• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Steven Green Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society

South East and East Anglian Tibetan Spaniels Society – Open Show 18th February 2018. Judge: Steven J Green I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of SEATS for the invitation and kind hospitality on the day, along with my hard working and efficient stewards. I have been judging your delightful breed over the last three decades and I was greatly honoured by the entry I received at this show. I found the bitches had the edge in the depth of quality in the numbers in each class, however I did find many outstanding dogs in the male classes who I considered are and will be a real asset to the future of the breed. This appointment allowed me an opportunity to look back and reflect on the journey that all the Tibetan Breeds have had since coming to the West from Tibet/India, and their shared ancestry, although first word in the standard is small, it not a description of Toy dog and for me the breed needs to display the strength of character and construction as well as an ability to survive in its homeland. A few general points I found in the entry which like to highlight, eye shape and colour across the entry was very impressive, compared to some dogs I have judged in the past which had they become the norm would of given me concern for the breed but I am pleased to say they are not! Ear carriage and shape seems to be much better on the whole with only a couple that appeared to fly. Feet in general have improved although a couple were too cat like for my liking. A few of the younger females I thought could be improved with a little more body to them but I appreciate that can be an awkward time to keep weight on them. Presentation of the dogs entered was very good, and I have to thank the exhibitors for all the time and effort they had taken in advance of the show. I would also like to thank the Society’s gift to Breed Rescue on my behalf. Special Vintage Dog (4,1) 1st Parkes, Ch Velbri Veratrum at Paralde ShCM, It is very hard to believe that this boy is 11 years old, as he is still in tip top condition. Has the most attractive head, its masculine and handsome and full of charm without being over done in any way and is in perfect desired proportion to his body. Lovely shaped and darkest of eyes full of expression. Excellent neck and shoulders with ideal front assembly, strong body of good proportions coupled with his lovely rear angulated and muscled rear end means he holds his shape at all time and this was more than apparent when he moves, covering the ring with full assurance and his free, positive steps results in him being a joy to watch, and is a lesson that correct construction and correct movement always go hand in hand. A real credit to the breed. Best Special Vintage in Show. 2nd Beveridge’s ROBIN OF SPRING GARDEN, 11 ½ year who again belies his age, he is in lovely condition, again another gentleman of the breed show shows all the desired qualities required of the standard. Attractive head of good proportions with a real appeal, full of Tibetan expression. Good neck with a very pleasing front, good spring of rib with a well constructed body giving him the desired balance. Moved like a dog half his age and showed just how sound he is. 3rd Wallis Baga’s VELROK HALDIR Veteran Dog (5,2) 1st Cooper’s CH AMCROSS A PROPPA PARTI, 9 ½ year old gold and white, this boy really captured my attention when he first came in the ring and showed his socks off from the first moment. Strong masculine head with a real Tibetan arrogant look, challenging anyone to find him anything but handsome. Beautiful expressive dark eye completed the picture, excellent neck with great shoulders, Model front assembly good depth of bone, my hands just flowed over his frame firm and well muscled and I was not disappointed by his well laid shoulders or his perfect rear angulation which ment his balance ratio was ideal and means he has a wonderful outline. He really moved so true which was precise, efficient covering the ground with total ease, loved how this dog moves a textbook lesson. In a glorious coat and presented to perfection. When it came to the Dog challenge he again pulled out all the stops and beat all comers to be Best Dog and again later in the day still had such a shine to his showmanship that I was more than happy to award him Best in Show. 2nd Parkes’ PARALDE MEANT TO BE JW, 7 ½ year old who has the most charming of head loved his proportions and so he has a super expression, with a lovely dark eye and strong chin, good length of neck with nicely placed shoulders, strong boned front with a lovely proportioned body with very good length and depth of rib. Lovely presented and textured