• Show Date: 02/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Eastern Hound Club


I was delighted to be asked to judge at the South Eastern Hound Club open show at Hickstead – this club has a reputation for running exceptionally friendly shows at this pleasant venue, with many exhibitors taking the chance to picnic from their gazebos. This is just how open shows used to be in the ‘good old days’ and my congratulations must go to the team for maintaining the traditions set by the founders. I can recall going to one of the club’s inaugural meetings back in the early ‘80s and am so pleased it is going from strength to strength.

Since last year’s show the society has mourned its charming secretary Sue Piggott, a great loss to the SE hound scene. Thankfully everyone has rallied round to keep things going and our gratitude must go to Nick Bryce-Smith, Joyce Ridley, James Duffy and colleagues, stewards etc for running such an efficient show.

The best in show line up contained some excellent hounds but my eye was drawn immediately by the Ridgeback bitch, Catley and McGimpsey’s Diamondridge Roll The Dice for Royalridge. Just 11 months old, she already looks rather special, with that elusive combination of quality, shapeliness and substance that characterizes the best of this breed. Her head is typical and in proportion to her body, her neck flows through clean shoulders into a super topline, she has plenty of bone, enough depth of body yet still with enough scope for maturity, a shapely underline and balanced angles each end. She moved cleanly coming and going and scored above all in a smooth, rhythmic side gait. A steady temperament and sympathetic handling added to the overall appeal. Best of luck for the future, I hope time proves kind.

RBIS was Thomas’ Pharaoh Hound Ch Annatefkah Thema at Rubasu, a really lovely example of the breed with a well proportioned head, well carried ears, that arch to her neck which adds that extra quality, typical angles, firm front, super topline and an appealing overall balance. She too is a beautiful mover particularly going round. I see I gave her BIS4 at East Anglian Hound last year; today she took advantage of the chance to show herself off outdoors on the grass which really suited her and she duly moved up a couple of places.

BIS3 was Protheroe’s Min S/h Dachshund Royalmaple Daphne Blake, a quality red bitch who excels in substance for her size, strong bone, good head and eye, correct angles and a smooth mover retaining her topline.

In fourth was Brown’s young f/w Whippet Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak, one I last judged as a real baby and pleased to see she is maturing appropriately. She is ultra feminine, neatly made and unexaggerated, sufficiently boned and a true mover.

The Ridgeback was also best puppy but it was by no means a foregone conclusion as she was pressed hard by the Min Smooth Dachs, Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax, such a pretty elegant b/t bitch with a classic houndy outline, super reach of neck into properly laid and angulated shoulders, enough forechest, lengthy keel and ribbing and matching hindquarters, she is a free mover, true coming and going and holding her topline, topped off by a correct Dachshund head which certainly isn’t universal in the Minis. Should give her owner a great deal of fun.

BP3 was Moore’s r/br parti Whippet Zoraden Secret Sins at Sunwalkers, a real baby at 6 months but a most appealing prospect for the future with a delightful feminine head, correct bone and limbs, sensible angles and already has a super length of stride.

BP4, Brown’s Elkhound Laakso Cara, another baby at 7 months but full of quality, unquestionably feminine with a super head, eyes and expression, enough neck, sound front with correct shoulders and elbows, well boned, shapely body and typical hindquarters, good coat texture and colour. Have just noticed all seven finalists were bitches!

