• Show Date: 27/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sheree Parrish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leicester City Canine Society

Leicester City Canine Society Open Show – 27th August 2018- English Setters 

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge this beautiful breed, and thank you to the exhibitors for your entry.  I have to say that the quality of each class was outstanding and each exhibit could so easily have won their class on a different day. 


Puppy – 2 (1)  

1st Wales Wansleydale Magic Rose, 11 month old orange bitch, absolutely stunning with the most beautiful dark eyes and the prettiest of heads, low earset, strong neck into excellent shoulders, correct angulation which showed when she moved, her tail didn’t stop wagging and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Stood alone in this class but have no doubts she could hold her own in top competition.  BP 

Junior – 4 (0)  

1st Danks-Kemish Ravensett Work Of Art At Alolfrana, just 12 months old and lacking in coat, but he could not be denied this place.  Upstanding young orange dog, everything just as it should be at this age. Beautiful lean head with lovely dark eye, low set ears, good lay of shoulder, straight front and good sweep of stifle.  Well muscled and moved around the ring as if he owned it, his tail wagging and kept his topline perfectly.  I will be very interested to watch him as he matures, he has that commanding presence and think he will get even better with age. 

2nd Henrys Beechanger Velvet Crab, 17 month b/b/t bitch that I have given a best puppy award to previously.  I thought she would be my winner standing  but she didn’t move out as well as the dog today.  Still everything to like about her from her excellent angulation, beautiful coat and condition, with an expression that would get away with anything.  Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form.  I offered to take her home again today but was denied that pleasure.   

3rd Bryants Phenset Sparks Will Fly 

Open – 6 (2, 1 w/d)  

1st Schoneville & Derry's Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW. I was honoured to have the chance to  get my hands on this dog, I have admired him from the ringside and can totally understand why he has achieved high honours to date. A well built orange,with the most handsome of heads, another one with dark eyes and a kind expression.  Very strong neck, good layback of shoulders, short coupled, well muscled, straight front, nice tight feet and immaculate presentation.  He is very well made and this shows in his movement and his natural stance after being moved around the ring, his tail was slashing as he went, a very powerful mover. A hint of naughtiness too, which is always a good thing in my book.  Really loved him and was pleased to award him BOB, thank you again for giving me the chance to assess him, I am sure he will achieve his title. 

2nd Loakes Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM b/b/t bitch who has caught my eye previously, another that  I was very honoured to be granted  the hands on experience. A stunning head, dark eyes, chiselled features, low set ears, arched neck, good shoulders and angulation throughout.  A beautiful bitch presented and handled to perfection.  She is mischevious and was not making it easy for her handler, although I would never penalise a setter for having spirit. She was losing her topline slightly today both standing and on the move.  Another that will make up. RBOB. 

3rd Kings Dobbies Delight at Grantastar 

Sheree Parrish (Judge)