• Show Date: 31/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Suzanne Backhouse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

English Springer Spaniel Club Of Wales

English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales Open Show

31st October 2018

Thank you to the officer and committee for asking me to judge this wonderful breed. A breed which has always been in my heart as this is the breed I started with. Thank you to the exhibitors for your entries and taking my decisions gracefully.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0 Abs)

1 Eastfalla Next Step

10 month old boy, pleasing head, well proportioned with dark eye, tight round feet, good neck into well placed shoulders, straight front, level top line which was held on the move, strong quarters, good bend of stifle. Moved well, BPD

2 Trimere Time Tracker

9 month old boy, nice slightly rounded head, deep foreface. Well boned with good feet, strong neck, deep chest, muscular body with good quarters. Moved ok when settled


Puppy Dog (1,0 Abs)

1 Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring

Although stood alone a balanced 11 month old, nice head with lovely dark eye, good reach of neck with nice arch, well boned with good feet. Deep chest and good thigh with decent stifle. Moved ok


Junior Dog (1,0 Abs)

1 Tigerrock Super Ted

Well proportioned head, adequate neck, into good shoulder placement. Well boned on tight round feet, a little long in loin. Strong hind quarters. Moved ok.


Novice Dog (1,0 Abs)

1​Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring

See - Puppy Dog


Yearling Dog (1,0 Abs)

1 Hunterheck Turn Back Time

This boy has a beautiful head, fairly broad, slightly rounded, nice brow, and fluting, dark eye all giving a lovely expression. Good neck, straight front on round feet, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Nice bend of stifle, strong muscular thighs, with well let down hocks. Moved ok but did give handler a hard time.


Post Graduate Dog (1,1 Abs)



Limit Dog (4,0 Abs)

1 Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)

Gives a good profile picture in good coat and condition, head ok in proportion, deep and square in flew. Strong muscular neck into excellent shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Nicely coupled with strong muscular loin. Moved well

2 Trimere Ticks the Box at Mujascal ShCM

A nice shape balanced boy, head is good with dark eye, muscular neck, well placed shoulders. Good chest and spring of ribs, nicely angulated fore and aft with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.

3 Meonstoke Hawthorn

Open Dog (3,1 Abs)

1 Melverly Buona Notte

A boy I have admired from the side and he did not disappoint. A lovely head, with dark eye, correct shape and nicely chiselled below eyes. Skull slightly rounded and just the right broadness. Good muscular neck with nice arch into sloping shoulders, straight front with elbows well under body, tight round feet. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Strong muscular loin with correct arch, well coupled. Good stifle, thighs muscular. Moved really well showing the correct swing from the shoulder and drive from behind. BD, RBIS

2 IR SH CH Bethryn Devil Moon JW

A lot to like about this boy, another lovely head with excellent expression from his good shaped dark eyes, nicely chiselled. A rounded head with good placed ears. Good neck, into well placed shoulders. Well boned with round feet and thick pads. Strong body, nice spring of ribs, well coupled. Good hind angulation and well let down hock. Moved well


Veteran Dog (3,1 Abs)

1 Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

8 year old and not showing his age at all. Good head with lovely dark eye and nicely chiselled underneath. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Well boned with straight front, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Lovely topline, muscular loin. Good bend of stifle, deep thigh and well let down hocks. Moved well swinging from shoulder and driving from behind. RBD & Best B/W

2 Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft IR Vet CH

9 year old, with a balanced head good shape eye, strong neck with sloping shoulders, good rib and depth of chest, adequate bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Not the topline of 1


Special Beginners Dog (2,0 Abs)

1 Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath

Nice young dog who needs time, good head, good neck into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, feet ok, well coupled. Moved ok

2 Tigerrock Super Ted

See Junior Dog


Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1 Abs)

1 Trimere Time to Shine

A lovely compact lady, correct head for age with nice eye and expression, good in neck, well placed shoulders and front legs nicely underneath giving good front angulation. Tight round feet, well coupled and nice topline. Strong quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved well enjoying her day. BPIS

Puppy Bitch (2,2 Abs)



Junior Bitch (4,2 Abs)

1 Meonstoke Angelica

Nicely balanced compact girl, head was ok, nice eye shape and sweet expression, good ear placement, strong in neck, deep chest, Good hind angulation showing nice bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Moved ok when settled.