IMPORTED REGISTER (1) 1 Dove and McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Daisy, such an attractive Griffon Fauve, an excellent ambassador for this most appealing hound breed, typical head with good proportions and correct eyes and ears, the right length of neck, good shoulders, depth and length of body, well muscled hindquarters with unexaggerated angles, super coat texture immaculately presented. Could just be a shade firmer in pastern. Disappointed she couldn’t stay for the group. VARIETIES – MP (9, 7a) 1 Bullis’ Amaffrey Goodgolly Ms Molly, quality promising b/t Min S/h Dachs, pretty head, excellent neck and forechest, OK shoulders, correct keel and ribbing, free side gait, went well in front, can just firm up slightly in hind action. By same sire as RPBIS; 2 Moulding’s Nykarth Perfect Moment, pretty feminine PBGV, typical head and ears, enough neck, good body depth, front and feet, a shade more hind than front angulation. She and her topline need time to settle. P (4, 2) 1 Hollands’ Zarosa Black Crystle, yet another nice Min Smooth, b/t, feminine head, good neck, enough forechest, well ribbed, excellent topline retained on the move, strong hindquarters, a shade upright in shoulder, went well behind, slightly close in front; 2 Bishop’s Richclass Tylers Girl, pretty brindle Whippet, super head and neck, super shape standing, good hind angles, slightly upright in front. Moved OK but didn’t quite retain her shape going round as well as the Dachshund did. Close decision. J (11, 5) 1 A Sweet Destiny for B; 2 West’s Byabye Brillare with Archidax, smart r/br Min Wire, makes an appealing picture with her happy temperament and showmanship, plenty of substance, strong jaws, good coat texture, OK shoulders, moved well in front, a shade close behind, enthusiastic side gait; 3 Mullen’s Afghan Nothing Is Impossible de Hillsbury. G (7, 3) 1 Hills’ Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree, I was very taken by this beautifully feminine bl/br Greyhound, super type and quality, quality head and ears, arched neck, superb front with correct bone and feet, the right topline, balanced hind angles, true mover with good drive from the rear; 2 Smith’s Welstar Airs And Graces at Cryhavoc, quality feminine fawn Whippet, correct bone, smooth topline, well made unexaggerated hindquarters, straight front, sufficient bone, moved true behind, could have a shade more reach in front; 3 Bullis’ Min S/h Dachs Goodtry Ruby Tuesday at Amaffrey. O (7, 4) 1 Bass’ Blandings Treacle Tart, super br/w Whippet I have admired at various stages of her career, at 5 years looks as good as ever, very much the shape that appeals to me with a super reach of neck and gentle curves to her body and hindquarters, topped off with an excellent head and ears, super bone, excellent front movement, perhaps a touch narrow behind but has a superb ground covering side gait and carries herself with great style; 2 Hicks’ Nuthouse Hot Stuff, typy feminine Ridgeback, good head and eyes, powerful muzzle, good neck, shapely body, correct outline and balance, stands true in front, a shade close behind, winner scored in front action, active side gait; 3 Thompson’s Min S/h Dachs Black Buttons Sweet Heart. Brace (12, 4) Fun class to assess. 1 Bogart’s Wolfhounds, almost identical in type, size, in good coat and moved smoothly together in virtual unison; 2 Meads’ Whippets, matching pair of either sex, good solid typical fawns who like the winners had been trained to move immaculately together; 3 Owen’s Salukis. V 7-9 years (21, 7) Tremendous class of quality hounds. 1 Baumann’s Ch Regalflight Tarloch, such an impressive Deerhound in marvellous form at 8 years, undoubtedly masculine and as sound as a bell, moved true and has a superb side gait made the most of by his handler; 2 Owen’s Ch Caryna Curetes, Salukis are so often at their peak as veterans as these classes amply proved, this b/t was looking wonderful at 9 years, full of quality, masculine without coarseness, shapely body and a free mover with true Saluki dignity; 3 Williams’ Saluki Ch/Ber Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice of Winton. V 10+ years (11, 6) 1 Webb’s Ch AlCaliphs Nuray, beautiful cream Saluki looking superb at 12 years quality all through, super shape and outline, feminine head, excellent bone and feet, pulled out all the stops on the move to win over 2 Allchorne’s Brackenacre Gorgeous, no mistaking which strain this aptly named 10-year-old tri Basset comes from, congratulations to her owner in keeping her so fit and trim, lovely body, bone and outline, still true on the move; 3 Sutton’s L/h Dachs Damai Master Benedict. Champion (16, 8) Pure pleasure to judge. 1 Parsons’ Ch Syrdarya Hazelnut Hobnob at Shukriya, just the type of Afghan I’ve admired down the years, super shape and balance, reachy neck into ideal topline and well carried tail, particularly liked his correct front angles with well laid shoulder and corresponding upper arm, matching hindquarters, floated over the ground with great style and attitude; 2 Ch R Tarloch; 3 Ch U Tropical Ice at W.