• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Roxanne McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Suffolk Agricultural Association

English Setter

Puppy (4,0) 1st Cook’s Bridgella’s Sophie Loren at Pernickety. 9 month bitch. Good bone, moderate size, low set ears, oval skull with expressive eye. Lovely tight feet supporting her well made body. Good angulation with forechest. Level topline on stand and move. Moved well when she behaved, enjoyed giving her handler a hard time. BP & RBOB
2nd Poynter & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels. 6 month puppy dog who is still very raw. Good head with dark eye. Lovely outline on the stand with strong bone and well angulated. Moves ok, just needs to grow up.
3rd Nunn’s Tawnymeade Tickerbell over Setcianna Res Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto
Post Graduate (2,0) 1st White’s Niddbeck Scarlet Lady at Paduan. This 22 month bitch has a lovely outline on the stand. Lovely feminie head with dark eye and low set ears. Good bone for her size with a lovely front. Muscular, slightly arched neck into laid back shoulders. Good front movement.
2nd Naulls’ Silmanhurst Golden Hugo. A 4 year old mature male full of coat. Muscular neck leading into OK front angulation. Good width of thigh. Moved ok.
Open (3,1) 1st Cook’s Pernickety Etiquette. 2 year old bitch who was a picture in the ring on the stand and move. Feminine head with oval skull and dark eye. Strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders with return of upper arm. Good spring of ribs and muscular loin. Moved free and graceful around the ring. BOB
2nd Naulls’ Silmanhurst Golden Hugo. Also 2nd in Post Grad

Gordon Setter
Junior (1,0) 1st Smith’s Togipoto Denva Bronco. This year old male was a typical Gordon of this age – “gangly”. Slightly rounded skull, good bone with oval, close-knit feet. Level topline and moves well when he concentrates. A very cheeky dog who needs time to grow up in mind and body. RBOB
Open (1,0) 1st Poynter’s Hernwood Thunderstorm. 6 year old male made on a smaller end of the scale but moderate in length with level topline, deep ribs and muscular loin. Head not overdone and has dark eye. With balanced angulation he moved well in profile and straight rear. BOB

Irish Setter
Puppy (2,0) 1st Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket. At just 6 months this girls character is shining through. A little longer cast, she has good bone, straight leg when viewed from the front. Balanced angulation. Good topline for age with no exaggeration. Moved true behind, just needs more time to settle in the ring. BP
2nd White’s Paduan Sunny Dispostion. This 8 month old girl wasn’t showing her best today. Nice head with dark eye and ears set level. Good forechest and moved ok.
Junior (1,0) 1st Jones’ Gwendariff Chilli Powder. A feminine racy bitch who is starting to come together in maturity. Lovely balance in outline and good angulation. Slight slope to the topline, good width of thigh and tail set correct. Long & lean head with dark eye. Moved with purpose and drive and was true fore & aft. RBOB today against a mature male.
2nd Lewis & Levene’s Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarch. A bigger dog who today played his handler up. Good, balanced angulation which allowed him to drive round the ring when he decided to!. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders, slight slope on the topline to tail. Just needs to mature.
3rd Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore
Post Graduate (2,0) 1st Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch. This boy stood out today for me, a typical racy outline who’s free flowing, driving movement won him the class. Correct shape and tail carriage. Dark eye set in to a lovely, defined head. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders. Good return of upperarm. Strong rear with turn of stifle. There is nothing overdone about this dog. He upped his game in the challenge to take BOB and later please to see him awarded Group 3.
2nd Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore. A strong boy who is shorter coupled. Nice head and kind eye. Good outline on the stand. Lacked reach and drive on the move today but true in rear.
Open (3,1 1W) 1st Jones’ Gwendariff Powder Puff. A pretty girl with a lovely head and muzzle. Standing on firm, tight feet, she is well angulated fore & aft. Moved sound and true over the ground.