was of good size . Thank you Sharon for stewarding and a big thank you to the exhibitors from bringing their dogs for me to access . The puppy class was first class which does bode well for our breed . 



1st Mugford , Lynwood Abracadabra. Only 9 months old but what a quality puppy . She shouts, look at me . Ultra feminine and very elegant even at this tender age . Beautiful head and expression with lovely chiselling . Long slightly arched neck which sits cleanly into her shoulders . Good body proportions . On the move she is so collected for one so young .She is a thoroughbred , quality and racy . I look forward to watching her mature . BPIB , RBOB & PGroup 1 

2nd Holley , Wynjill Snap Dragon . Another very nice puppy . Being a male they tend to mature slower . He has a masculine head but not at all course , dark eyes and lovely raised brows . Elegant outline stood . Good reach of neck , well developed front and really good angulation behind . Another on the move who used the large ring well and showed good drive and correct footfall . I really liked him . 

3rd Hart , Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae . Another lovely boy and no disgrace to come third in this class 


1st Holley , Wynjill Snap Dragon ... repeat of 2nd in Puppy 

2nd Frampton Strathmead Noella . A pretty bitch shown in lovely coat . Lean and long head with pretty expression , she has a good front with a pronounced sternum . Nicely angled quarters and stands on tidy small feet . Just felt on the move today she wasn’t as positive as the 1st place Dog . 

3rd Hart , Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae 

Post Graduate 

1st Naylor & Morrison , Anlory Caignan . This exhibitors dogs are always shown in good muscular order and this shows on the move . They move round the ring with drive and their heads held high . This bitch was lacking in coat today but there was nothing to hide . 

She is constructed correctly and is balanced in her front and rear angles with a good bend of stifle 

Pretty in head but if anything I would prefer a little more work in her headpiece . BOB 

2nd Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli 

My notes say beautiful head , he had a lovely expression , dark almond eyes , raised brows that gave him typical irish mischievous look . 

This boy is well made , good front , adequate turn of stifle , strong bone and tops it all with a lovely coat of good texture and condition. Just on the move he couldn’t match the bitch for drive and footfall . 

3rd Sharman & Jennings Kerrimere Indiscreet 


1st Andrews Millcroft Scarlet Moon , a mature bitch shown in profuse coat . I think she was a touch overweight today which spoilt her outline when stood and affected her movement . She does have a pretty head with a gentle expression and is certainly a nicely made bitch with good body proportions, needs a bit of work on her fitness then I am sure she could do well . 


1st Gilks Sutersett Mr Uppity , a dog I have judged before and still like . He has the best of heads , long and lean and a nicely domed skull , dark eyes and a kind expression. His front is well made , good length to his upper arm and the correct layback of shoulder . His rear quarters are moderate and he has a good width of second thigh . He was presented in excellent order and good coat . What let him down today was his movement . He needs to stride out more and cover the ground . He struggled a bit on the floor and the corners . I did consider him for RBOB but the puppy won on her stylish movement. 

2nd Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot a different type of dog . Slightly narrow built and not as good in outline he slopes away a bit too steeply at the croup for me . Masculine in head but lacking the work in his headpiece that the 1st place Dog had . Nicely angulated rear quarters . 


Post Graduate 

1st Green , Zendarric Heart Shape Box With Viszaset , this 2yr old boy has matured into a lovely athletic dog . I do like his body proportions, he stands over the ground well , level topline which he held on the move . He is well ribbed back with a good spring of rib . Correct broad skull with defined stop . 

He is shown in excellent muscular condition this shows in his movement , good side gait covering the ground nicely . True coming and going . RBOB


1st Cuddy Taxus Gold Prince In Balbriggan JW , strong athletic dog . He has substance but is not at all course . Broad skull of good proportions & well defined stop . Moderate length to his well arched neck which sat cleanly into his shoulders . 

Good length of upper arm and equally correct layback of shoulder . Moderate rear angulations and good width to 2nd thigh . 

Level topline which he held well on the move he moved around the ring in tune with his handler covering the ground well with a lovely open side gait . I was very pleased to award him BOB and delighted to see him top the Gundog Group . 

2nd Hart , Gilliegrae Swift and Chic , really well made bitch she is a bigger bitch but so well balanced throughout. She has a nice expression and dark eye . Ears well set in line with eyes . 

Her front assembly balances nicely with her moderate rear end . Level topline and good tail set . 

On the move she is true and sound. She gets into her stride quickly and covers the ground well . 

3rd Farrow , Roanjora Fleurie . 

Tania Gardner ( Danwish )