• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sophie Wildig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Crystal Palace Canine Association

A big thank you to Crystal Palace Canine Association to inviting me to judge some lovely dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the exhibitors were very friendly and the committee treated the committee so well. Thanks to everyone who entered their dogs under me.

Affenpinscher puppy (3,2)

1.Tonsarne Hodmedod of Jalindri, an 11 month old dog with great potential. Great head showing the lovely monkey expression with dark, round eyes and small, high set ears. He has a lovely harsh coat, it could be kept a little bit shorter to improve the overall outline. A good mover, both front and back with adequate lift but unfortunately today he wasn’t on his best behaviour – a mischievous monkey! Overall a very nice puppy, I hope he does well in the future. BPIB.

Affenpinscher junior (5,4)

1.Florindale Suzy Starlight, a very cheeky little dog who really wanted to please. Lovely head and expression, dark round eye and small, high set ears with beautiful dentition. Good rear and front movement. Would have liked a higher tail set and her top line wasn’t held like others today.

Affenpinscher post graduate (3,1)

1.Florindale Connie Cooper. A gorgeous bitch of whom I like a lot. Her presence was felt instantly as she walked in the ring with her outgoing attitude. She had the best movement of the day, her front lift was very nice, rear movement was also good. Top line was held well on the move, with good tail set and carriage. Another nice head, dark eye, bite and high set ears. Harsh coat kept in great condition and shape. BOB, G4

Affenpinscher open (7,5)

1.Carmichan Tegra. A lovely square bitch with nice proportions and rear angulation. Nice head with wide nostrils, dark eye and well set ears. Beautiful temperament which was lovely to see when she was playing with 2. A good mover also. RBOB.

2. A gorgeously showy bitch who moved beautifully for her owner. Nice head with dark sparkling eye. Overall missed out to 1. as she was a bit longer in loin, not giving the square shape that the winner did. Also I found her to be a little close behind.

Pomeranian junior (1,0)

1.Altinas Manhatten. An orange sable dog, just 12 months of age. Gorgeous foxy expression with small dark eye and little ears. Square and compact outline and short coupled. Good depth of chest and shoulders well laid backed. In brilliant coat, with soft inner and harsh outer. Moved with great confidence.

Pomeranian post graduate (2,0)

1.Baromar Dubonet at Altona. I was just blown away by this 9 month old orange dog. Fabulous shape, which was held beautifully on the move. Neck well set into his laid back shoulders. Short and compact back, good rib and depth of chest. Medium angulation behind. Lovely small cat like feet. In good coat for such a youngster, making him mature for his age. A real eye catcher and I was pleased to find out after judging that he won his first CC last week at the club show with 3 best puppy in shows previously too! I’m sure it won’t be long until he is made up, he is a cracker. Today he couldn’t be denied the top spot. BOB, BPIB, G1, PG1

2.Vivica Fox at Toybox. Orange sable bitch of 21 months. Another nice bitch, who moved well. Nice small feet and medium rear angulation. Well ribbed with good depth of chest. She was slightly longer in shape than 1. and didn’t have the overall finish of the winner.

Pomeranian open dog (2,0 )

1.Ch Mysteriya Del Esto Orion at Altina JW (Imp Rus). A five year old orange dog with plenty of experience in the show ring, made obvious by his ring presence and sheer confidence. Beautiful head with a slightly flat skull, dark sparkling eyes, small erect ears and gorgeous expression. All components were there in terms of comfirmation, forming a nice square, compact outline. Coat was in perfect condition, with soft inner and harsh outer. Lost out to the puppy in the challenge as I felt he didn’t quite hold his outline as well on the move but a stunning dog nevertheless! RBOB

2.Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah. A black dog two years of age in fabulous black coat. Square and compact body, good neck set into laid back shoulders. Put on a good and confident performance. It was tricky to split 1 and 2 in this class, but in the end I found the winner to have a better head and movement.

Sophie Wildig (Affentude)