coat he present the desired outline when standing but also maintain this whilst on the move, like the class winner he is a lovely moving dog covering the ground with ease and efficiency 3rd Horton & Marlin’s Donteas Hot Gossip Minor Puppy Dog (1, 1), Absent Puppy Dog (1,0) 1st Morton’s LINSDOWN RAMBLER 9 ½ month old youngster, very promising young lad who stood alone but is a most interesting prospect, very nice head with excellent pigmentation which just emphasised his beautiful dark eyes. Liked his strength of muzzle, and impressed by his strong dentition. Strong neck into very nice shoulders with a very clean front and pleasing shaped and sized and shape feet. Strong loin and rear with good muscle for age. Well set on tail which he held well on the move giving him a very good outline, his movement was assured throughout. Junior Dog ( 4,0) 1st Lilley’s KNATTINGS RIVERDANCE TO KENSING JW, Handsome young gentleman with great charm, he really does know how to show himself off. Lovely balanced head masculine but not overdone in any way, particularly impressed by his dentition and strong chin, full of Tibetan arrogance. Lovely shaped ears with beautiful feathering already for age. Good dark eye of correct shape, pleasing neck and correct shoulders with a very good front, very nice topline with great length and spring of rib, well set on tail carried with great pride, nicely muscled rear legs which he used on the move, he really covered the ground showing himself off at all times. Very good quality coat well presented. A strong contender for best dog and I am sure he will make his mark in the breed. 2nd Rolfe’s MALIA DORJE LHAKPA FOR TROLLIUS, Very nice youngster who has great appeal. Attractive head which is well balanced and ideal for size. Lovely dark eyes and very nice pigmentation, good strong neck into well shaped front with good clean front. I liked his depth of chest with strong rib with very good topline that he kept at all times. Balanced front and rear angles showed his correct construction, which was confirmed in his wonderful movement. Would prefer a little more body on him but I am sure this will come as he matures, however another worthy youngster for the future of the breed. 3rd Parkes’ FANTASA WARTORTLE Post Graduate Dog (6,3) 1st Wallis Baga’s AMCROSS PARTI PHOENIX AT VELROK, Gold and white, lovely head of good strength with a really charming expression, correct neck with good shawl, first rate shoulders with a very nice front. Body of good proportions with correct depth of rib. Nicely angulated rear with very good muscled upper thigh and well let down hocks. Well set on tail carried with pride, when he moved with a bright and positive action. 2nd Rolfe’s MALIA DORJE LHAKPA FOR TROLLIUS , 2nd in Junior 3rd Sheppard’s VELROK ZEPHYR Limit Dog (6,2) A very enjoyable yet challenging class to judge, all the exhibits are first rate examples, with such a good depth of quality it bodes well for the future of the breed. 1st Ellingford & Cooper’s AMCROSS GOING DUTCH JW. This boy’s outline really impressed from the start. Really impressive head with a lovely strong mouth and jaw giving the desired expression with very appealing dark eye. Carried his head with pride on a correct length of neck into pleasing shoulders and a good front with lovely shaped feet. Well ribbed up with plenty of lung room, and a strong topline held at all times, well set on and carried tail, coat of very nice texture and present to perfection. He really did pull out all the stops in his movement and I am sure he will go on to even greater things. 2nd Brandrick’s YLLASTEL SCHUMI AT LILLINCA, Was splitting hairs in this class and this young man also impressed me greatly. I really appreciated the strength and the balance of his head full of charm and in particularly his eyes which I found so expressive. Good neck and shoulders and very nice front with ideal strength of bone. Overall very nicely proportioned body and with very nice rear that was well muscled. Tail carried well completed his very nice outline. Shown in lovely condition, he was fully aware of himself in the ring and worked well with his handler. 3rd Lilley’s AMCROSS PRIAM KENSING Open Dog ( 4,0) 1st Thornely-Taylor’s CH ALFIE BEAU AT SAXTEAD, A really beautiful example of the breed, He really has a excellent head strong and masculine but ideal in proportion to his body, his lovely shaped eyes, excellent pigmentation and great dentition all combine to give the most handsome expression. Lovely neck with a good main, very god shoulders, first class front with very nice feet. Very pleasing body well covered and a very good spring of rib. Strong and well angulated rear with lovely low set hooks means he is correct from all angles. He has a lovely set on tail that he carried with dignity at all times when moving or stood still it just completes his great outline. His handler was extremely good at showing just how great and just how sound he was when he moves and they made a great partnership. Presented as clean as a new pin, means he was a very strong contender in the dog line up, and he pressed the elder statesman in breed very hard for top awards. