• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Steve Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bulldog Club Of Scotland



Sunday 6th May 2018

I would firstly like to thank the Bulldog Club of Scotland for inviting me to judge their May 2018 Open Show. Many thanks to my stewards, Susan and Arthur Rowe, for not only keeping procedures going smoothly but for giving me a lift to and from Carlisle. The hospitality shown was second to none and the show had a friendly atmosphere on a very warm afternoon. Many thanks to the exhibitors who allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs. I was impressed with the overall quality and I had some difficult decisions.

CLASS 1 - MPD (2, 2abs)

CLASS 2 - PD (2, 0abs)

1. Smith and Powell’s Mascolbulls Henry’s Legacy at Carasmel.

9 month old red and white strong and powerful looking dog. Really good head qualities. Well placed ears and beautifully rosed. Plenty of cushioning to cheeks. Good open nostrils. Nice well fitting jaw. Excellent bone to straight forelegs. Really neat feet upon strong pasterns. Nicely tacked on shoulders. Really well ribbed lovely cobby body with the desired roach topline. Nice free moving tail that is set very well. Looks good on the move. Really pushed for top honours and should have a really bright future. Well deserved BPD BPIS.

2. Macdonalds Dackomac Indiana Bones.

Another very tidy puppy, just unfortunate to come up against first place today. Red and white. 10 months. Standard size. Pleased head. Clear dark round eyes. Super wide underjaw, something that seems to be in short supply the last few times I have judges. Good front. Well let down brisket. A little longer in loin than first. Tail and set very good.

CLASS 3 - JD (2, 0abs)

1. Dean’s Hawksbulls Quinn Bullmarina.

Pleasing head. Good clear eyes. Nice split nose roll. Jaw ok. Well ribbed. Good topline.

2. Paul’s Blondello Charles Xavier

Standard white dog with ticking. Really lovely headed dog. Brick shaped skull with fine wrinkle. Well set correct rose ears. Fair topline. Really nice well angulated rear. Moved very well. Would have won the class but seemed uncomfortable today with his eyes.

CLASS 4 - ND (5, 3abs)

1. Keegan’s Nobozz Raging Bull Panazande.

Very powerful looking brindle dog with super wide big skull. Good upsweep of jaw. Straight bone to tight feet. Well ribbed with a nicely tucked up pear shaped body. Very nice rear angulation.

2. Rogers’ Belushi GI Blues

Short bodied dog with a super topline. Enough bone to a square front with neat tight feet. Excellent tail and set. Unfortunately he was panting excessively due to the weather and this spoilt his expression.

CLASS 5 - PGD (3, 2abs)

1. Paul’s Blondello Hank Mccoy.

Stood alone. White standard size dog. He was quite reluctant for me to go over him. Flat skull. Clear eyes. Nice ear carriage. Ok topline to a well angulated rear.

CLASS 6 - LD (2, 0abs)

1. Nord & Pratt’s Bokabulls Max Warrior.

Strong red and white male. Large head with nicely defined furrow and stop. Good nose placement with large open nostrils. Good upsweep of jaw. Well tacked on muscular shoulders. Well arched neck. Good rib but longer in back. Free moving tail. Loved the movement of this boy, one of the few that walked his width.

2. McKenna Mijora The Goodfella.

Red and white dog. Square front to well boned straight forelegs. This boy had

super ribs. Good topline to a nicely pear shaped body.

CLASS 7 - OD (4, 1abs)

1. Bragger & Hill’s Pride of Bully Rembrant JW

Red and white male. Striking in appearance. Happy dog with plenty of attitude. Wide skull, finely wrinkled. Excellent thin ears carried nicely. Well filled cheeks. Good width of jaw with proper upsweep. Lovely layback. Excellent front. This dog possesses really nice reach and arch of neck that I like to see. This dog has a great body shape. Well tucked up and desired pear shape body. Free moving tail. This boy has a terrific ring presence and moves with purpose. BD and BIS.

2. Taggert’s Dempsey Judas

Powerful muscular dog. Good length and width of head. Really good wide jaw with nice dentition. Clear dark round eyes. Well ribbed giving a pear shaped body. Moved well around the ring but preferred movement of first.


1. Watson’s Izzy Heirs Apparent at Sandars.

Absolute pleasure to see this bitch looking in tip top health in this her 10th year. Clear eyes. Nice front and good topline. Motored around the ring to rapturous applause. She’s not old, just older. Delighted to award her BVIS.

CLASS 9 - MPB (4, 1abs)

1. New’s Newrock Dakota.

Very feminine smart puppy bitch. This girl has everything in proportion and will be a big threat as she matures. Lovely head with fine wrinkle. Big black nose with wide open nostrils. Well off for rib. Excellent reach of neck. Cobby body with correct topline. Nice tail and set. Moved and handled well for one so young. Should have a bright future. BPB.

2. McCash’s Belushi Amazin Grace Taybull.

Red and white. 8 month female puppy. Dark round clear eyes. Good arch of neck. Very balanced puppy. Good tail and set. Well angulated rear end.

CLASS 10 - PB (2, 2abs)

CLASS 11 – JB (6, 2abs)

1. Nealings’ Neptunebull Connie Rose.

Beautiful headed bitch. A bitch I could not keep my eyes off. Good length of skull. Good clear eyes. She has a lovely length and width of foreface to match, making an excellent layback. Large superbly placed black nose with the correct open nostrils. She has a good front with well positioned tacked on shoulders. Lovely topline and beautiful in profile. Correct tail and set. Little nervy when standing in line but moved well when she was asked to. Very well constructed and a picture of health. Just need to build confidence. Very pleased to award her BB and RBIS.

2. Deans’ Hawksbulls Dottie Bullmarina.

Good front with tight neat feet. Good shoulder placement. Nice gently sloping topline. Well angulated rear and free moving tail.

3. Braggers’ Pride of Bully Queen of Hearts

CLASS 12 - NB (7, 4abs)

1. Pauls’ Blondello Raven Darkholme.

Red standard sized bitch. Good skull. Super pigmentation. Excellent padding to foreface. Square on front. Overall this girl has a lovely body shape and moved well.

2. Edwards’ Willsmere Jemima Puddleduck.

Bigger bitch than first. Good pigmentation. Nice arch of neck. Superbly ribbed up body. Pleasing on the move.

CLASS 13 - PGB (2, 1abs)

1. Second in class 12.

CLASS 14 - LB (3, 2abs)

1. McKenna’s Hillplace Ginger Spice.

Red bitch. Good stop and furrow defined. Nice short cobby body. Good roach topline and well tucked up. Moved well.

CLASS 15 - OB (2, 0abs)

1. Watson’s IrCh Carasmel Henryetta at Sandars.

Red and white very classy looking bitch. Lots to like. Excellent head qualities. Wide open nostrils. Good jaw with lovely upsweep. Beautiful front assembly with deep chest and brisket. Well balanced bitch with nothing exaggerated. Correct topline. Another bitch that looked lovely in profile with good tuck up. Moved well both coming and going. Would have liked more tail but overall a quality bitch. RBB.

2. Mccash’s Taybull Siren.

Red and white. Good width of skull. Good ears set and carried correctly. Dark round eyes. Good jaw. Tacked on shoulders. Moved and handled well.