• Show Date: 19/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sheila Jakeman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Agricultural Society


The show was well organised and Group judging started nice and early on each day, the quality of the exhibits that came before me was impressive. With almost all the breeds scheduled in each Group the many quality BOB’s that were put through tested me and I wished that there was a way to reward more of them, cutting down to just four was difficult indeed. It was the same with the Puppy Groups, there are so many of these that will go on to really successful show careers I am sure.

BIS CHISWELLSTAFF JEAN GENIE SBT Mr C. & Miss N. Mudd. This black two year old is so very typical with a well developed correctly shaped headpiece, dark eyes and perfect bite, strength and power to her forequarters and well boned without exaggeration. Good spring and length of ribbing with a waist and such muscular condition throughout. Decent angulation to the rear and moved in correct fashion, not putting a foot wrong for her very clever handler. Out in the sunshine in the main ring she shone with good condition and demanded attention. RES BIS BIRCHVOLGYI INDIGO MALVERN Chinese Crested Mrs C. Ousbey This beautifully made 16 months lady must have a great future. Balanced and showy at the same time. Good head with super full dentition, dark eyes and ears which she used to advantage. Well constructed in front with nice bone, nicely sprung and short coupled with well carried tail. Stands well and moves out nicely with good drive and angulation. Seems to consider the ring was hers and certainly made the best of herself. 

WORKING GROUP SHALISSA’S SIRIUSLY COSTLY Dobermann Mrs L. Webb Topping this strong group this masculine 15 months fellow is impressive both standing and on the move, A big sturdy male with a strong but not coarse head, good neck leading into clean shoulders, great topline and good angles fore and aft. Very well muscled and moved out with good drive and power. 2. Browns FOXWOOD’S BACKTRACK Giant Schnauzer Beautifully balanced and in super jacket. Pleasing in head, excellent angles fore and aft and certainly could move. 3. Tonge HARLEYDEAUX VANTAGE Dogue de B. What an impressive male this is, stands square with a super head, clean eyes, appeared really healthy, solid & muscular and moved out well. 4. Pallett SANDBEARS HAWIIAN HOT STUFF TO SHEENMARIE Newfoundland I see she is Royally bred and she oozes quality. Not the biggest but in super black coat, so nicely made throughout and has a lovely expressive head. Moved very typically with real positivity in both directions. Certainly not disgraced to stand here in this strong group.

PASTORAL GROUP SANDWICK STAGELIGHT Shetland Sheepdog Mrs J. Hardy Correct sized and in beautifully groomed tricolour jacket. Very typical head with lovely soft expression, nicely shaped eyes which are dark with good pigmentation to lips and eyerims. Used his well carried ears to advantage, and is nicely made throughout, moved in very typical fashion covering the ground easily. 2. Irving BORN TO BE YOUR SALT DOG AT TWINAN Welsh Corgi – Pembroke Lovely quality with dark eyes, best of ears used to advantage and good mouth. Structure is impressive and moved really well too. 3. Parry STORMYMOON UNTAMED IRISH Briard in very good coat, typical in head and really well boned. Nice on the move and in excellent body condition. 4 Woodhead ZEELUKZAK ICE N’PRECIOUS FROM PASHKA Samoyed. Fully mature lady in beautifully presented sparkling jacket of quality. Excellent pigmentation, quality throughout and very attentive. Moved nicely.

UTILITY GROUP CULVERSAPSO QUEEN OF HEARTS Lhasa Apso Miss D. Culverhouse This very feminine lady who has just had her first birthday appealed greatly for her overall balance, lovely head with correct length of muzzle, good mouth, darkest of eyes and well developed skull without exaggeration. Her neck is sufficient to allow her to carry her head proudly above her level topline and her tail never moved from her back. Straight bone and nice angles fore and aft. Moved over the slightly long grass as if it did not matter a jot with very good action. 2. Waterworth SURECHANZ QUARTZITE Miniature Schnauzer  Crisp well presented jacket. Good angles fore and aft, nice head and expression with dark eyes and well set ears. Decent in rib and moved out in truly typical fashion. 3. Laws AFTERGLOW DINNERDATE WITH KARAMOUCHE See BPIS 4. Pellowe WILDAX ENDLESS LOVE Boston Terrier Nicely marked with a pleasing head and expression. At 18 months has matured in body and is sturdy without coarseness.  Showed really well and moved out true in both directions. 