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog and latter I was very happy to award him Reserve Best in Show. 2nd Cooper’s CH, Ned CH DEDICATED TO DON’T WASTE TIME SUSU JW, another very specimen of the breed his overall balance and shape means he will always impress. He has a very charming expression and his head proportions are textbook. Lovely clean neck and shoulders means he has a very good front and lovely shaped and sized feet. Correct depth and spring of rib. He has ideal body proportions and lovely strong rear with correct angulations and low hocks. Shown in a great coat and overall condition he really is a force to reckoned with in any class he is shown. I was impressed by his movement which was quick, free and bright and not fussy in anyway which means he covered the ground with total ease showing himself off at all times. 3rd Keen’s DEANFORD ZOLTANY JW Special Vintage bitch (2,0) both these exhibits are not only lovely examples of the breed but also great ambassadors for it 1st Davies’ TSARONG BA KHA SKYE, belies her 12 years has a delightful head of lovely proportion with a the most beautiful eyes full of Tibetan charm, very nice front with good depth of bone and a lovely shape pleasing shoulders. Well proportion body with nice spring of rib, with very good topline that she held at all times, moved with style. Lovely shape and size feet. Her quality coat just completed the picture. 2nd Short’s CH SAMALYN SWANSONG BY MALIA JW, 11 year old who is in super condition, Very attractive head gorgeous expression. Nice neck with ideal shoulder placement. Her body is still strong and firm and contributed to her lovely level outline. Lovely rear angulation with nice low hocks with nice turn of stifle. Easy on the move, beautifully presented a credit to her owner Veteran Bitch (6,1)This really was a lovely class to judge and various virtues of the exhibits is a reason why the breed has stayed so strong in quality in recent years. 1st Wallis Baga’s VELROK BLACK MAGIC, 7 ½ tri colour has a beautiful head and super expression which just makes you smile when you look into it, Lovely neck and very nicely laid shoulders true front with very nice bone. Well proportioned chest with nice spring of rib, her strong rear has the correct angles and it showed with the lovely movement she displayed and she just showed her socks off. 2nd Baillie’s BASKWOOD KARA ANGKI CHI, 8 year old who shows what for many breeds is a Veteran is no age for this and indeed when they are just coming up to their best. Has a lovely head feminine but still has the strength and size ideal for the breed, loved her ear shape and carriage. Pleasing front with nice shape and depth of bone, Lovely proportioned body displaying strong core that means she is a very good dog to get your hands on, really enjoyed watching her move and was full of confidence and charm. 3rd Monteath-Wilson’s CHANTILLY LADY Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 2) 1st Morton’s LINSDOWN CAMELLIA, although a solo exhibit in this class she still has charm in abundance that she fills the ring on her own, litter sister to the Puppy dog class winner. She has a lovely feminine head with sweet expression full of charm, excellent pigmentation and beautifully positioned ears a face full of mischief. Excellent shoulders with a lovely neck, Ideal front with suitable bone for size, Well proportioned chest with nice spring of rib, lovely top line which is more than apparent in her beautiful silhouette, she already has a well muscled backend with strong thighs and lovely low set hocks. Lovely shape and size feet which showed in her assured movement that was not only sound as a bell but confirmed how correctly she is made overall, I appreciate in this critique I have used the word lovely five times but is really what I think of her, and was pleased to award her Best Puppy In Show. Puppy Bitch (1,1) Junior Bitch ( 4,2) 1st Wallis Baga’s VELROCK ELVENSTAR, Very nice bitch who has great appeal for type, gorgeous head lovely pigment and most appealing eyes with good dentition. Attractive shaped skull of great proportions, held with pride on her strong neck, lovely clean front with just the right amount of shaping to the front legs. Liked her body with enough spring of ribs but to be picky would just like little more body coverage but I am sure this will come with time. Pleasing topline