• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Worthing & District Canine Society

Worthing & District Canine Society

16th Sept 2018

Well run show by its small dedicated committee.


Post Grad 2-2

Not a lot to split between these two youngsters, both had many good qualities.

1st: Ezzard & Allen's: Jodipas Paint It Black To Kassasan JW SHCM; lovely broad head on strong neck going into well placed shoulders, with good depth to chest. Firm top line held on move & well developed hindquarters, giving steady powerful movement when settled. BOB

2nd: Chamberlain's: Rebeckmar Cass, just 19 months, head needs to broaden slightly, neck strong & shoulders open, chest deep, back not as firm on top line as 1st which did show on move, good hind angulation, giving good rear drive. Just needs time to settle. RBOB

Junior Handling 12-16

Four very competent handlers, none put a foot wrong & it was very close decisions between all of them. All executed there patterns clearly & everyone of them spoke to their dogs giving clear commands.

1st Violet Hallett: Curly Coat. Just had edge with her dogs as they were so In tune with one another.

2nd Jasmine Appleby: Eurasier. Beautifully handled & again clear instructions to her dog, just preferred 1st more fluid movement.

3rd Abby Webb: Tibetan Terrier, Not an easy breed to handle when there is a bit of wind with that coat, but didn't over handle so that she was distracting from her dog.

4th Izzy King: French Bulldog, lovely little handler & apparently not her dog, very encouraging to make him settle with her. Well done.

Junior Handling 17-29

1st Abbygail Longhurst: Tibetan Spaniel. Although she was alone in this class, she didn't rush her dog, moved at exactly the right pace & tallied to her dog whole time. In challenge just preferred her more natural ease with her dog. Best Overall Handler.

Adult Handling 30 & Over

Five very competent handlers who watched my every move to make sure they were not blocking my view, all patterns were clear & all my questions answered clearly. A couple of the dogs could have had a little more encouraging commands & this is what split there placings in the end by the rappor with there dogs.

1st Bridget Meads Whippet. Judged this lady before & very in tune with her dog, lots of clear commands.

2nd Dan Mann German Spitz Mittel. Fluid movements & clear patterns,

3rd Simon Sampson Portugese Podengo, shadowed well & patterns clear, just hesitated on his question.

4th Jo Lamb Cairn

5th Kate Popple Whippet


Sue Bird.