• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

                     Chelmsford & District Canine Society

                                                7th May 2018

Super venue & really friendly show, we where lucky to have a large outside ring which allowed the dogs to really move out.

AVNSC Pastoral.


Two 11month puppies both had some lovely points, just felt 1st was a lot more settled & movement was lot more steady.

1st Benton's: Oakestelle Artemis ; Smooth Collie, feminine wedge shaped head, dark oval eyes, correct bite with good under jaw, well placed ears, strong neck & well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs strong over loin, muscular hindquarters, hocks well let down allowing steady movement. BAVNSC Puppy & group 2

2nd Nobes & Khawaja's: Miner's Lake I Love My Life At Northlander (Imp) Bearded Collie, nice broad head & defined stop, eyes toning with coat, correct bite, muscular neck well placed shoulders, adequate spring of rib, firm topline, good rear angulations, just not so steady as 1st on the move.

Special Yearling

1st Benton & Bemelmans: Oakestelle Asteria ; Smooth Collie, litter sister to puppy winner, very similar in type, wedge shaped head & dark oval eyes, correct bite, strong muscular neck on well placed shoulder, ribs well sprung & firm topline held on move, strong loin with good rear muscle tone, similar free movement as her sister, but wanted to get to her mum in challenge for BP.

2nd Hudson's; Chyanullys Goldsmith At Skyebucks; Bearded Collie, masculine boy of 13 month. Broad head, eye toned with coat, correct bite & defined stop. Well arched neck with good lay back of shoulders & depth of chest, well sprung ribs & good rear angulations, beautifully presented coat, wouldn't want him to carry an more weight as did affect his movement. But otherwise a sound lad.

Post Graduate

1st Short's: Kintaro Seville; German Shepherd, feminine head with alert expression, well placed firm ears carried erect, dark almond eyes & good width of skull, strong muzzle & strong under jaw. Long, strong neck going into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest & ribs well sprung, strong back & gently sloping croup, well developed hindquarters with good muscle tone throughout, parallel when viewed front & rear. Well padded feet. Not over stretched on stand. Sound on move. RB AVNSC.


1st Elmy's: Haylane Everlasting Dream ; Bearded Collie, 5year old bitch, who was so feminine, broad flat skull with moderate stop, dark expressive eyes & good strong muzzle & good pigmentation. Moderate arch of neck with gently sloping shoulders, ribs well sprung with good depth to chest, firm topline & strong over loin, well rounded croup with good tail set, rear angulations corresponding to front, allowing smooth effortless movement, beautifully presented coat not over done. Best AVNSC & Group 2

2nd Benton's: Oakestelle Venus De Milo; Smooth Collie, Dam of two puppies, blunt wedge shaped head with good moulding, eyes obliquely set, well placed ears, muscular neck going into well laid shoulders with good depth of chest, ribs well sprung & firm topline, good rear angulations with well bent stifles & hocks well let down, very easy moving bitch, just preferred 1st overall balance. But close decision.

Rough Collie

Post Graduate

1st Philpin's: Bahatiview Bojangles For Tudorlyn; Masculine dog, blunt wedge shaped head, skull flat with well placed ears, dark oval eyes obliquely set giving that soft expression, correct bite. Muscular neck on gently sloping shoulders, good fore chest & depth to chest with well sprung ribs, good length of back with slight rise over loin, well muscled hindquarters with hocks parallel , in good coat, very steady on move, RBOB

2nd Murray & Bellamy's: Beloreen Starman; good head shape although preferred 1st eye shape, good neck length & shoulder placement, length of back & rear angulations, parallel front & rear, just preferred 1st more steady effortless movement.

3rd Ludlow's: Maxwell & Wallis's: Trenley Tavanagh At Hamisks;


Nice class & sure they change places from time to time.

1st Benton's: Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle; 3year old feminine bitch who was slightly out of coat today, but coat comes back. Lovely wedge shaped head with correct oval eye & good ear placement, strong neck on well laid shoulders, good depth of chest & adequate length of rib, slight rise over loin & well-muscled hindquarters, hocks well let down, movement was easy & effortless, which won her the class.

2nd Philpin's: Tudorlyn Little Princess; 8 year old bitch who certainly didn’t show her age. Feminine head, good ear set, nice shaped eyes, correct bite, well arched neck with well laid shoulders and good depth to chest, firm topline with good rear angulations, well-muscled throughout which when she moved was effortless.

3rd Maxwell & Wallis's: Trenley Tatenen At Hamisks;


Sue Bird