and very nicely set on tail that was carried well throughout the class. Presentation was first class , she was a strong contender for higher honours in the line up but had to make way for maturity on the day. 2nd Davies’ MALIA CHRISTMAS DREAM, Another eye catching youngster who I am sure when she matures will do very well. Most attractive head with good dentition and nicely length muzzle, well placed eyes with nice pigmentation. Lovely neck and shoulders, all over good depth of bone and well muscled rear full of strength and power, well carried and high set on tail completed the picture. Post Graduate Bitch (13, 6) A very good class with tough decisions as judge to make but with a wealth of quality bitches on display, it means I was splitting hairs when it came to placings and there were some exhibits that I was unable to award a card to I would still strongly rate as excellent examples of the breed. 1st Butler’s COLPHIL JHO-DHE, Lovely feminine head perfectly balanced and full of breed type hot overdone in anyway, such appealing and engaging eyes, and lovely pigmentation, correct length of neck and lay of shoulders, first rate depth of chest, body in good tight muscled condition, lovely outline that she holds on the move, liked her rear angulations and used this to effect when moving, she really does have such a pleasing silhouette showing herself off all of the time. Considered for higher awards in the line up and I am sure in time she will gain them, one who’s progress I will watch with interest 2nd Thornely-Taylor’s BALGAY MI BELLE AT SAXTEAD, strong example of breed type, not only does she has a lot of appeal when looking at her on first assessment be it her balanced head or her well made rear but once you get your hands on her you can get to appreciate just how well constructed she is. Most attractive head with very nice dark eye and pigment such appeal expression with attractive proportions, feminine without being toy like in anyway. Clean shoulders and good strength in the front assembly, her text book rear, is yet another reason this girl has so much appeal. Very well high set on tail completed the picture. She moved so well with her handler, she went across the ring with complete precision and assurance. 3rd Monteath-Wilson’s TORFNESS NOW AND PHOREVER Limit Bitch (11,3) A very enjoyable class to judge with some excellent exhibits and their quality is an assurance of a good future for the breed. 1st Tapp’s YLLASTEL FROM ME TO YOU VELBRI JW, Gorgeous head with perfect proportions and great dentition with a lovely underjaw that just adds to such charming expression, Excellent neck and very well laid back shoulders, true front. Well angled fore and aft but overdone in any way, just the right amount of rib for her proportions. Well feather tail which she carried well on the move. Lovely textured coat and very well presented. She is a joy to watch moving as she covered the ground with ease and total efficiency holding her shape at all time. For me her overall type and balance reminded me so much of so many of the beautiful bitches I have admired over the years. She continued to show herself off not only to win this very strong class but continued to do so, that out of a quality line up I was later very pleased to award her Best Bitch. 2nd Thornely-Taylor’s BALGAY MI BELLE AT SAXTEAD, although 2nd in Post Grad her qualities mean she was still a strong contender in this class 3rd Cooper’s DEDICATED TO SENSATIONAL WHITE SUSU Open Bitch ( 8,6) 1st Short’s MALIA YUAN ZHI JW, a very charming typical bitch who has a super expression, with a lovely dark eye and strong chin with very pleasing muzzle, another beautiful feminine head but still with enough strength to show the determination and character of the breed. Very nice neck with a good head carriage, lovely front, combined with her overall good body shape and proportions and correct depth of chest and length of rib means she really is a great dog to go over with your hands just finding how correct her construction is, nice level top line and a very well set on and carried tail, she has a great balance and is a precise mover who sound and confidence action helped her to win this class. She was a very strong contender in the bitch line up and I was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch. 2nd Steed’s GIANNI ITSA PANDORA, very attractive exhibit with a lovely head with a very good typical expression, with lovely dark eyes. Pleasing front and shoulders, with correct spring of rib, very well made rear with good muscled thigh, well carried and furnished tail, glorious coat and expertly presented. I felt the class winner in comparison was a little more assured in their movement however this girls soundness of movement was more than evident.