• Show Date: 28/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Suzy Roffey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coalville & District Canine Society

English Setters

Puppy: 2 (1 abs)

1st:     Henry, Beechanger Velvet Crab, B.

A really super puppy with lots to like. A very exciting youngster. Showed with confidence and personality. Lovely clean outline on the stand.  Feminine head with good proportions and appealing expression. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders. Excellent depth of chest. Straight front.   Lovely spring of rib.   In good muscular condition. Well bent stifles. Excellent tight feet.  Moved freely and with drive and purpose.  Presented in first class condition. BP & Puppy Group 2.

Junior: 2 (1 abs)

1st:    Loakes, Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW, B

Full of quality. Feminine with class and style. Well-constructed throughout. A beautiful, pretty head, with a lovely eye and expression. Correct ear set. Clean neck into superb front assembly. Level top line, good spring of ribs.    Correct bend of stifle and width of thigh.   Tail set in line and I love to see a busy tail on the move and she did just this. Covered the ground really well on the move. In top class coat and condition. BOB & Gundog Group 3.

Post Graduate: 4 (0 abs)

1st:    Jennings-Sharman & Sharman, Canteris Cool for Catz JW, D

A lovely boy to go over with no exaggeration and of lovely type. Good bone. Masculine head but not overdone, well portioned, with gorgeous expression. Lovely temperament although rather distracted by the girlies giving her handler a hard time on the move.  Just needs to tighten in front. In good body and excellent spring of rib. Well angulated and muscled hindquarters.  

2nd:    Loakes, Rachdale Painted Lace At Goldbirch, B

A feminine elegant girl who was at one with her handler, a lovely duo. Pretty head with a lovely soft expression who was smiling in her eyes. Good length of muzzle, clean through the throat. Correct slight arch to the neck.  Straight front. Lovely tight feet. Just dipped slightly in top line on the stand. Good bend of stifle into straight hocks. Moved well with a happy tail and a joy to with her handler who got the pace spot on.

3rd:    Brown, Mariglen Top Gear, D

4th:     Evans & Anton, Miakoda Secret Rainbow, B

Open : 4 (2 abs)

1st: Brown, Mariglen Top Gear, D

A masculine dog with excellent bone. A little heavier in head than I would like but has a lovely eye and expression. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. In good muscular condition. A handful for his owner on the move but once settled he moved with enthusiasm and drive.

2nd: Evans & Anton, Balvenie Evelyn May, B

A pretty and feminine girl. Unfortunately was not sound on the move and whatever she had done to herself think this affected her mood, she was not too happy on the move, hope she is OK now. Was nicely put together under her coat which in my opinion would benefit from some attention which would give her a cleaner outline to show her overall shape.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy: 5 (1 abs)

1st: Peebles, Keigame Belle of All, GSP, B

A bit of a cliché but this bitch really did catch my eye as she came into the ring.   Great presence in the ring. Beautiful clean outline on the stand, lovely size. Well-constructed throughout from nose to tail, really lovely to go over. Correct proportions to her head with a soft kind expression. Good depth of chest for a baby. Well-muscled thigh which she used well on the move, effortless and easy moving covering the ground. Loved her. BP ANNSC & Gundog Puppy Group 1.

2nd: Whincup & Glendinning, Very Vigle Nobody is Perfect, Amercian Cocker Spaniel, D

What a fantastic personality and attitude on this puppy. Look, look look at me.  Excellent head with well-defined stop and eyebrows. Most appealing expression. Clean strong neck into correct front assembly. In excellent body and bone throughout. Lovely bend of stifle and strong hindquarters. Moved with power, presence and head held well. Handled and presented to perfection.

3rd: Ainsely, Daenerys Winds of Winter, ESS, B

Junior:2 (0 abs)

1st; Margerison & Davies, Kandrelli Jak Snipe, Irish Water Spaniel, D

A really smart male. A very appealing compact shape on the stand. Masculine well-proportioned head with the alert expression one would desire. Strong neck into correct sloping shoulders and spring of rib. Well angulated stifle in good hard condition. Moved well carrying head high and using his rear.

2nd: Ainsley, Daenerys Dance with the Dragons, ESS, B

Pleasing overall shape. Appealing head and expression. Correct bite. Straight front and well boned. Good spring of rib. Good bend of stifle. Moved well.

