• Show Date: 28/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sandy Lipman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Spennymoor & District Canine Society

Spennymoor & Dist. C.S.



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Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the working group at their friendly and well organised show. Well worth the drive as my WG1 Leonberger was awarded RBIS and my WPG1 Great Dane went BPIS. Some lovely quality dogs.

Alaskan Malamute

OPEN (1) 1. Blaneys Viking Fenrir Kin of Kiyara’s Wolf Pack (Imp Deu) Neat, alert ears on this 4yr old dog, with attractively marked head, correct regular scissor bite and expressive hazel eyes. Strong neck, filled front and muscled throughout. Furnished thighs with furred plume held over his topline kept well on the move. Powerful and steady movement. BOB

Bernese Mountain Dog

GRADUATE (1) 1. Jeffersons Shirdees Fast n’ Furious 13month bouncy boy, full of character, having dark clear eyes, a broad head and muzzle, good square bite and super pigmentation. Nice lay of shoulder with great depth and breadth of chest. Neat feet and well turned stifles. Compact with good muscle throughout just needs to settle in the ring. BOB


OPEN (3/1) 1. Hudsons Susie Be’s Miss World first of two impressive 6month brindle sisters. The most attractive headpiece on a well arched crested neck. dark eyes and ears neatly folded, correct underbite with good stop and wrinkle on the brow. Short coupled having filled front and plenty of bone on straight legs, finished with the tightest feet. Back kept well on the move, gently sloping into muscled hindquarters resulting in smooth driving movement. BOB BPIB WPG2 2. Hudsons Forever La Rosa In Red having many of her sister’s qualities, just finer throughout and lay of shoulder not as good. Another quality bitch to go over.

Dogue De Bordeaux

GRADUATE (3/1) 1. Judds Tissies Top Gun 11month stocky red fawn boy having light hazel eyes on a large broad head with distinct stop and wrinkling. Plenty of substance and bone with great depth of brisket, sprung ribs having broad back and loin, matched with strong hindquarters. Moved steadily. BOB BPIB 2. Exleys Brulerdogues Hurricane although a little shy as new to showing this 11month boy held his own, standing well and allowing me to go over him. Good underbite and broad jaw on strong head. Good feet, slightly shorter coupled than 1 with movement not as good.

OPEN (3/2) 1. Judds Tissies Top Gun


GRADUATE (4) 1. Burrells Rossnick Zoffany’s Star, deep coated 22month boy having a dark mask, dark eye, strong jaw with correct bite. Plenty of bone and nicely proportioned with ample depth and breadth of chest, a strong topline, well furnished legs and tail. Very pleasing RBOB 2. Toothills Jomiriclus Dock Of The Bay, 8½ month fawn boy with a dark mask, light eye, broad muzzle and good mouth. Lovely thick puppy coat, just a little flat on his feet today but held his topline and moved steadily BPIB.3. Spenser-Mullins Jomiriclus When Doves Cry

OPEN (3) 1. Burrells Leosrus Never Forget, gold coated with red saddle and black markings, following and accentuating his lay of shoulder. This black masked boy stood out with his shape, striking colouring and conformation. A dark eye and pleasing head & mane, a typical Leo character shown in superb condition. Well-muscled throughout with the neatest feet, his movement was true and driving, coming and going. A well deserved BOB, WG1 & appreciated by BIS judge Mr Terry Poole awarding him RBIS 2. Bells Vectiseleon Kiaja Wolfrik, this 2year old lad was shorter in foreface than 1 with even, scissor bite, tapered muzzle, a medium stop and hazel eyes. Showed depth and quality having plenty of bone and held his topline as he moved. 3. Browns Jantonely Solar Eclipse


GRADUATE (3/1) 1. Halls Mayosea Mirror Of Success rich brown 9month old lad with a nicely proportioned broad head & short muzzle, a little light in eye but a good mouth. Nicely furnished legs & tail, his profuse coat covering a well -made body. Moved out smoothly BPIB 2. Ryans Newfangled Woops Black 9month boy a little shorter in foreface than 1 & a little looser in eye. Needs to settle into his movement but still, very pleasing.

