• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

COVENTRY (FOLESHILL) CANINE ASSOCIATION - OPEN SHOW       Held on: Sunday 4TH November 2018     

Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

Many thanks for the invitation to judge German Shepherd dogs which are one of my favourite breeds at the above show. Judging took place outside, unfortunately the weather became damper so we all looked rather bedraggled by the end of judging. Thank-you to the exhibitors for the entry and for their humour and good spirits throughout the day. I enjoyed my time with you and wish you all well in the show ring.

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS      P (Dog/Bitch) (3,1), 1 Mr. M. & Mr. R., Pucknell & Palmer, Nellinka Christmas Hades: A lovely 10mth old dog that is of a super type and stance, he is well-balanced with a lovely outline and is so masculine for his age with plenty of substance and great bone. I liked his masculine head, strong neck and correct wither, super angles to front with good depth to chest. Excellent spring of rib and gently sloping top line and correct croup. Fabulous angles to rear with plenty of hard muscle and good strong hocks. I also liked his tail set. A youngster that did not disappoint on the move when walking or trotting. Pleased to award him BP & BOB and to watch him win PG1 and also G3 and later Res.BPIS. Many congratulations on a super day for the handler and the breed.      2 Miss K. Willenczyc, Nellinka Christmas Khaos at Kashiba: He is litter brother to 1st and is a little taller and slightly lighter in bone. He has a good masculine head and good neck. Needs to develop more in chest but is of a pleasing type with good outline. He has a pleasing back and rear end but still needs to settle on the move.

J (Dog/Bitch) (3,0), 1 Mr. J., Mrs. S. & Mrs. V. Lemon & Christopher, Foxhue Zollie at Mitzahner: A 17mth old bitch that unfortunately was being double handled and it put her off. She is of a very feminine type with a nice outline. Her head is ok, just a bit too much stop for me. She has a good neck, neat front, good wither, gently sloping top line and correct croup. I liked her back end and strong hocks. She also handled the ring well moving soundly.      2 Mr. M. & Mr. R. Pucknell & Palmer, Nellinka Great Expectation: Litter sister to my BOB. She is of a pleasing type with a nice outline, head and neck. Just a little too much on the front for me, that said she has good angles with good wither and gently sloping top line with a steeper drop off over the croup. Good angles to rear and was ok on the move.      3 Miss T. Rula, Kombiniert Franco: A 17mth old dog who needs to settle more on the move.  He has a pleasing head and neck, his front could be better, withers and back were ok, steep drop off on the croup. 

PG (Dog/Bitch) (3,1), 1 Mrs. J.S. Jefford, Draycore Dynkie at Lexanthi: A 3yr old bitch that is out of coat at the moment. I liked her proportions, type and outline. She has a feminine head, strong neck, good chest, excellent wither with good shoulder, upper arm just a tad short. Lovely gentle slope to top line and correct croup. She moved out well around the ring at all times. Her coat, which I liked, was harsh and when lifted in the rain she was still dry. Pleased to award her Res. BOB.      2 Mr. R.A. & Mrs. L.M. Skinner, Iolanda Luciano: A 20mth old dog that is well up to size. He has a masculine head and is of a pleasing type and out line. Would like to see a little more bone and a stronger back end. Moved ok.

OD (2,1), 1 Mr. M. & Mr. R. Pucknell & Palmer, Nellinka Golden Pride: A 5yr old dog that is well up to size with a masculine head. He is of a good type with a good outline. Strong neck, good front and good wither, gentle slope and good croup. His 2nd thigh was just a bit long for me. Moved steadily.

OB (1,0), 1 Mrs. C. Wilson, Zentrum’s Yanka at Clynalwin, JW, Sh.CM: A pleasing 6yr old bitch that was being expertly handled by this young handler. She is of a pleasing type with a nice outline, feminine head, strong neck and neat front. Pleasing slope and drop off on croup. Her 2nd thigh was just a little long for me. Moved ok.