• Show Date: 27/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Worrell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society

Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and District Canine Society Members’ Limited Open Show 27TH May 2018

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation to judge the utility breeds and groups, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I would like to thank the exhibitors, firstly for entering under me, and who also, after a long wait for a ring, very sportingly moved to an additional ring which was created for us. Special thanks must also go to Sheila Baldwin who very kindly stepped in on the day to steward for me and kept the ring moving with great efficiency.

LHASA APSO J (3/0) 1st Francis’ Mokadream Strawbry Fields, pale gold 12 month old bitch. Pleasing head with dark oval eye and good mouth, straight front with developing shoulder and well arched neck, a level topline and well set tail, overall presenting a nicely balanced outline. Free flowing movement around the ring, pleased to award her BOB, UG3 2nd Norris’ Dardanelles Margot Fonteyn, 7 month old bitch, developing head with dark eye and good pigment, and a delightful expression. Good front and depth of chest, level topline and good rear angulation. Moved with confidence, BP, UPG2 . PG (1/0) 1st Francis’ Mokadream Kiss From a Rose, litter sister of 1st in junior, and all the same attributes, preferred the tail set and movement of her sister on the day. O (4/1) 1st Allsop’s Chamando Smooth Operator, 3 year old dog, well presented with a heavy straight coat. Good head furnishings, dark oval eye and black pigment. Strongly arched neck into well laid shoulders and straight front, level topline and good length of rib. Moved well. 2nd Francis’ Mokadream Allium Gladiator ShCM, 5 year old dog, lovely expression and good ear set, balanced outline, shorter coupled than 1st place.

MINIATURE SCHNAUZER PG (5/1) 1st Parker & McDonald’s Risepark Shooting Star, 12 month old bitch with a harsh textured pepper and salt coat, presented in excellent condition. Pretty, well shaped head with dark eye and feminine yet mischievious expression. Compact body with a nicely arched neck flowing into a correctly sloping topline, and a straight front with developing forechest and rib. Balanced angulation front and rear, she moved with purpose and maintained her topline in all directions. Expertly handled, she did not stop showing all day, very happy to award her BOB and UG1, and delighted to see her go BIS. 2nd Rayner’s Dakyla All About Eve, 11 month old black and silver bitch. Up to size already, with a good head, dark eye and cheeky expression. A straight front with well laid back shoulder and developing forechest, not quite the balanced outline of 1st place, BP & UPG3 O (2/0) 1st Parker & McDonald’s Silversocks Sweet Charity with Violis, 2.5 yr old black and silver bitch, presenting a square outline with straight front and good depth of chest. Arched neck into well laid back shoulders, strong loin and correct tail set. Good well furnished head and alert expression. Presented in good overall condition and handled well. 2nd Rayner’s Farcik Dzikie Pola at Dakyla (imp pol) 2 year old black and silver dog, with a strong head, dark eye and pigment and good earset. Straight front with good depth and spring of rib, and good angulation front and rear, longer coupled than 1st.

TIBETAN TERRIER PG (3/1) 1st Buckles’ Silgarhi O’Yangchen at Karshok, 2 year old well presented bitch, in good coat. Feminine head with dark expressive eye, and good pigment. Good outline, level topline and correct set tail, moved and handled well. 2nd Crawford’s Silgarhi O’De Chen at Nytechorus, litter brother to 1st place. Heavily furnished, longer in body so not quite the balanced outline of his sister, straight front and good hind angulation. O (1/0) Buckles’ Karshok Mister Kandie Man JW, 3 year old dog with a strong head, good length and width of muzzle, dark eye and excellent pigment. Presenting a pleasing square outline with good angulation front and rear, well ribbed and with ample bone. Flat topline and a well set tail, he moved well in all directions. BOB & UG4

A.V.N.S.C. J (3/0) 1st Penny’s Afterglow Foxy Lady at Kalizmar, 11 month old black toy poodle, well groomed and presented in good coat. Beautiful head with dark eye and feminine expression, held high on a strong neck. Straight front and good rear angulation, and developing chest and rib, all came together to present a nicely balanced outline. Moved well and very in tune with her handler, BP, UPG1 and I’m delighted to say, went on to be awarded BPIS 2nd Simms’ Shyllar Sky Dancer, 7 month old Akita bitch. A raw baby, with a well proportioned head and erect correctly placed ears. Thick neck leading down into well laid back shoulder, developing body and rib. Could not get into her stride today. PG (1/0) 1st Dawson’s Kalizmar Bohemian Rhapsody, male white standard poodle, just under 2 years old. What a stunning boy, beautifully groomed and in excellent coat. Very good headset, well set ears and strong jaw. Balanced angulation front and rear, straight front, strong pasterns and neat feet, a correct topline and tailset complete the picture. Unsettled on the day, but expertly handled, BOB & UG2. O (2/1) 1st Smith’s Ristine Black Sabbath, 3 year old Schipperke. Cobby boy with an alert expression and in good coat. Straight front and good shoulder placement, up on his toes. Nicely balanced body, and moved well.

A.V UTILITY P (1/1) O (3/1) 1ST Smith’s Ristine Black Sabbath (1st open avnsc) 2nd Cook’s Sugaja Lady Primrose with Boynhams Naf Taf, 1 year old fawn French Bulldog bitch. Good sized head with soft feminine expression, and gentle wrinkling to forehead. Short cobby body with a straight front and good depth of brisket. Sadly was not in the mood to show herself, and movement could not be assessed.

UTILITY GROUP: 1 Parker & McDonald’s Risepark Shooting Star, Miniature Schnauzer. 2 Dawson’s Kalizmar Bohemian Rhapsody, Standard Poodle. 3 Francis’ Mokadream Strawbry Fields, Lhasa Apso. 4 Buckles’ Karshok Mister Kandie Man JW, Tibetan Terrier

UTILITY PUPPY GROUP: 1 Penny’s Afterglow Foxy Lady at Kalizmar, Toy Poodle. 2 Norris’ Dardanelles Margot Fonteyn, Lhasa Apso. 3 Rayner’s Dakyla All About Eve, Miniature Schnauzer