• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Harris Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ruthin Canine Society

Ruthin Canine Society - 16th June 2018

Welsh Springer Spaniel


1st - LeMaitre’s Vannelmead Gwenllian – Of good type and well balanced. Good depth of chest, clean shoulders and well angulated quarters, Typical head, eye shape a touch rounded. Enough coat for her age, moved well when settled.

2nd - LeMaitre’s Vannelmead Gelert – very similar to his litter sister and same remarks apply, just preferred her shoulders and front movement.

Post Graduate

1st – Thomas Glenbrows Fire Starter – Well angulated fore and aft, good legs and tight feet, typical in head, nice topline moved will just a little close going away.

2nd - LeMaitre’s Vannelmean Freya – Very much a baby and needs more finish to body, good legs and feet, dark eyes, moved well, again just a touch close behind.

3rd - Yacoub & Samsel’s Laithmoors Marek


1st – Connolly’s Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorby – Pretty head and dark oval eye, well angulated fore and aft, crisp topline, straight forelegs and tight feet, not biggest but really moved out on a jaunty stride. BOB

2nd – LeMaitre’s Pamicks Alice Springs to Vannelmead JW – Well boned mature male, typical head good front well angulated rear, just preferred the topline of winner.

3rd – Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman

English Springer Spaniel


1st - Thomas Tiger Rock Super Ted – Dark coloured youngster whose markings make him look less typical than he is. Well angulated fore and aft, good legs and feet, nicely balanced and very well behaved, neat head, and eyes need to darken but age will will help. Moved true both ways.BOB

Cocker Spaniel


1st – Morris Riondel Caribbean Blu – Mature Blue roan. Gorgeous head and dark expressive eyes , good coat, well angulated fore and aft and nice size, square and cobby lovely merry action on the go around. Best Puppy

2nd – Morris Riondel Candyman – Another well grown youngster with plenty of coat, very similar to winner, again with that lovely head and expression, just felt the winner was cleaner around the withers today.

3rd – Roberts Sunabil Esgid Y Gog O Libanus


1st – Morris Riondel Murphys Law – Blue roan, short and cobby, good topline and overall balance, masculine head with dark eyes, well shown and kept his outline on the move. BOB

2nd – Hughes Glantreath Time to Dream – So feminine with a super head, clean outline, beautiful coat, she closed her eyes as I looked at her, and just didn’t want to be there due to a false pregnancy, bless her.

3rd – Prydderch Rockllockers Caramel Biscuit

Field Spaniel

1st – McVitty Sonnentend Fait – Liver. Beautifully made youngster with a solid frame, so clean all through and perfect on the move. Head and eye and coat need to develop but when they do I sure she will trouble the best. BOB

2nd – Shiptons Winterbourne True Love for Mishules – Black. Still a baby, plenty of coat, lovely head and tight dark eyes , feet could be a little tighter but good overall make and shape. Moved well. Best Puppy

American Cocker Spaniel

Post Graduate

1st – Brannans Afterglow Madhatter –Parti. Well presented, Short and square, little strong in skull, dark eyes, clean neck and shoulders, good outline which he kept on the move, just a touch close going away.

2nd – Jones Alkimadus Ruben James – Attractive dog with pleasing head and expression, Longer bodied than winner , clean neck and shoulders, carrying his tail a little high on the move


1st – Harrisons Glarus Sundance JW ShCM – Nice compact tan male, well angulated quarters, attractive head with dark eyes, clean shoulders could overstretch himself and look longer than he is. Moved very will keeping his outline all theway BOB

2nd – Jones Alkimadus Gwn Ben Y Gardigan JW ShCM Black and tan male less scopy than the winner, attractive head and kind expression, more moderate in angles than the winner and was a little proud of his tail, moved well.

Flat coated Retriever


1st – Mantles Almanza Aint Nobodies Business at Rhiewvalley (Swe Imp) Well grown youngster with correct head and well set dark eyes. Overall, everything in the right place, kept her outline at all times, energetic mover, just needs time to fill all over to get rid of the appearance of being a little rangy


1st – Adsheads Llantrussa Twist of Fate – Strong active male square in outline, lovely head and super expression overall front assembly good but would prefer a touch better lay of shoulder, strong well muscled hindquarters, well balanced.......when settled moved well. BOB

Labrador Retriever

1st – Greenwoods Harrop Lady Blackstar – My star of the day. Super head and darkest of eyes with a keen expression. Pretty head with well set ears. Short sturdy body, good double coat, lovely quarters which she used well on the move. Never saw her stack wrong and her strong tail just never stopped, moved very well. Could not be overlooked. Best Puppy BOB Gundog Adult and Puppy Group!

2nd – Felton-Pages Marshwiggle Wilhemina – Slightly bigger stamp than winner good balanced outline and a super tight coat and otter tail.

Post Graduate

1st – Greenwoods Tempakell Take your Time for Harrop – Cobby yellow, just blowing her coat, well angulated quarters, true coming and going, beautiful head and expression, carried her tail a little proudly.

2nd – LeMaitre Vannelmead Weather Girl – Bigger stamp than winner, excellent in topline and well carried tail, pleasing head, good tied feet, slightly close going away but nice and sound.


1st – Felton Pages Marshwiggle Mr Carson – Masculine male, strong head, good tight coat, topline good but tail carried a touch high, well balanced firm bodied, well angulated quarters, a little close going away.