HOUND GROUP EARDLEY ALEC TRICITY Beagle Messrs Jones & Jepson These talented breeders seem to produce something to appeal to me each time I judge one of their exhibits. This 10 months male is so impressive in every way, mature and masculine in outlook, stands foursquare and moves the same. He has that lovely soft expression coming from dark eyes and well placed ears. Good topline with correct set on of tail. Moving true both in front and at the rear. Topped a very strong group. CEDAVOCH IT’S TABOO AT KINDEACE L.H. Dachshund Mr & Mrs Paskins At almost nine months this young man is very impressive. Lovely head and expression and really well constructed in front without any extreme exaggeration, level in topline with good depth and length of ribbing. Strong at the rear and excellent on the move. YASMIN SILVER VEIL Saluki Mr L. Smith This elegant girl has a lovely expression and is so well made throughout. Showed beautifully and just glides around the ring with great style. 4th MYLFORBE FLUER DE LYS AT KELMBECK Min S.H. Dachshund Mrs Lombardelli This six yr old was another of the Dachs that impressed me. Lovely construction, super coat and body condition and had no problems with the long grass, just sailed around as if it were not there, demonstrating great action.

TERRIER GROUP 1st BIS the SBT CHISWELLSTAFF JEAN GENIE 2nd JUGER EDELWEISS MICKEY MOUSE AT MADAZA Skye Miss Large Carrying a fantastic coat beautifully presented. He has lovely dark eyes and a good mouth. Strong in neck with super ribbing and level topline which he held when on the move. Nicely boned and stands well, very good moving out and back. BAVNSC 3rd BARDENFOX TALE AS OLD AS TIME Border Mr & Mrs Broomhead Another nice one with pleasing head, dark eyes and good mouth, strong in neck and well ribbed without being too much. Short coupled and has high set on tail. Super on the move. 4th MAGPIEBANK TEAL Manchester Mr Harrison Has a jet black and clear tan marked jacket in great condition, well balanced and showed really well. Straight in bone and very typical in head, moved out with great purpose.

GUNDOG GROUP Numerically the strongest group and contained many top quality exhibits, there were many that could have won it. BENBUIE ROCK ON TO HERNWOOD Gordon Setter Mr, Mrs & Miss Sandiford & Lewis At five years old this impressive male has done all his maturing and was in fantastic condition. Showed off beautifully and knew exactly what his handler wanted of him. Lovely head with the best of pigment. Great neck, forequarters and powerful rear. Well sprung capacious ribcage of great depth with short couplings and excellent topline. Flowed freely with sufficient drive and lengthy stride. 2nd MELVERLY DESERT STRIKE OVER ACREGATE ESS Miss Tracz I see she is Royally bred and this shines through. Quality from nose to tail, very typical in head, well made throughout and in such lovely coat and condition. Moved beautifully and pushed the winner hard. 3rd HAWKLAWN KHAMSIN AT BALVENIE English Setter Schoneville & Derby Lovely condition, showed really well and moved nicely. Typical in head with well made forehand and good front. Strong in ribbing and is nicely balanced. 4th STANEGATE FLY ME TO THE MOON WITH SHELSEIVAD Mr & Mrs Davies Another stunning male with a super jacket. Really well boned and solid in body with great spring of rib and short couplings. Strong and powerful in the rear and moved out really well. 

