• Show Date: 02/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cornwall Gundog Club

Cornwall Gundog Monday 2nd April 

Critique .. Judge Tania Gardner ( Danwish ) 

I really have to say thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show . 

It maybe a long way to travel but I was very well looked after . I was also given a bag of Cornish goodies to take home with me . Within the breeds I judged I found some lovely dogs and a really wonderful numerical entry of Irish Setters . I was looking for a sound , well constructed dog that conformed to their breed standard . I had a large ring to move the dogs and was delighted at the end of the day when the BIS judge presented my BOB Irish Setter the Award Of BIS . A very enjoyable day . 



1st Philips Waterton Remember Me 

6 month bitch , a very sweet baby , feminine head, with correct shape muzzle , ears set fairly high giving a kind expression , good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm . Slightly sloping pasterns and tidy oval feet . Steady on the move but the movement is there and will improve the more confident she becomes BP & RBOB 


1st Esrews Black Tuxedo At Dalens JW ShCM 

at the other end of the scale a mature 8yr old black and white boy . 

He has the most lovely head , good chiselling under eyes ,clean over cheeks , masculine expression but no coarseness .

His body was a series of curves , flowing from the tip of his noise to the end of his bee sting tail . 

Deep through rib cage and well muscled rear quarters which he used well on the move , driving positively round the ring with style . BOB 

German Wired-Haired Pointer 


1st Harries Myrna Loy , 4yr old bitch of medium size , feminine but with substance , overall shape when stood was what I was looking for , slightly longer through body than height . She had the correct texture to her coat . 

Deep through rib cage and underline had the required tuck up . Strong through hind quarters . 

 Moved well , good length of stride on side profile .BOB 

2nd Harries Dregheda If I Were Single , BOB daughter , she shares a lot of her dams attributes , loved her expression , very feminine , raised brows dark eye 

She is just over a year old and still has to mature in body . She stands on good bone , slightly sloping pasterns and oval feet . On the move she was happy .RBOB 

German Short- Haired Pointer .

1st Sanders Alcazar Amano , just a puppy and he was quite a handful for his owner , who doesn’t normally show him I was told afterwards but he did enough to win this class . Well balanced when stood ,short through back , short strong loin but standing over plenty of ground , 

Long sloping shoulder , deep through chest and well muscled hind quarters . Playing up on the move but did enough for me to see that he can move straight and with drive BOB & BP . His normal handler took over for BIS and he moved very well to go RBPIS 

2nd Chillcott Fleetapple Dollar another puppy who is at the leggy stage , his balance is not as good as the first place at the moment , skull of medium width , slightly rounded with the correct shape to his muzzle , moderate length of neck , just needs time to mature in body . A bit untidy on the move . RBOB .

3rd Tamblyn Winterwell Saucebox



1st Rutland Khamsynn Coast Liaison JW ShCM 

Lovely bitch of medium size , elegant outline stood , feminine head of good proportions , lovely finish to her muzzle , round dark eyes, ears fine in texture and set high giving her an aristocrat expression.

Balanced front and rear angles , good length of back and firm topline which she held on the move,strong loin & correct finish to croup . She covered the ground well with a lovely length of stride in side profile and showed drive and correct footfall . BOB 

2nd Danneau Weipowa Pheonix At Aarranz JW ShCM strong well made dog . Who presented a nice outline stood . Masculine in head and expression , looked very noble stood . He is long through back and a nicely muscled rear end with a good turn of stifle . Moved well with drive just preferred the bitch in side profile . RBOB . 

3rd Kerslake Kuantan Cosworth , lovely rangy dog puppy , needs time to come together . Steady on the move .BP

Large Munsterlander 

1st Disney & Whiting Wonglepong Wills Faramir 

A workmanlike dog who was very energetic on the move . Very nice dog to go over . Moderate angulation front and rear , well sprung ribs of good length, strong short loin . Moved well when settled . Presented in good coat . BOB 

2nd Leeming Ashlowrick Ladies Day At Iscadu 

A bitch who presented a balanced outline . Moderate angles front and rear , head in correct size to body , slightly rounded skull . I found her slightly lacking in length of neck . Steady on the move today . RBOB 

Hungarian Wired Haired Vizsla 

1st Newman Lanokk Violeska 

A lovely feminine bitch but still with substance , slightly longer through body .

She had such a lovely appealing expression, with raised brows , correct harsh furnishing to her headpiece .

Her body coat was correct , double coated with a harsh short topcoat . 

Good layback of shoulders and return of upper arm . Moderate angulation front and rear . 

Straight on the move with a good positive ground covering stride . BOB ; BIS 4 

2nd Aldridge Gwaithmaes Aoife 

What a poppet , I loved her . Kindest of expressions with her raised brows , 

Good body proportions , moderate slightly arched neck , decent return of upper arm . 

Balanced and moderate angles front and rear . On the move she was steady and true and so very happy . Looking like she will have the correct coat , She kept showing well right till the very end of the day . BP , RBOB &Delighted to see her take PBIS 3 

Irish Setter 


1st Randle Forfarian Hidden Secret With Rionore , young male , who is nicely constructed, presents a balanced outline, he has a masculine head with a dark eye . Decent length to neck which sits cleanly into his shoulders , deep chest and adequate length of ribs , well turned stifle tight , neat feet , good finish to croup, he was shown in good coat of lovely texture . On the move positive and true and in this class showed enough drive . He seemed to just loose his enthusiasm in the following classes . 

