• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association

PORTSMOUTH & SOUTHSEA KENNEL ASSOCIATION  OPEN SHOW    Held on:    Sunday 11th February 2018    Judge:  Mr Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)  Replacement Judge    I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation and hospitality to judge at this show that was held at a very nice venue.  I had a reasonable sized ring and my stewards kept the breeds and the ring running smoothly throughout the day.  All exhibits were shown and presented in a good clean condition.  Thank you to all for the entries.    COLLIE (Rough): PG (Dog or Bitch) (4,2). 1 Lyall, Mrs H., Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas: A 2.5yr old bitch of sable colouring, unfortunately she is out of coat at present.  She has a nice outline and is of a good type.  Nice head and ear-set, nice eye and good expression.  Nice neck, front and brisket, good back and nice rise over the loin with good angles to rear.  Good hocks and feet, moved well around the ring, good fore and aft.  Pleased to award her BOB.  Pity should could not stay for the group.  2 Munday, Mrs E.C. & Mr M.B., Amalie Lynmead Hello Holly: Just over 3yrs of age, this Sable bitch looked the clear winner.  She has a nice out line and is of a pleasant type with a nice expression.  Shown in good coat.  Today was just let down on her front movement. Moved nicely from the side.  O (Dog or Bitch) (3,2). 1 Lyall, Mrs H., Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas: As above.  BORDER COLLIE: J (Dog or Bitch) (2,1). 1 Tiller, Mrs V., Lesnuages Persephone By Foxbarton:  A well up to size 15mth old bitch that has a pleasing out line and is of a nice type.  She has a good neck and neat front and nice back.  Felt that she needed to tighten at the rear and stride out more.  PG (Dog or Bitch) (3,0) 1 Bridges & Cooper, Mrs L.A. & Mrs E., Kirkbridgend Kairos: A 20mth old Black & White dog that was the easy winner in this class.  He is of a good type with a good out line and is very masculine for his age.    He has a nice head with dark markings that is well balanced for size with good expression.  Good neck, neat front and good depth of brisket.  Good back and good tuck up with good angles to rear, good length of tail, neat hocks and tight feet.  Moved out well around the ring.  Well handled  2 Tiller, Mrs V., Foxbarton Kings Knight: A 4yr old dog that is well grown with a nice outline and is of nice type.  He was a little nervous today which was a shame.  Unfortunately, didn’t move out as well as 1st.  3 Carr, Ms S., Kirkbridgend Rhea: A 20mth old bitch that still needs to settle in the ring.  Still has time to mature.  O (Dog or Bitch) (3,0). 1 Hartfield, A., Moshanta Movin On, JW, Sh.CM:  A 3yr old Black & White bitch that is a lovely type with a lovely out line.  I liked her head and lovely expression and good dark eyes.  Good length to neck with good shoulders, deep brisket, plenty of bone and tight feet.  Nice length of back, good croup and good angles to rear with neat hocks.  Finished off with a good tail.  She was lovely on the move, sailing easily around the ring.  Pleased to award her BOB and to watch her take Grp. 2.  Well done.  2 Bridges, Mr. D.K. & Mrs. L.A., Kirkbridgend Rock Star AW(B): A Black & White bitch aged 4.5yr that pushed 1st hard for the top spot.  She is of a good type with a good outline and is well balanced throughout.  She has a feminine head and good eye.  Neat front and rear and also moved well around the ring.  3 Tiller, Mrs V., Foxbarton Kings Ransom, JW:  A 5yr old dog of a good type with pleasing out line.  He has a good masculine head, just didn’t move out as well as others on the day.  __________