Golden Retriever


1st – Nelsons Willowlawn Devon Bell at Cadwst - Gorgeous baby, prettiest of heads, well boned legs and feet, correct head with dark expressive eyes. Well angulated quarters, good depth for age, lovely side gait just a touch close going away. Best Puppy

2nd – Ashtons Willowlawn Never Forget – Super head and expression, lovely overall type, tended to sink down on the stack which spoiled her appearance, but upped her game when asked to move.

3rd – Turners Bowshella Bedazzled


1st – Griggs Mulfield Sea of Dreams – Upstanding male, good head and expression, correct topline and tailset, nice long striding side gait, correct coat, good feet, a touch close going away.

2nd – Parrys Mycharron Kentucky Road – different stamp to winner, shorter and thicker set. Super head with soft expression, well set shoulders, unfortunately had a tendency to drop onto his hocks creating an untypical outline, moved well.

3rd – Turners Bowshella Bedazzled

Post Graduate

1st – Griggs Mulfield Sea of Dreams

2nd – Burrows & French Dilworthy Prince William – Squarely built dog, super body shape and topline and very typical overall, didn’t want to move today sadly.

3rd – Socketts Arjeplog Golden Ghost


1st – Griggs Mulfield Amethyst – Very feminine bitch with just enough length to her forelegs. Super outline and good coat. Prettiest of heads with melting expression, excellent type, handler tended to gait her too fast which caused her to be erratic on the move, but when moved slower pulled it together. BOB

2nd – Goddards Soneve Stargazer at Glansevern – Medium sized male with good overall make and shape, short coupled, moved well good head, slightly rounder eye.

3rd – Millingtons Carneval of Golden Duck (Imp serb)

Irish Setter


1st – Hughes Alolfrana U’Are A Diamond – Long lean head with dark oval eye. Clean neck with long well set shoulder blades, good topline and tailset. In good coat, moved well in side gait, just needs to fill to complete the picture. BOB

English Setter


1st – Walkers Wansleydale Chartreuse for Hathermere – Feminine well balanced bitch, attractive head and soft expression, well angulated fore and aft, good topline and well set tail. Moved well. Best Puppy

2nd – Owens & Walkers – NO NAME – Upstanding male that strong head dark eye, shortcoupled, moderate angulation lacked his furnishing which tended to make him look a little unbalanced at this stage. Moved ok.


1st – Owens Sunrush Moonlight Sonata – 8 years old and although was a little matronly her overall good conformation and excellent leg bone, with a really good “English” head gave her the edge today.BOB

2nd – Walkers Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere – Pretty headed bitch, super coat, well angulated quarters, just a tad long in loin which allowed her to drop her topline at times.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


1st – Adsheads Afonbach Dance with Dragons – Super wedge shaped head, the darkest of eye creating an intense expression, well balanced outline which maintained on the move, good coat, move a little close going away, well presented.


1st – Adsheads Afonbach Winter is Coming – Very scopy youngster with super free movement. Head is well balanced, would prefer slightly darker eye. Good coat and outline. Great overall conformation and very together for his 9 months. Best Puppy and BOB

2nd – Adsheads Danehaven Vermillion for Afonbach – Smaller frame than winner, pretty head and beautiful dark eyes, rich dense coat, moved well just a touch close behind.

Lagotto Romagnolo


1st – Nelson, Ferguson, Barkers Mizani Dioro over Savio – What a neat package, not a big boy but everything in the right place, Lovely head, eyes need to darken to complete the picture. High set withers and moderate angulated hindquarters, never stopped showing and maintained his outline at all times, Very nice on the move and moved trued both ways.

2nd – Nelsons Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Oeter Pan at Nalbekio – Found him very pleasing though not as together as winner, super outline and dense coat, bigger all over with bags of hind angulation, just didn’t quite know what to do with it at this stage.

Italian Spinone


1st – Pughs Sunsanna All That Jazz at Gellini – Super headed youngster, long shoulder blades and upper arm, correct topline, well angulated quarters, moved on a long stride, super harsh jacket, just needs to fill to complete the picture. Best Puppy and BOB



1st – Evans Dark Sapphires Discovery (Imo Dnk) – Very eye catching Curly coated retriever, Super angles , very good head and eye, tight dense curl, very well balanced. Needs to settle on the move but did enough to show me could move if he wanted!

2nd – Beskerby What Day - Super driving movement on the Clumber bitch. Strong well made quarters and excellent coat. Attractive head and well shown, just prefer a tighter eye.

Gundog Group

1st Labrador – Greenwoods Harrop Lady Blackstar

2nd Golden Retriever – Griggs Mulfield Amethyst

3rd Nova Scotia Duck Toller – Adsheads Afonbach Winter Is Coming

4th Pointer – Astburys Millpoint Simply In Step with Dorbury – New to me, clean all through, short coupled, well shown, attractive outline, moved well.

Gundog Puppy Group

1st Labrador - Greenwoods Harrop Lady Blackstar

2nd Nova Scotia Duck Toller - Griggs Mulfield Amethyst

3rd Lagotto Romagnolo – Nelsons Mizani Dioro over Savio

4th Field Spaniel – Shiptons Winterbourne True for Mishules (Imp Swe)

Judge: Sue Harris (Barleyarch)