TOY GROUP 1st & Res BIS BIRCHVOLGYI INDIGO MALVERN 2nd CAVALLI BEAUTIFUL LIFE C.K.C.S. Miller and Ryan This lady is correct for size and has a lovely head and expression, soft dark eyes and clearly marked Blenheim. Nicely made in forequarters with well sprung ribbing and level topline. She moved around the ring very well and pushed the winner hard. 3rd DEIZI MR FREDRICK THE BOLD Bichon Frise` Miss Hill Fully mature and in good coat of decent length. Pleasing in expression with good pigmentation and correct bite. Adequate neck and nicely boned legs and well up on his toes. Just found him a bit over long for true balance. Moved well. 4th BOYNHAMS LADY PRUDENCE AT LILAC-BRIDGE Pug Mrs Fothergill Just out of Junior and mature and solid in body with a lovely head, neat ears, dark eyes with plenty of sparkle. In really lovely condition and well made both fore and aft. Typical mover and steady shower.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW AFTERGLOW DINNER DATE WITH KARAMOUCHE Toy Poodle Mrs K. Laws This 7 months tiny black girl has all the confidence and pzazz of a much older exhibit. Absolutely delightful to go over from head to tail with refined head, perfect bite, darkest of eyes, well made shoulders and forequarters and a rear to match with well sprung ribbing and condition to die for. She must surely trouble the best in future.    RES BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ANNILANN MISS ZING Cocker Spaniel Miss S.J. Whiting At almost six weeks older than the winner she may have had a tad more practice, again never put a toe out of place.    Lovely head and expression, beautifully made in front with good depth and length of ribbing and pleasing rear too. Moved out with such style and confidence, as the photo’s were being taken her owner told me she had done well in the Puppy Group at the most recent Ch. Show so she too must do well in future. 

WORKING PUPPY GROUP ALONZOBAR BLAC CHYNA Bullmastiff Mr G. Abbott This bitch is really maturing so well, responds nicely to her handler and moved particularly well here. Expressive in head with some breadth to skull and possibly more to come, really well boned, well constructed both fore and aft and holds her topline at all times. AMATHUS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU JOCOLDA Leonberger Rushby At just over 6 months she is something of a baby but what an impressive one at that. Lovely head, so nicely made throughout, in great condition and coat. Stands on very well boned limbs and moved really well, so unlucky to come up against the more mature B’m. 3rd SUSANCAR BLAISE A TRAIL Boxer Carter A few days short of her birthday and maturing into a very elegant lady, not overdone in the head and stylish both standing and on the move. Quality construction throughout and well balanced.. 4th CHAYO SUPICIOUS MINDS Alaskan Malamute Ellis Almost a year old and so mature for this breed, large, masculine and in great condition. Soft expression, great head, solidly boned and nicely made. Really good on the move and made up a really impressive quartet.

PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP BREAKSEA FANTASMAGORICAL Bearded Collie Mrs G. Burfitt This exhibit is almost on her first birthday and is well developed in every respect, beautiful well presented coat and has a pleasing head and expression. Nicely made in front and enough angulation at the rear. Held herself well on the move and demonstrated good action. Did not display the same confidence in the BPIS.    2nd NIKARA SECRET LOVE BY NORJACK Samoyed Collinson Beautifully coated with lovely head, good balance and stands on nicely boned legs and good oval feet. She is so nicely made on the move she carried herself beautifully. 3rd S. UNTAMED IRISH See group. 4th INVANCE ALMOST ILLEGAL BSD Groen. Fletcher/Finnegan & Church I love her name! Shapely and correct in topline. Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes and good mouth. Stands well up on her toes and moved out really well. 

