• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Loakes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North West Canine Association


Many thanks to the Association for their offer to judge and also to my two wonderfully efficient stewards. 

RETRIEVER FLATCOATED  JUNIOR  (1)  1ST Nelsons Cuillinoir Lunedale At Byeways. 16 month black bitch. Liked her overall balance and size. Very feminine, moulded head. Well ribbed, loin short. Well angulated front & rear. Moved ok.  

POST GRADUATE(5,2 absent)   1ST Salts Toccata Of Harlaston With Wetnoses JW ShCM. Upstanding 2 year old male. Masculine head with kind eye. Well balanced throughout. Striking outline. Positive movement with plenty of drive from the rear. BOB.   2nd Nelsons Cuillinoir Lunedale At Byeways  3rd Adshead Llantrussa Twist Of Fate 

Open (3,3)   

RETRIEVER GOLDEN  PUPPY (5) Very promising class of babies at various stages of development.  1ST Picksups Blenston Hendrix. Very promising 10 month old male.Dark pigment, soft expression.  Plenty of depth throughout. Good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. Moved out really well for a baby. BP  2nd Robbins & Rowark Quakerhall Lady Bountiful By Brekswood. Overall a very pleasing picture. Feminine head. Clean neck and shoulders. Strong, level topline. Just not as forward on the move as 1.  3rd Scott & Briggs Largymore Lingering Look. 

Junior (6)  1st Griggs Mulfield Sea Of Dreams. Balanced outline. In lovely coat & condition. Strong level topline and tailset. Excellent spring of rib. Strong over the loin. Nicely angulated front & rear with good width to second thigh.  2nd Scott & Briggs Largymore Lingering Look. Another promising youngster, just needing time. Feminine, balanced head. Sound mover.  3rd Bests Hailsham Amber Queen. 

Post Graduate (4)  1st Griggs Mulfield Sea Of Dreams  2nd Millingtons Carneval Of Golden Duck (Imp SRB) 3 year old male. Balanced head with good pigment. Muscular neck into reasonable shoulders. Elbows well tucked in. Good depth to brisket. Short, strong loin. Excellent tailset. Little untidy behind today.  3rd Lee-Peach Audeamus Lady Of The Isles 

Open (2,1)  1st Griggs Mulfield Amethyst. Mid gold well presented. Pleasing outline. Balanced head with excellent reach of neck. Well angulated with correct return of upper arm. Elbows well tucked in. Strong pasterns with tight feet. Super topline and tailset. Strong short hocks. Moved out well once she had settled. BOB   

Labradors  Puppy (8)  1st Smiths Poniel Hogmanay At Flyenpyg. Delightful 6 month old chocolate. Really liked his overall balance and size. Strongly built but not overdone. Plenty of depth and forechest. Well angulated front & rear. Well sprung ribs. Short, dense coat. Very positive, driving movement. BP  2nd Kellys Alfavalley Secret Thyme. 6 month old yellow bitch. Another promising prospect. Feminine. Excellent bone. Free, ground covering stride.  3rd Hughes Halshimoor New Direction. 

Junior (6)  1st Smiths Poniel Hogmanay At Flyenpyg  2nd Greens Meadowline Mothers Secret. Attractive 13 month old black. Broad skull with feminine expression, dark eye. Resonable bone. Chest of good width and depth. Just a little long in loin. Moved ok.  3rd Terry & Downes You Got The Look At Ellukine 

Post Graduate (9)  1st Kowalski Ski Espartaco 1V Beskerby (Imp Esp) Masculine yellow dog but not overdone in any way.Well built with plenty of forechest. Good depth throughout. Well angulated front & rear. Excellent round feet. In great condition, showing well for his owner. Ground covering action. BOB  2nd Kellys Alfavalley Sioux-Zee Willow. Feminine expression. Muscular neck into reasonable shoulders. Good spring of rib. Strong over the loin. Correct coat.   3rd Hughes Adoraden Aftershock.   

Open (6)  1st Smiths Flyenpyg Snout Better. Appealing head. Muscular neck into well laid shoulder. Good depth & width. Dense coat. Moved with drive from behind.  2nd Kellys Alfa Aioux-Zee. Exuberant yellow, really enjoying her day! Liked her overall size. Dark eye. Well made throughout. Just not as settled on the move.  3rd Hughes Adoraden Aftershock.   

Judge Sarah Loakes