2nd Hall Glennara Cilleigne Dervala JW (IKC) very pretty and feminine bitch , liked her overall balance and rich, dark coat. Lovely refined head with dark eye, nice chiselling, raised brows and sweet expression, straight front, good forechest and depth of body, strong couplings , moved with enthusiasm , just not as positive behind as the dog today 

3rd Pike Redclyst Boris, Puppy with a good outline stood, gentle sloping topline , steady on the move . BP 


1st Hutchings Covarney Everyone Knows 

A mature young dog who won this class on his overall construction .He has a nice outline in profile , gentle sloping topline , short firm loin and strong well angulated rear quarters. On the move he is very positive with correct footfall and drives well off his short hocks . Shown in super coat . 

2nd repeat of first in puppy 

3rd Roberts Polmennor Spinning Moons 

Post Graduate 

1st Meadows Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best JW 

A very honest well made bitch , I loved her head , so pretty with lovely raised brows and chiselling below eyes all this gave her a beautiful expression. She has a good length to her neck , straight front , correct and balanced angles front and rear . Good width to 2nd thigh and she stood on neat feet . She moved very well round the ring using her tail correctly . A very nice young bitch . 

2nd Gardiner Harreds Harlie Of Blaysdell 

Lovely dog who is well constructed , good bone and substance . Presents a pleasant outline stood . Soft masculine expression with a dark eye , raised brows and good length of muzzle , lovely dark coat of good texture . Just not as positive on the move behind as 1 today .

3rd Condron Covarney Lil Minx 


1st Roberts & Cormack Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor ( imp ) 

3yr old boy who you have to put your hands on to realise his qualities , very nice to go over no lumps or bumps, a very honest dog . He flows from his head , which is masculine, through his well placed shoulders and along his body . Deep forechest and firm topline which he holds well on the move .His hindquarters are nicely angled . On the move he is true and positive . I liked the length of his stride in side profile . Not shown in his best coat but equally nothing to hide . RBOB 

2nd Partridge Kerrydown One Man 

Head is masculine but not over done, expressive eye, good finish to foreface, correct length of neck leading into well angulated front, deep chest, good length to body, well arched loin . Shown in super coat . Just thought he moved a little close behind today . 

3rd Hadfield Marzanne China In your Hand 

Open Dog 

1st Condron & Needs Covarney Macaroon 

My stand out dog of the day . I have watched and liked him from the ringside . He certainly did not disappoint when I got my hands on him , Loved him for type such a racy outline in profile when stacked, correct front and rear assemblies and deep through rib cage giving plenty heart room ,     Well muscled hindquarters and good width to second thighs.  Good bone, neat feet and stands over plenty ground.  Refined head with dark eye , raised brows , chiselling below eyes which all give him that true Irish expression we desire . A quality dog who was shown in excellent coat of good texture and condition , he moved positively around the ring at one with his handler ,they 

obviously have a good partnership delighted to award him BOB 

It was a pleasure to watch him take BIS , they looked even better in the bigger ring . Congratulations ! 

2nd Meadows Gwendariff The Big Attraxion JW 

Nice dog of good breed type , correctly constructed with nothing overdone , balanced angles front and rear . Tail is set correctly . He stands on very neat , tight feet . Moved round the ring well on an easy ground covering stride . 

3rd Mc Donald Redclyst Kearney 

Open Bitch 

1st Kerrydown Octavia 

Mature very well balanced, honest bitch. Pleasing outline with correct gently sloping topline. Head of correct proportions with good finish to muzzle. . Lovely deep chest with good spring to ribs

Strong couplings and well muscled hindquarters , Good finish to croup. Nice short, strong rear pasterns and neat small feet. Shown in excellent coat . Moved okay 

2nd Broad Karidell Coral Princess Of Ermebrook 

A very nice bitch ,I will start with the positives , I loved her head, very pretty , refined in skull , dark eye , raised brows , plenty of work in her headpiece . She moved with drive around the ring . lashing her tail so correctly . Unfortunately she was a little overweight and this spoilt her outline stood and on the move . She probably has too much coat as this also hides her outline . These things can be easily rectified. I really did like her . 

3rd Meadows Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy 


1st Gardiner Blaysdell Kieran 

I loved this boy , what a beautiful head , raised brows , dark eyes giving him a true irish expression. Nice outline stacked , good angles front and rear , firm topline , tailset correct and good finish to croup . Good width to second thigh , Shown in super coat of a lovely texture . Moved well . BV 

2nd Beresford Polmennor Funtime ShCM , a well constructed dog , who is very honest in outline nothing overdone . Balanced angles front and rear . Decent length of neck and shown in good muscular order . Maybe a veteran but still giving his handler a hard time . Moved well 

3rd Price Severnvale Simply Special 

Hungarian Vizsla 

1st Parker Gyomberbarat Summer Breeze 

A medium size bitch shown in good muscular order ,square in outline with a short back , nicely angulated front and rear , refined skull with moderate stop , dark eye, clean through neck . Moved well BOB 

Junior Handling 

Sorry I don’t have names but

 1st in Class A was 349 2nd was 107 

who won on her overall rapport with dog , she was constantly aware of where I was and kept at a suitable pace for her dog .

2nd although did all figures correctly was just not as steady with her dog . 


1st 26 

Always looking at where I was and positioning herself correctly. At one with her dog who she handled very well .

2nd 204 

Was very good with her dog . Her handling was very sympathetic but not always aware of judges positioning 

Class C 

1st 4 

2nd 97

Both super handlers , presented themselves and their dogs very well , kind with their dogs , they moved them at the correct pace and positioned themselves correctly . Performed all the figures accurately 

Just preferred the way the first place handler stacked her dog to his advantage