TOY PUPPY GROUP DIAMONCHI MISTER MOON Smooth Coat Chihuahua Mrs D. Fothergill Just nine months and behaved like a mature adult, never putting a foot out of place. Pale cream and typical in head with excellent mouth and dark eyes. Used his ears well, pleasing neck and shape to ribbing. High tail carriage and when moving carried it well, true both in front and at the rear with toes pointing forwards all the time. 2nd SUEACRES JUST A DREAM Pomeranian Smith At nine months she has a super sable jacket, sweet head and good expression, well ribbed and high set tail. One of the better movers here. 3rd    LOUISIANNA STORMING NORMAN Robinson Well coated Bichon with excellent pigmentation. Good to go over with nice ribbing and decent angles fore and aft. Not quite as piositive as he might be on the move. 4th TALBOTCHI’S CALIFORIA POPSICLE TO PHILANDIANE Pleasing for type and overall construction. Nicely coated but not too happy to co-operate at this stage of the day.   

HOUND PUPPY GROUP EARDLEY ALEC TRICITY Beagle Messrs Jones & Jepson See Grp report 2nd C. TABOO AT K. See Grp 3rd PRIORPARK PIPSQUEAK Rhod. Ridgeback Parsons Lovely head with the darkest of pigmentation. Nice reach of neck, well laid shoulders with good upper arm. Good proportions and a confident steady mover and particularly true in front. 4th CITYCROFT STARFALL Whippet Wilkinson Somewhat on the big side for my taste but elegant just the same. Pleasing head, good angles fore and aft and particularly attractive on the move.

UTILITY PUPPY GROUP See BPIS A. DINNERDATE WITH K 2nd ROZELDOGUE DO I WANNA KNOW French Bulldog Cannon Shiny black of super quality, lovely head and expression, perfect bite & expressive dark eyes. Compact in the body with good topline, correct legs and tight feet. Really good on the move. Unlucky to come up against the Toy Poodle. 3rd LACSAR REASON TO BELIEVE Jap Shiba Inu Mason Seven months and already has nice fill to his head giving good expression. Balanced in outline with good legs and feet and high set tail. Moved really nicely. LASANG JUMPING JACK FLASH Tibetan Terrier Andrews Pleasing in head with good pigmentation and dark eyes. Quality Black/White jacket is coming along nicely. Good spring of rib and nice topline which he held well on the move.

TERRIER PUPPY GROUP HUNTER HAWK WILLIAM WALLACE Jack Russell Mrs & Miss Huseby & Irving At nine months this smart little fellow knew his job and did it immaculately. Solid and in smart jacket with sufficient crispness. Pleasing head and expression with neat ears, strongly built with straight bone and right feet. Moved really nicely with great confidence. LEMRACDREAM DROGON Kerry Blue Clark-O’Niell 10 months but still rather immature in attitude but very confident and happy. Very balanced throughout and showed well when stacked. Quality correct coloured jacket and moved really well once he settled. 3rd KREMENETSKI DE’GIULIETTA DI VERONA ATELIB W.H.W.T. Bartley My goodness the name is bigger than the dog! Harshly coated with nice expression, dark pigment and excellent mouth. Well sprung in ribbing and high carried tail. Moved out nicely. 4th EBLANAHALLS SILKBEARD S.C.W.T. Taylor Well grown for his 8 months and pleasing in head and outline. Nice to handle with good head, shoulders and body proportions. Well muscled and moved well in both directions.

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1st & Res BP ANNILAN MISS ZING 2nd OAKSWARREN EVERGLOW Hungarian Vizsla Watson In her last puppy class and has learnt what is expected of her. Showing off very well and good on the move. Quality lady with lovely head, good forequarters, well ribbed and nicely angulated at the rear. I see she is particularly well bred and hope she has a good future. 3rd AFONBACH WINTER IS COMING N.S.D.T.R. Adshead Well grown and in very good jacket of correct colour. Just lovely in the head, well constructed throughout and moved really sound and true. Surely will do well. 4th LAITHMOOR’S ALINKA W.S.S. Yacoub Very typical with lovely head and expression, elegant neck, and well filled front. Standing nicely on good legs and feet and beautifully balanced. Another really good mover.

