• Show Date: 19/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sandra White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coatbridge Airdrie & District Canine Club

Coatbridge, Airdrie & District Canine Club

Limit Show

Sunday 19th August 2018

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for my appointment and of course the exhibitors for taking the time showing their dogs.

AV Veteran (8/3)

1st Hepburn’s Leterikhills Emma’s Boy 7 year old Shetland Sheepdog.  Great head with lovely expression, in super condition presented well.  Good tight oval feet.  Nice smooth movement.

2nd McAleese Lochtaymore the Plainsman at Glormhorcu 7 year old Golden Retriever.  Nice broad skull set on a good length of muscular neck, nice topline and good tight feet.  Moved with drive covering the ground well.

Poodle (Toy) No Entries

Retiever Golden Open (4/1)

1st BOB Mcleese Lochtaymore Conquistador for Glormhorcu  4 year old in super condition.  Lovely expression, level topline, well sprung rib.  Strong muscular rear with great angulation.  Powerful on the move.

2nd Aitken’s Molmarionion Celtic Spirit only 7 ½ months Still a young bitch with a lot of maturing to do however a complete pro in the ring.  Lovely head set on good length of neck, level topline, good tail set carried well.  Presented in great condition, great wee mover.

Retriever Labrador Post Graduate (4/0)

1st BOB Cameron’s Threerivers Hollywood at Lillyview 22 month Nice bitch with broad skull, good condition well muscled, movement a little lively gave the handler a hard time.

2nd Cameron’s Doonvalley Strudel at Lillyview 5 year old bitch of different  type to 1 a bit finer in features.  Would like a bit more chest and spring of rib.  Good free movement .

Retriever Labrador Open  (4/0)

1st BOB Cameron’s Threerivers Hollywood at Lillyview

2nd Cameron’s Doonvalley Strudel at Lillyview

Gordon Setter Post Graduate (4/0)

1st BOB Millar’s Yennadon Benriach  19 month old dog in great condition Lovely bold outline, Long lean neck with deep brisket and well sprung rib.  Moved well with plenty of drive.

2nd McNeil’s Lachmhor Sincerely Yours at Barrabra 2 year old bitch.  Nice feminine head, good length of neck flowing into a level topline and tail set.  Moved well

Gordon Setter Open (2/2)

Irish setter Open (1/0)

1st BOB Wallace’s Gwendariffs on a Chatline 4year old bitch.  Lovely girl, presented well and in great condition. Well-proportioned with firm deep chest.  Lovely free flowing movement, well balanced.  Very sweet expression.

Weimaraner  Open (3/1)

1st BOB Ruddy’s Netherhill Euro Millions 11 month old bitch.  Nice young bitch with an aristocratic head, good length of neck and level topline, deep chest with good  tuck up a lot of maturing still to do.  Moved well with plenty of drive. RBIS

2nd Ruddy’s Almoor Anastasia at Netherhill, 6 months old very sweet bitch.  Nice head, good topline.  Well proportioned and good angulation, young handler did well with such a young dog.  Movement was effortless.

German Shorthaired Pointer (2/1)

1st BOB Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg  Lovely 2 year old bitch, Clean cut head, ears set broad and high, moderate length of neck, deep well sprung rib, level topline, well muscled rear with good angulation.  Moved well with ease and drive.

Any Variety Gundogs NSC Open (4/1)

1st BOB Davidson’s Gingerwire My Kinda Hero 21month old Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla presented in good firm condition.  Good strong head with intelligent expression, well-muscled rear.  Moved well with drive once going.

2nd Goldie’s Bejamac Future Fellah 4 ½ year old Welsh Springer Spaniel.  Nice dog with lovely expression, Compact although a little more leggy than I would like.  Strong tight feet.  Moved well smooth and powerful.  

Border Terriers (2/2)

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (4/4)

Manchester Terrier (3/1)

1st BOB Grey & Travis Ruffagga Ghealaich Bhaigh Von Clanmarshal 20 month old bitch. Very clean and alert, good shape with well sprung rib, lovely movement.

2nd Grey & Travis Brockenella Hector Von Clanmarshal 3 year old dog.  Again a nice dog with clean lines and shape, not as good as 1 on the move.

Any Variety Terrier  NSC Open (1/1)

Yorkshire Terrier Open (9/2)

1st  BOB Chalk’s Jestidek Blessing Fallon at Moresther 2 ½ year old bitch.  Lovely girl with good reach of neck, petite skull compact body nice level topline super free flowing movement, presented well.

2nd Burns Elasaidamar Forever Love 2 ½ year old bitch.  Again a nice compact dog with good reach of neck and small skull, level topline and nice flowing movement 1 was just a little better and more ring presence found it hard to choose.