2 Wenark Mayzin Grace naf taf araf

Nice head with dark eye and sweet expression a little finer than 1 and a bit more upright, good feet, moved ok.

Novice Bitch (2,0 Abs)

1 Miss Bones Tamaam to Bethryn

Good slightly rounded head with lovely fluting between eyes which are dark and a good shape, this giving a sweet expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders. Deep chest and good spring of ribs. Muscular loin and well coupled, lovely bend of stifle and good depth of thigh. Tight round feet set on well boned legs. She did give her handler a hard time. Moved well.

2 Meonstoke Angelica

See Junior


Yearling Bitch (2,0 Abs)

1 Clentonian Pandemonium JW

Lovely proportioned head with dark eye, nice ear placement, long neck, a little straight in upper arm, deep chest, level topline. A little longer in loin than I’d prefer. Good depth of thigh. Moved ok

2 Wenark Mayzin Grace naf taf araf

2nd junior bitch


Post Graduate Bitch (2,0 Abs)

1 Calvdale Rag Nymph

A lovely shape, nicest of heads, with good eye shape and colour, well chiselled below eye. Strong neck with lovely arch towards head. Good lay of shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Excellent round tight feet. In good coat and condition. Moved well.

2 Grosbreuil Abricot Regal

Good shape head with dark eye, neck ok well placed shoulder a little straighter in upper arm than 1, deep chest with good spring of ribs. Well coupled with strong loin. Moved ok


Limit Bitch (9,2 Abs)

1 Trimere Ticatboo

1 & 2 from the same litter, a lot to like about them both. I’m sure many times they will change places. Nice rounded head, fairly broad, without showing any coarseness. Lovely chiselling under eye, deep and square flew, strong in neck with nice arch and good lay of shoulder. Straight front with tight round feet. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Muscular loin and well coupled, showing lovely arch. Deep muscular thigh. Moved effortlessly swinging from shoulder and driving from behind. RBB

2 Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

A lot of same attributes as 1 just preferred topline and felt was not as developed her sister.

3 Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel to Bethryn


Open Bitch (5,1 Abs)

1 Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid

From the same litter as 1 and 2 in Limit class, what a litter this must have been. Her overall picture was stunning in good coat and condition. A compact lady, with good head a sweet expression, nice eye well chiselled below, nice and square in flew. Strong slightly arched neck into excellent shoulder placement. Deep chest with good spring of rib giving plenty of heart room. Well coupled giving a muscular strong loin and correct arch. Hind quarters are so well developed giving broad thigh. Feet are excellent. This girl could certainly do a days work. Moved beautifully around with ring with ease. BB, BIS

2 Rosannoch Fortuna JW

Slightly bigger mould than 1. Good in head with nice dark eye giving good expression. Strong neck, with good placement of shoulders, well boned legs with round feet and thick pads. Deep chest and good spring of ribs, short coupled with strong muscular thigh. Moved well

3 Calvdale Maleficent of Esscroft


Veteran Bitch (4,2 Abs)

1 Sh Ch/In Ch/Croat Ch Trimere Tough Cookie

7 year old girl, head ok, nicely rounded skull with deep flews. Strong muscular neck, good shoulder placement. Well boned with round tight feet. A found her a little straight in upper arm. Deep chest with nice spring of rib. Strong muscular loin and moderate bend of stifle. Moved well

2 Seaspring All At Sea

8 year old, heavier built than 1, head ok with dark eye, good in neck although a little throaty into well placed shoulders, well boned, feet ok. Good spring of ribs with muscular loin. Nice hind angulation. Moved ok


Special Beginners Bitch (1,1 abs)



Judge: Suzanne Anderson-Backhouse (AINDREA