First Day NSC Jun 7 (5 abs) 1. Guy GLADSHEIM ELEODORO Kooikerhondje Just out of puppy but showed very well. Nice head and expression, pleasing neck and well made in front with good ribbing and nicely angled at the rear. In nice coat and moved out steadily and true. BOB 2 Cobb & Kent KOROMANDEL BEST SERVED COLD AT KNYTSHALL Norwegian Buhund In good coat and gives a well balanced outline. Dark eyes and good pigmentation, pleasing expression. Nicely boned but he was somewhat erratic on the move and certainly full if himself. Nov 1st G. Eleodoro PG 2 (1 trans) Holmes DENCAS SCARED OF THE DARK Schipp At just over the year old this one needs to develop more in the chest but is nice for head type, dark well shaped eyes, good mouth and neat small ears. Well up to size. Carries his tail nicely and moved true in both directions. O 7 (5 abs) 1st K. BEST SERVED COLD at K 2nd Homer, Briggs, Slater & Mati OCEANA PRAWN Neopolitan Mastiff Pleasing overall condition, good head though I prefer tighter eyelids. Strong in neck and forequarters, well ribbed and holds topline nicely. Well muscled and moved steadily but was not quite even at the rear.

Import Register P 2 1st Winter/Unwin MORNINGCALM WHITE WIZARD AT SNOWTREKKA White Korean Jindo 7 months baby with lovely pigment, well shaped eyes, ears do need to firm up but should. Good bite. Nicely ribbed with good topline and tail. Well boned and good tight feet, moved really well.BP 2nd Hayes HOWENVALS CRYSTAL Xoloitcuintle Pleasing for type with sweet expression. Good neck and forequarters. Stands well up on her toes and is well developed and in nice condition. Still needs to learn about straight lines. PG 1st Giles CUIDADO XTRA XPLORER AT KANETIA H. Pumi Shows a good square outline, Head with some length, darkest of eyes, good mouth and mobile ears which he uses to advantage. Stands nicely, carries his tail well over and moved well in both directions. BOB       O 1 (abs) 

Second Day NSC P 3 (1abs) 1st Darnell JACQUIDON RAGS TO RICHES Norfolk Terr Very compact in outline with well sprung body and good legs and feet. Sweet expression with good mouth and dark eyes. Showed well and moved rather well considering the length of the grass.BP 2nd Large PARRIMA-ARIH UNIVERSE OF MY FANTASY Skye Terr At nine months so well developed. Super coat, dark eyes and good mouth. Well sprung in body with great length of rib and super topline. Good on the move. N 2 (1abs)    1ST Darnell JAQUIDON NIP AND TUCK Sister to the BP and very similar but of a lighter frame. Equal in head and compactness and moved OK. O 7 (4 abs) 1st Large JUGER E M M IS M BOB See Terr Grp 2    2nd Clark & Eagles CH. KINGSTREE VANGUARD Otterhound Very sturdy and upstanding and appears workmanlike. Good width of skull, well set ears and clear dark eyes. Excellent depth and length of ribs. Quality jacket and showed his paces well on his sustantial legs and feet. 3. Darnell JAQUIDON NO HESITATION Norfolk Terr 

Import Register P 3 (1 abs) Porter ALIGNGRIFFS DYANI Korthals Griffon This young lady was quite willing to do what was expected from her. Stood nicely and moved out well. Nicely made all through. She has a good bite and dark eyes. Well sprung in ribbing and compact in body, 2nd Porter B AND T’S ALIGNGRIFFS DHITTI Not as steady as first and somewhat unruly though he did get going OK on the move. Strong and masculine in outlook and sturdily made. PG 1st Langley & Adkins AELIA DE CHAMPNA OF PHILISHA Portuguese Pointer Expressive in head with good stop and eyes that tone in with her coat. Nicely balanced and well boned with sufficient tuck up. Tail carried a little low but moved in a decent fashion. BOB

Sheila Jakeman  08.08.18