Chinese Crested (0/0)

English Toy Terriers (6/3)

1st BOB Inch’s Edalene Never Let Me Go 2 year old bitch of good proportions, narrow head, long neck, nice tight feet.  Lovely racey movement.

2nd Inch’s Ariane Oh What a Night at Edalene ShCM 5 year old bitch very similar in type to no. 1 good all round with good movement just not as strong in movement as 1.

Pomeranian Open (1/1)

1st BOB Carrigan’s Starfire’s Romeo at Carripom 2 year old dog of good proportions, nice shape to head with sweet expression, good short compact body and nice high tail set.  Brisk movement  with drive.

Any Variety Toy NSC Open (8/0)

1st BOB Reid’s Portlycharm Raffles for Hugieboogie ShCM  3 year old dog.  Lovely head to this pug set on a nice short neck, good shape to body with level topline.  Good spritly movement

2nd Mulholland’s Zobear Dolly Mixture at Marillium 21 month old bitch.  This pug again had lovely short neck holding a good proud head with cheeky expression.  Nice level topline, good spring of rib. Moved well

Tibetan Spaniels Post Graduate (3/1)

1st Campbell’s Tulibell at Hogwarts JW 2 year old bitch of small proportioned body with good level topline and tail held high, nice feet and spirited movement.

2nd Campbell’s Tulibell Harry Potter 10 month old dog of similar type to 1 only difference  was not as forward on the move.

Tibetan Spaniels Open  (3/1)

1st BOB Campbell’s Vonvue Vin Sent to Tulibell 3 year old dog of good size and proportioned body mature for age a real pro.  Head and expression to die for.  Great forward going movement

2nd Clements Vonvue Coconut Ice for Cliochi also 3 year old bitch of similar type to 1 this was a hard decision to make.

French Bulldog Open (3/0)

1st BOB Lowe’s Braylahs Tempest Storm.  This almost 2 year old bitch had a good square head with well arched neck, cobby body nice tight feet.  Moved with drive and flow.

2nd Porter’s Tartan Pride Pleasure 1 year old bitch again nice dog with good proportions moved well, lost out on maturity will be watching out for this girl has a great deal of potential.

Any Variety Utility NSC open (4/2)

1st BOB McKenzie’s Routenburn Agamemnon 1 year old Tibetian Terrier dog.  Good sturdy dog very alert and intelligent expression.  Nice head with lovely eyes, good muscular neck flowing into well set shoulder good body shape and rear moved well with reach and drive.

2nd Abercrombie’s Jackantoes Joy Among Tibwood 6 ½ year old Lhaso Apso bitch.  Nice bitch well balanced, good head set on well arched neck, nice level topline and good high tail set carried well over the back at all times moved well.

Afghan Hound Open (1/1)

Beagle Open (8/4)

1st BOB Morrison’s Bowerswell Fara 5 year old bitch.  Good head with long ears set well flowing into a nice long neck well set shoulder, great topline a “Show Girl” in every sense.  Good straight flowing movement.

2nd MacDonald’s Finmorlan Symphony 13 month old bitch.  Very nice puppy with a lot of maturing to do however had it all one to watch.  Moved well.

Borzoi Open (1/1)

Wippet Post Graduate (3/1)

1st BOB Gray’s Ditto That 2year old bitch.  Lovely lean head, nice deep chest, good strong lines and topline.  Lovely short smooth coat.  Moved freely with drive.

2nd McGaw’s Zac’s Boy What a Star 18 month old dog.  Nice dog with good head and expression, level topline and good body shape.  Moved well but not as much drive as 1st

Wippet Open (2/1)

1st McGaw’s Zac’s Boy What a Star

Any Variety Hound NSC Open (3/1)

1st BOB Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Flashman 81/2 month old Deerhound dog.  Well what can I say, totally amazing.  Gorgeous nicely tapered head flowing it a strong long neck.  Well laid shoulder, nice deep chest lovely topline, great rear with good turn of stifle and straight hock.  Nice tight feet.  Good long stride and flowed with drive loved this dog could watch him move all day therefore a well-deserved BIS and BPIS.  Definitely one to watch will go far.

2nd Scanlon’s Kinabulas All About the Bass 13 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Lovely bitch, with a good topline good shape and deep chest.  Handler had to work hard.  Moved well.

BIS  Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Flashman (Deerhound)

RBIS Todd’s Holyhell’s Serbian Night Fever at Toffarback (Doberman)

BPIS Morton & Morgan’s Cotherstone Flashman (Deerhound)

RBPIS Ruddy’s Netherhill Euro Millions (Weimaraner)

BVIS  Hepburn’s Leterikhills Emma’s Boy (Shetland Sheepdog)

Sandra White (Silverkelvin)