• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah-Jane Finch Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mountsorrel & District Canine Society


I would very much like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this show. It was a very friendly show with lovely hospitality. My thanks to the efficient stewards for their help on the day.  I would also like to thank all of the exhibitors for their entries and for accepting my decisions sportingly. It was lovely to see and have the pleasure of going over dogs that I have either not seen before or only seen from ringside. It was a shame that the puppy class had such a split in ages. The two older ones are nearer one year whole the two younger ones are only just six months.  

P (4, 4)   1. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Eddy The Eagle (D) 8 and a half month old liver boy. I have not seen this dog in person before and was not at all disappointed. Despite his young age this lad just oozes quality. He has a gorgeous masculine head but in no way overdone, lovely amber eyes, dark well set ears giving him a soft, kind expression. He has a powerful neck, great forequarters and ample chest. He was in tip top condition, extremely well-muscled with good feet. His tail is set on well and it wagged the whole time he was in the ring, showing how happy this real show boy is. His spotting, which is a lovely shade of liver is good and well dispersed.  His movement was the icing on the cake; It is powerful and fluid and he flowed around the ring driving from behind. I would love to see him running behind a carriage. I was delighted to award him Best Puppy, Best of Breed and was over the moon to watch him get Adult Group 4 and Puppy Group 2 later. I will watch this boy’s career with anticipation.  

2. Hobb’s & Whiting’s Rapanooey Rascallion (B) Almost 12 month old liver girl who didn’t seem her normal happy self today. She has a pretty feminine head with a pleasing expression. Correct amber eye, well set in ears that are nicely broken. She has a lovely neck, good lay of shoulder and a great top line. I loved her rear angulation which makes her lovely to look at on the stand. Her coat is dense and her spotting a correct shade of liver. Her movement was not affected by her mood and this is where she comes into her own. She strides out with power and meaning with her head down like she could run for hours.  

3. Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact. 

G (4, 3)  1. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Eddy the Eagle – as puppy. 

2. Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW (B) 2 year old liver bitch. She has such a pretty, feminine head with gorgeous dark eyes. Her ears are well set on which give her a fantastic expression. She has a good neck and a lovely deep chest. She has correct rear angulation and her tail is well set on and didn’t stop wagging. She has lovely dense coat, with beautifully coloured spotting. Her movement is very fluid, another dog with that “head down and go” movement that I love to see and another natural carriage dog.  

3. Halfacree’s  Kalokairie’s Crowd Pleaser. 

O (5, 4)  1. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy JW (D) 2 year old black dog. This boy is a half-brother of the winner of my puppy class and you can really see the family likeness. He has a gorgeous masculine head and lovely dark eyes. His ears are held to give him an attentive expression. He has a powerful neck and a good lay of shoulder. His chest is excellent; I actually wrote “wow” on my notes. Unfortunately there is a real lack of correct chests in a lot of dogs in our breed.  He was shown in hard condition. He has lovely rear angulation and correct tight cat feet. His coat is crisp white with gorgeous dense black spotting. His movement is powerful and he drives well from behind, I did feel that despite the ring being quite big for an open show, he would have benefitted from a bigger ring. I was able to appreciate his movement much better when he was allowed to run out in front with a longer lead. In the challenge he lost out to the puppy winner on movement but I was happy to reward him Reserve Best of Breed. 

2. Sampson’s Dalstorm Black Orchid ShCM (B) Almost 6 year old black bitch. This is a bitch who I have admired for a long time from ringside so was delighted to be able to judge her for the first time. She has the most delightful ghost face. I know this isn’t to everyone’s liking but I feel that this gives her the softest of expressions. She is such a feminine girl with correct dark eyes. She has a good neck and a good lay of shoulder. She seemed a bit off colour today which affected her movement. She needed a bit of encouragement to get going but when she did she moved well.  

3. Graham’s Dotlun Sorella’s Phancy.