• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Steve Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chepstow & District Canine Society

Chepstow & District CS 17th June 2018

G/Ret Puppy 1st, Archer, Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair, lovely head shape and kind eye. Super body, deep chest and good spring of rib. Correct in topline and good angulation both front and rear moved well. Deserved BP BOB. 2nd Jaclspm, Terra Di Siena Lorenzo At Swanavon, close up to winner again lovely over all shape with good head and neck super body lovely angulation front and rear. Well, handled. 3rd Clunie, Warrentor Caipirinha [ATC AU02281104].

G/Ret Jun 1st, Hazelton Cailloch Caorunn. A bitch with kind expression, good length of neck, good body proportions, super hind angulation, moved steady.

G/Ret Grad 1st, Jacispm, Mavistan Nearco At Swanavon, lovely head shape with good eye and expression, straight front and good bone, deep in body and correct topline shown in good condition, moved okay. 2nd Hazelton Cailloch Caorunn, 3rd Whitfield, Amberdella Miracle Dancer.

G/Ret Open Ist Hazelton Cailloch Caorunn.

FC/Ret Puppy. Ist Mantle, Almanza Ain’t Nobody’s Business at Rhiewvalley (IMP SWE) correct head shape with dark eye straight in front with good bone. Moderate hind angulation , kept her handler busy on the move. BP.

FC/Ret Jun. 1st Simons Rainesgift Royal Mint I Coedylan, racy bitch with good head and nice overall shape, correct angulation front and rear, excellent coat condition. Moved soundly.

FC/Ret/ Grad 1st, Simons Rainesgift Royal Mint I Coedylan. 2nd Gate Willowswind Nette Lark JW Good long head with kind eye, good depth to chest balanced in body with muscular hindquarters show in good condition, close decision. 3rd Stevenson, Bonnyhilbrae Calypso. 

FC/Ret Open 1st Millbank Kvicksans eye of the storm of Larksdown. correct in head shape with kind dark eye, straight front with good bone. Super balanced body with good chest, correct in angulation both front and rear. His movement was free flowing and true, a deserved BOB . 2nd Stephenson, Bitcon Talking Point Of Falahall. Nice head and straight front, good body with correct rib. Moderate bend of stifle in hindquarters, moved okay.

A/Cocker Open 1st Luczynski Baladeva Scarlet Letters For Kanara, really liked this bitch super well developed head, lovely eye shape , her neck is long and muscular, with excellent body and deep chest , super topline and excellent hindquarters. In tip top condition and excellently handled. When moving she covered the ground effortlessly, thrilled she went on to GG1 AND BEST IN SHOW well done.

Lab/Ret Puppy 1st Felton-Page Marshwiggle Wilhelmina this bitch topped nice puppy class. This strongly built bitch had good head shape with intelligent eye. Straight front good feet. Her chest was of good width and depth, and level topline. Her movement was true both front and rear. BP.

2nd Quick & James, Farnfield Tamzaneti, very nice dog puppy, good head with broad skull straight front on good feet. Strong body and excellent hindquarters and hocks. Very well handled. 3rd Harvey-Major, Linjor Rigby.

Lab/Ret Jun 1st Bishop, Centenalee Ice dancer At Yalbury. I really liked this bitch good head with nice eye, straightest of fronts on excellent feet. Good clean neck super balance to body showing good rib, level topline and good otter tail, superbly handled with true movement front and rear. Well deserved BOB. 2nd Britton Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones, black dog with broad skull. Well boned front, strong in chest and level topline. Moved steady. 3rd Barker, Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Around Deerbrook.

Lab/Ret Grad 1st Tachell, Smokeycot Gemstone Glory, correct head with wide nose, strong in neck, level topline with good angulation to hindquarters. Moved okay. 

Lab/Ret Open 1st Bishop, Centenalee Polly Anna At Yalbury, another bitch I liked, good intelligent head, straight in front with good bone, well balanced in body on the stack, good otter tail, and strong hindquarters, like the Junior very well behaved in the ring and super handling, moved well. 2nd Felton-Page, Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW. Clean in head with wide nose and correct eye. Strong boned front good body proportions and well muscled hind quarters. Well, handled. 3rd Harvey-Major & Robin, My Linjor Des Landes D’Eole (IMP FRA) JW.

NSDT/Ret Open 1st, Palfrey, Flushpoint Whata Accident, For Melanitta (IMP SWE) good wedge shaped head with nice eye, correct ear set. Well bodied with short back, good coat colour. Spring like movement completed the picture. BOB.

Pointer Puppy, Two very promising Puppies.1st Matthews, Medogold Tartini with Sonham, lovely head with a slight dish face appearance. Straightest of fronts on super feet. Long neck into very good body proportions good depth to chest with correct angles on both front and rear, Lovely balance when stacked moved with good driving action. BP BOB PGG1 well done. 2nd Guy; Carofel On Silent Wings another nice bitch who today gave her handler a hard time. Sweet head and eye, again straight front , nice body when stacked not quite the depth of chest of winner good hind angulation moved okay when settled, just needs time.

Pointer Grad, 1st Guy & Lowe; Blueyonda Peaches At Carofel, a very striking picture when stacked. Balanced head and super in neck. Good depth to chest and strong quarters, moved well. 2nd Stangroom; Lappakia Wannabe-A-Lay-Dee this 7yr old bitch still performing well in the ring, affectionate head with wide nostrils, good neck, well bodied, moved well. 3rd Rankin Fyldefair Centrefold.

Pointer Open, Ist Stangroom Pipeaway Laura Louisa At Lappakia correct head shape, clean in neck, good depth to chest, best movement in the class gave her the win. 2nd Cooper; Trosnant Shadow of Dreams SHCM Balanced head with good eye, correct depth of chest in good condition and well handled. 3rd Rankin Fyldefair Apricot Fudge.

ES/Spaniel Open 1st Ainsley & Nicklin Daenerys Fifty Shades I really liked this dog, very nice head with kind expression. Straight in front, with muscular neck into strong medium length body, deep in chest. In super coat and condition, moved with driving hocks. BOB GG2

WS/Span 1st Whitfield; Glenbrows Heart to Heart. Pleasant in head, with kind eye, she has good bone, with muscular body, and moderate angulation on hindquarters. With good coat colour. Moved smooth and steady.

Weimaraner Open Ist Burgess Gunalt Rock Star From Hantzburg, a well balanced dog correct in head, very clean neck, correct angulation both front and rear, well muscled all through & presented in good condition. Well deserved BOB. 2nd Burgess; Greyspirit Rock Star From Hantzburg, a nice puppy with good head shape and eye, lovely neck. Striking when stacked good shoulder angulation with deep chest, moved okay when settled, needs time. BP. 3rd Mutlow; Braefell Goshawk.

Cocker/Span Grad 1st Masters & Dott Manchela Lady Million, really liked this bitch. Super head with gorgeous expresion . Moderate neck into compact strong body, super in topline, good angulation front and rear. Moved well with drive. Presented and handled to perfection well deserved BOB GG2. 2nd Jinks & White Edenloch Pistol Pete nice dog, lovely head shape and eye, compact in body with well developed chest ,super topline, again very well handled and presented, lovely class.

Cocker/Span Open Ist Masters & Dott Manchela Lady Million. 2nd Jinks & White Jayzander Fine And Dandy With EdenLoch. Correct head shape with good ear shape . Muscular neck strong in body in good coat, with steady movement.


Steve Richardson