OPEN (4/2) 1. Adairs King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear (Imp Svk)JW ShCM 23 month impressive black bitch in a gleaming coat. Her head was typical of the breed with a domed skull, short muzzle, almond eyes and well used ears when alert. Good lay of shoulders, deep chest with elbows tucked under and tight feet Pleasing in the stand with good tuck up & topline. Nothing clumsy or cumbersome about this girl as she powered smoothly around the ring to go BOB WG3 2. Blacks Camnoire Crush Black Coast JW ScM another well-made black bitch a little taller than 1 but not as keen to move. Good angulation front and rear and very well presented.


GRADUATE (5/2) 1. Listers Vonkassel Jasmin, beautiful teeth with good scissor bite, a strong yet feminine head on this attractive 6month bitch with super eye and expression. Presented in great condition with depth and breadth in body, a filled front, good legs and tight feet. Very smooth, powerful, movement. BPIB 2.Urwins Jianerot Kristabel this youngster was finer in head and longer in body than 1 having less depth of foreface. She was neat throughout and another good mover.3. Lowes Marceline Vampire Queen

OPEN (2)1. English’s Seittor Wildest Dreams 3yr old bitch having dark oval eyes, ears set wide & high, presenting an alert expression. Correct scissor bite and strong even teeth, would prefer a slightly broader muzzle. Filled front and plenty of depth just a little upright in shoulder. Good turn of stifle and pleasing tail set in muscled hindquarters enabling strong rear led movement. Topline firm on the move. BOB WG4 2. Kings Kelandaz Baroness another 3yr old, dog this time. Shorter in foreface than 1 with arched skull and defined stop. Could have used his ears more but good lay of shoulder & angles behind. Moved out steadily.

Siberian Husky

GRADUATE (1) 1. Kent & Suttons Jacalous Fire N’ Ice 7½ month red coated puppy bitch with the most gorgeous expression accentuated by her erect, well used ears, clear almond shaped hazel eyes, and striking hood markings. Correct teeth and her head carried on a strong neck. Her body matched her lovely head showing strength and balance, nothing coarse or cumbersome. She glided around the ring with speedy, effortless movement BOB BPIB WPG3

AV Working NSC

OPEN (2) 1. Blaneys Greenland Dog IR/ND/PL/ Ch Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin, Impressive height and wedge shaped head on this 3yr old boy obviously built for endurance. Having fur filled perked ears, kind hazel eyes and super teeth, good front feet and strong pasterns. Developed second thigh and tail fully furnished and carried over his back. Moved out well. BAVNSCW 2. Wilson & Nutleys Bullmastiff Cairnmount Rebel Raiser

Working Group

WG1 Leonberger

WG2 Great Dane McLellans Roucandane Phoenix Rising At Anadain, Thrilled that this 11month girl won through to the group and then selected by Terry Poole to be awarded BPIS. One of the best heads in Danes, with level head planes, narrow top skull and good length of foreface, correct dentition with square muzzle & adequate drop of lip, good stop and inquisitive wrinkling over the brow, set off by the darkest tight eye. Not let down by her well-made body, great angulation fore and rear, with her topline relaxing as she got into her stride. Top honours await I’m sure.

WG3 Newfoundland Adairs King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear (Imp Svk)JW ShCM

WG4 Rottweiler Englishs Seittor Wildest Dreams

Working Puppy Group

WPG1 Great Dane McLellans Roucandane Phoenix Rising At Anadain

WPG2 Boxer Hudsons Susie Be’s Miss World

WPG3 Siberian Husky Kent & Suttons Jacalous Fire N’ Ice

WPG4 Leonberger Toothills Jomiriclus Dock Of The Bay

AV Working

PUPPY (6/4) 1. Kent & Suttons Jacalous Fire N’ Ice (Siberian Husky) 2. Spenser-Mullins Jomiriclus When Doves Cry (Leonberger)

JUNIOR (2) 1. Kent & Suttons Jacalous Fire N’ Ice (Siberian Husky) 2.Urwins Jianerot Kristabel (Rottweiler)


OPEN (2) 1. Blacks Camnoire Crush Black Coast JW ScM (Newfoundland) 2. Kings Kelandaz Baroness (Rottweiler)

VETERAN (1) 1. Blaneys Ch. Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin Sh CM (Alaskan Malamute) 8½yr Malamute bitch with a lovely hooded head and kind eye. Large strong teeth and regular scissor bite, proportionate muzzle with broad head and brown eyes. Pleasing conformation with profuse double coat and well furred tail.