• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Barking Canine Club

BARKING C C Open Show 29/9/2018 Cairn Terrier Junior 1 st. Saich ‘s No Copyright Walk it Talk it TAF D Just a baby but showed off his balanced outline very well. Pleasing eye and ear set with good stop and strong muzzle. Nice rib cage and strong topline and good double coat. Moved quite well coming and going and kept his profile going round. BP 2nd. Saich’s Lindcoly The Boy is Mine B More mature bitch with good ears and muzzle. Moved quite well going round and was nicely balanced in reach and drive, with good tail carriage. Harsh coat but not the undercoat of 1st.. Open 1st Saich’s Glendream hear Me Roar for Lindcoly D Smart young dog with good top skull and stop, nice eye placement and good ear set. Pleasing balance to outline and good depth and width to rib cage. Carries himself very well and scores well for coat. BOB 2nd Saich’s Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo B Pleasing bitch lacking a little in coat but good harsh texture. Good outline but a little narrower all through than 1st. Lovely free action on the move. Res BOB Airedale Terrier 1st Milkovics Wederdena’s Stargazer D Just a baby and still a little rangy at present but good overall proportions with well set tail and good neck and good harsh coat. Good strength to fore face and nice balance to head with good ear set. Kept a good profile going round on the move. Res BOB BP Open 1st. Brisline’s Born in the USA for Daedal B Quality bitch with well presented harsh coat, good proportions to outline, good neck and tail set, pleasing bone and keen outlook. Strong head with well set ears and positive action and typical carriage on the move. BOB Bedlington Terrier Limit 1st Baldwins Woolytop Lavender Girl B 20 months Quality bitch with pleasing shape to top and underlines, fairly low tail set, good hind angulation and pleasing front. Good length and proportions to head and pleasing ears. Moved well in profile. Res BOB 2nd Baldwins Woolytop Golden Surprise D Good dog with plenty to like. Good length to head expressive eyes and typical ears. Nice length to neck, good topline and low set tail. Not quite the depth of rib as my winner. Kept good shape on the move with typical gait. Open 1st. Offer’s Woolytop the Werryman ShCM D Quality dog with lovely outline with reachy neck, low tail set and shapely top and underlines. Narrow head with good length to foreface and pleasing expression. Nicely angulated he moved very well coming and going and kept his profile with typical gait going round. BOB Stephen Bardwell