Post Graduate: 2 (1 abs)

1st; McDowall, Sireva Hot Line To Khamsynn, Weimaraner, B

A well balanced feminine bitch with a clean outline. Beautiful head, feminine with correct proportions. A kind expression. Well set ears. Correct length of neck. Could have been straighter in front and would have like tighter front feet. Well developed chest, good spring of rib. Good angulation to rear and well muscled.  Moved better the more she went. Best AVNSC

Open: 2 (2 abs)

Gundog Group:

1st: Adams, Millpoint Simply Smashing, Pointer, D

Well he certainly lived up to his name, simply smashing he was. A beautifully put together male. He appealed and stood out with his lovely clean outline and fulfilled all expectations to go over. Loved his head, masculine but not overdone with dark eye. Excellent length and strength of neck with the correct arch into well placed shoulders, correct spring of rib carried well back. In tip top muscular condition, enabling him to move with drive and purpose, covering the ground so easily.

2nd: Hill, Tamnirian Forget Me Not Sandaula, Golden Retriever B

Really liked this bitch. So well balanced and presented a really lovely outline. A beautiful well chiselled head, with a lovely dark eye giving a very kind and soft expression. Clean neck, straight front with excellent bone. Well placed shoulders. Good depth and spring of rib. Level topline held on both the stand and the move. Correct rear assembly, well muscled and correct width of second thigh and good bend of stifle. So true on the move, reaching in front and driving from the rear. Head and topline held well, with tail carried level Lovely.

3rd: Loakes, Goldbirch Wings of Desire, English Setter, B

4th: Challands, Mistyayre Gigolo For Annilann, Italian Spinone, D

Another who caught my eye on first seeing with his square masculine overall shape. Solid throughout as one would want. Excellent bone and condition. Well put together head, with the most gorgeous of expressions, made me smile. Strong neck of correct length into well laid back shoulders.  Straight front and depth of chest. Correct topline kept as expected on the move. Lovely long, strong thighs and bend of stifle. Moved freely.

Gundog Puppy Group:

1st: Peebles, Keigame Belle of All, GSP, B

2nd: Henry, Beechanger Velvet Crab, English Setter,B

3rd: Hush, Benrowan Espirit, Golden Retriever, B

Beautiful puppy loving her time in the ring, lovely temperament, her tail didn’t stop wagging. Lovely overall balanced shape and so together for her age. Feminine head with dark eye. Well set ears. Excellent straight front, elbows close and shoulders well placed.  Super depth of chest and spring. Well muscled rear and great width to second thigh. Correct bend of stifle into short straight hocks.

4th: Eggington, Pajanbeck Gregory Girl, Flatcoated Retriever, B

Super character and temperament again. Active she certainly was with that bit of mischief that I love to see this in a puppy especially. Extremely feminine, racy but with the correct strength throughout. Nicely proportioned head, correct eye shape and colour. Good bite. Clean neck. Good depth of chest. Straight front. Lovely bone. Continued to show her happy go lucky attitude on the move, tail lashing and loving every minute.

Junior Handling:

6-11 yrs;

1st: Niamh Nash handling a Papillion. A really smart, quiet handler who did not distract from the dog at all. A really excellent job well done. She was sympathetic in her handling, getting the ever best from him. Her ring patterns were accurate and moving at the correct pace. My only bit of advice is dont forget not to drop the lead as once you do this you have lost control. Great job!

2nd: Christian Loakes handling an English Setter. Handled under me in the breed class and impressed me then. What I liked about his handling was that he didn’t put on a show about him, it was all about the dog. No distraction to him. He handled in the same way in this class as he did in the breed, as it should be, thinking of the dog at all times to ensure he showed her to her best at all times. He has the skill and abilty to go at the right pace for his dog which is not as easy as it seems.  

3rd: Bobbie Lee


1st: Sophie Michelle handling a Whippet. An excellent job. Another sympathetic, smart handler who took a calm approach to the job in hand. The dog was always stood correctly presenting the judge with the perfect picture. She also allowed a clear outline of the dog when I was assessing both on the table and the floor. Her lead control was tidy. Moving the dg at the right pace and using the ring to her advantage.

2nd: Leah Scales handling a Scottish Terrier.  Smart in her appearance, great colour consideration of her suit to show off her dog with a clear outline.  Moved around her dog appropriately to ensure that I had a clear view at all times, whilst keeping control of the lead and moving the dog back into the correct stance when legs had been moved. Gentle handling of the dogs mouth when asked to show the teeth. Just felt that the dog needed to go at slightly quicker pace to show off the movement to its advantage.

3rd: Elise O’Connor