• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Suzanne Keree-Bartolo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitstable & District Canine Society

Chihuahua Long Coat

Puppy D/B (1, 1abs)

Junior D/B (2, 0 abs) 1. Cater’s Pixels Polar Express, Compact cream bitch, nice shape and balance standing, apple head, good ear placement, dark round eyes, level topline, high tail set and carriage, good spring of rib and depth of brisket. High stepping on the move but truer on the move than 2 today. BOB

2. Cater’s Pixels Love Charm, Cream male just over 12 months, longer cast than 1 and not so settled on the move, nice head and eye, not as well balanced as 1. RBOB.

Post Graduate D/B (0), Open D/B (1, 1abs)

Chihuahua Smooth Coat

Puppy D/B (2, 2abs), Junior D/B (No Entries), Post Graduate D/B (No Entries), Open D/B/ (2,2abs)

Chinese Crested

Puppy D/B (No Entries)

Junior D/B (2) 1. Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucau’s Show Boy, well balanced Cobby type male moved soundly, nice layback of shoulder, elbows held in, Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, level top line, good tail set and carriage. RBOB

2. Piper & Peppett’s Baron Winning Smile For Zanjero (Imp BLR) Finer type than 1, scored on better dentition, elegant dog with good neck and shoulder placement, good tuck up and depth of brisket, nice movement from the side but not as sound as 1 coming and going today.

Post Graduate D/B (2) 1. Piper’s Anna Sky Kennel Fusion Hot Man Of Zanjero JW (Imp RUS) Deer type, elegant male, good balance, nice head, dark eye, well placed ears, good length of neck, good depth of brisket and spring of rib, level top line, high tail set, good bend of stifle. Lost out in the challenge as he played up on the move.

2. Bartlett’s Michadaine Strike A Pose, Dark feminine bitch, nice head, dark eye, ears set low and carried well covered with silky black hair, finer type and very elegant, good depth of brisket and spring of rib, good tail sat, she bunched herself up a bit on the move today which was a shame.

Open D/B (2) 1. Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You, Grey Powderpuff male, masculine, well balanced and sound on the move, nicely chiselled head, Dark eye, good scissor bite, low set large and erect ears covered in silky hair, good length of neck leading into a well laid shoulder and good length of upper arm, good head carriage on the move, Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, level top line which he held on the move. BOB

2. Master’s Esquimaux Skin Deep Male, Dark eye, low set ears, good shoulder placement, good depth of brisket, level top line, well set tail, good bend of stifle, moved well.

Japanese Chin

Puppy (3) 1. Evans’ Evansley Emoji, 6-month-old B/W Male, square in outline, nicely marked, broad skull, rounded in front and between the ears, cushioning nice on his wide muzzle, nice expression, dark eye, good mouth, nice length of neck and lay of shoulder, length of upper arm. Level top line, high set tail, good depth of brisket for age. Litter brother to the other two in this class, three nice puppies just need a little more time to gain their confidence. Best Puppy & Gp3.

2. Evan’ Evansley Erika 6-month R/W more mature than her siblings in body with more body, slightly longer cast, nice lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, nice head and expression, needs more confidence on the move.

3. Evans’ Evansley Emiko.

Japanese Chin Cont.

Junior D/B (No Entries)

Post Graduate D/B (2) 1. Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Jabobean. B/W Male nicely balanced, smart and square in outline, Nice head and expression, dark eyes set wide apart, low set ears, short muzzle with cushioning. Nice length of neck and lay of shoulder, level topline and high tail set with good Feathering. Well-muscled hind quarters, good coat and body condition, Moved and shown well by his young handler today. Well-deserved BOB.

2. McDonald Sweet Katia At Clandonald, B/W bitch, preferred the head and balance of my winner, this bitch has a nice shoulder and front, good body and condition, preferred my winners tail set and movement.

Open D/B (2) 1. Evans’ Jonsville Secret Smile At Evansley B/W Bitch nice head and expression, slightly longer in back, Nice lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, level top line, high tail set and good carriage on the move. Good width through the body. Moved well to win this class and RBOB

2. McDonald’s Clandonald Katana Red and white male with a huge coat almost 7 years old, Dark eye, round head, well bodied. Not moving with much enthusiasm today and having difficulty with tripping over his coat.

Miniature Pinscher

Puppy D/B (No Entries) Junior D/B Bitch (No Entries)

Post Graduate (1) 1. Brown’s Hawksflight Black Russian. B/Tan male, well balanced, Nice head, Dark eye, good regular scissor bite, high set ears held erect, Good shoulder placement and upper arm, Good spring of rib, firm loin, good tail set and carriage, well-muscled hind quarters. Shown in good condition. Moved with a true hackneyed action. BOB

Open D/B (1)1.  Brown’s Shetopa Lemon Fizz. B/T Bitch, feminine, nice balance overall, Nice head and correct bite, good ear placement, high tail set, good Lay of shoulder, good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Shown in great condition, sound on the move but not moving with the hackneyed action required by the breed standard today. RBOB


Puppy D/D (No Entries) Junior D/B (No Entries)

Post Graduate D/B (1) 1. Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Ari De Pari Eadlin Darylyn Spinillons (Imp Rus) Very pretty Phalene type bitch, stood alone in this class, in lovely body and condition, well balanced in outline, Lovely head and expression, correct scissor bite, good length of neck with a well laid shoulder and good length of upper arm, good depth of brisket and well ribbed back, good length of loin, level top line, elbows held in, moved and showed well. RBOB

Open D/B (3, 2abs) 1. Ivani & Davidson-Poston’s Slo Ch Whip Honey Double Smash ShCM SLO JNRCH (ATC AU01317RUS) B/W Male Nicely balanced in outline, Good mouth, dark eyes, nicely marked head, well set ears, nice length of neck, good shoulder and upper arm, good depth of brisket and spring of rib, high set tail, carried well on the move. BOB & Gp3

Judge:  Suzanne Kerée-Bartolo (Shirkeira)