• Show Date: 07/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sheila Appleby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Beckenham Canine Association

Beckenham Canine Association

7 October 2018

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge and thank you to my steward Jan who worked through all day. There was a lovely atmosphere at the Show. My thanks to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my choices, with many lovely exhibits to go over.


Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

J (1) 1 Smith’s Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty. Such a pretty bitch, just out of puppy, with good head and ear shape, alert expressive eyes, medium length neck, leading into well laid shoulders, good front assembly, compact body. Stifles well bent, strong and muscular overall. Moves very well with reach and drive. RBOB  

O (1) 1 Strevens’ ShCh Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM, quality dog well constructed throughout. Classic head, kindly expression. Correct angles fore and rear quarters, deep chested, short loin, compact. Well muscled overall. Strides out with spring in his step, showing forward reach and rear drive, ground covering. In excellent coat. Focused and at one with his handler. BOB, GD Group 2.   

AVNSC Gundog

P (5,2a) 1 Skippings & Gough’s Pelhamcourt Miss Markle At Nelbells, American Cocker Spaniel, feminine bitch, pretty head with deep stop, dark eyes, good reach of neck, depth to short body, chest adequate for age, still in puppy coat, nicely presented, moves well. BP

2 Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci, Welsh Springer Spaniel, pleasing 8 month bitch puppy, has a lovely head, correct eyes, long clean neck, enough bone and body for age, good bend of stifle, moved well.  

3 Deblasi’s Moonreed Bella, Lagotto Romagnolo.

PG (5,1a) 1 Joy’s Pitwit The Best Surprise At Mannlicher, German Shorthaired Pointer, medium size bitch, feminine, elegant, with clean cut head, strong jaws, soft and gentle expression, long neck, straight front, good slope to shoulders, deep ribs, short back, muscular rear quarters, short coarse coat, smooth balanced stride on the move. BOB

2 Charles’ Stagarth A Kind Of Magic, WSS, Lovely headed bitch, with correct eyes, strong muzzle, clean slightly arched neck, good bone and body, well muscled overall, looks a little short on the leg, good mover with plenty of drive. Lovely coat, nicely feathered.

3 Skippings & Gough’s Greenawell Honey Ryder At Nelbells, American Cocker.

O (5,3a) 1 Izard’s Yockletts Cordiale, GSP, 14 month bitch, with plenty to like, very feminine, well proportioned head, correct eyes, long muscular neck, strong level body with enough depth to chest, strong rear quarters and good bend of stifle, in good coat, just missed out in the challenge to the more mature bitch. RBOB.

2 Deblasi’s Mianatra Bound to be Blossom, Lagotto Romagnolo, lively medium sized bitch, with balanced head, large round eyes, short neck with slight arch, compact, well bodied, decent coat with evenly distributed curls. Moves very well,

Any Variety Gundog

P (8,3a) 1 Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring, ESS, ten month b/w dog, well proportioned head, good stop, expressive dark eyes, depth to flews, clean long neck, straight front, shoulders well laid, strong sturdy body, short loin, moderate bend of stifle, overall good bone for age. Moves with energy covering the ground well. BP, Gundog PG2

2 Rees’ Eremos Moment In Thyme, lovely young Labrador bitch, clean cut head of medium length, dark expressive eyes, good stop, strong jaws, short neck, straight front, strong compact body of good depth, in good coat, moves a little close behind.   

3 Taite’s Gamerights Troyte FCR.

J (8,2a) 1 Tivilake Anything Goes At Tollisty NSDTR.   

2 Cole’s Rooksbury Phantasia 17 month Golden Retriever bitch, nicely balanced head, with good stop and dark eyes, good length of neck, shoulders well laid back, body short coupled, good width of thigh and bend of stifle. In lovely coat. Carries a level topline on the move.  

3 Phipps Baker & Baker’s Maddouse Tail Spinner Golden Retriever.

PG (4,1a) 1 Delamare’s Gamerights Deep River Blues, Flatcoated Retriever, feminine bitch with nicely balanced head, expressive dark eyes, strong jaws and large nose, long clean neck, strong forequarters, well laid shoulders, deep chest, short loin, tail well set on. Good width of thigh. Moves with drive and enthusiasm, level topline, well presented.  

2 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me. Pointer, very pretty l/w bitch, with a beautiful well proportioned head, soft eyes, depth of flews, fine leathers, straight forelegs, enough depth of chest, ribs well back, short loin, hocks well let down. On the move has a tendency to hackney.

3 Thomas’ Chartan Treacle Tart JW Gordon Setter.

O (5,1a) 1 Phipps Baker & Baker Tenfield Night of Thunder For Maddouse Golden Retriever dog with strong, well chiselled head, dark tight eyes, clean muscular neck, shoulders well laid, balanced body with well sprung ribs and short loin. Good width of thigh. Lovely coat and well feathered overall. Moves very well. BOB

 2 Dunsdon’s Seaspring Becalmed, English Springer, feminine 4 year b/w bitch, lovely head of good proportions, soft dark eyes, neat and compact body with good spring of rib, strong fore and rear quarters, correct set of tail with a lively action on the move, covers the ground well. Close up to 1.

3 Taitie’s Gayplume Bowled Over ShCM, Flatcoated Retriever.

Gundog Group

I was very pleased with this strong Group.

Group 1  Walkers’ Dexbenella Atticus Finch, English Springer Spaniel, l/w

A super quality dog, not yet 2 years. Has good bone and substance, a classic head, long clean neck, correct fore and rear quarters, strong in body and loin. Well turned out coat with moderate feathering. Moves with typical gait, forward reach and rear drive thus propelling him effortlessly round the ring, tail in concert. Impressive.  

Group 2  Strevens’ ShCh Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, another quality dog, who impresses, he fits the breed standard admirably and showed his socks off, his movement is powerful appearing effortless.   

Group 3  Jenner’s Lyjansen Simbas’s Savanna, Labrador, This puppy well deserves his place in this Group. Well boned and strong throughout, strode out on the move at one with his handler. Another, who was definitely fit for function. I understand he will be worked in the winter. Well done.    

Group 4 Joy’s Pitwit The Best Surprise At Mannlicher GSP, This lovely bitch took my eye in my earlier classes, very elegant, but strong and balanced overall. Moved effortlessly and with confidence.

Puppy Group

PG 1 Jenner’s Lyjansen Simbas’s Savanna, Labrador Retriever, Also GD3, This well constructed boy simply stood out, for his classic head, strong well balanced frame and easy, effortless movement. Well presented.

PG 2 Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring, English Springer Spaniel, such a quality puppy who should have a bright future.

PG 3 Phipps-Baker, Baker & Ellis’ Tenfield Alcor, Golden Retriever, 9 month old feminine puppy bitch, good in profile and balanced overall, with strong fore and rear quarters, ribs well sprung and short loin. Moves well.

PG4 Skippings & Gough’s Pelhamcourt Miss Markle At Nelbells, American Cocker Spaniel.

Sheila Appleby (Judge)