• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rowland Turner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Airedale Terrier Association

National Airedale Terrier Association Open Show 30th September 2018

Judge – Mr Rowland Turner (Crillee)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their 90th Anniversary Open Show. It was a real honour and was very well run as usual. Thanks also to the exhibitors for letting me go over your dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1 Purchons’ Jokyl Draw The Line. Good head with a good eye and ears. A good neck into well-placed shoulders short back and a good set on and well set hocks good movement. Was fairly settled today. Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

2 Griffiths’ Singretts Playing With Fire. Smaller than 1. Nice head and ears with good front. Slightly longer cast but good set on and good movement. He was a nice puppy, just needs time.

Puppy Dog (2, 1a)

1 Milkovics’ Wederdena’s Stargazer. Rangy puppy at the moment and needs more body weight. Good length of head, adequate length of neck. Would like to see more spring of rib, moved OK and had a nice attitude in the ring.

Junior Dog (1)

1 Milkovics’ Wederdena’s Stargazer.

Maiden Dog

No entries

Graduate Dog

No entries

Limit Dog (4)

 1 Toulsons’ Toulsyork Noted Nat. Good head correct ears nice eye good neck flows into good shoulders. Cobby dog well-muscled good spring of rib tail set OK, nicely turned out. Movement not so good today but won it on style. Best Dog & Best In Show

2 Moules’ Doraemi Buffalo Soldier. Nice head ear and eye with good neck into shoulders. Longer cast than 1 but has the right proportions good tail set and has good drive behind and moved well in front. Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show.

3 Webbers’ Sherifs Red Hot ShCM.

Open Dog 1(1) Absent

Veteran (2)

1 Fury’s Saredon Lorelli. (b) 8 Years old. long head and good eye uses her ears when asked reasonable neck into good shoulder a well-made bitch. Coat a little soft but well-groomed moves really well. Best Veteran In Show.

2 Steinke’s Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel. (b) 8 Years old. Smaller bitch than 1, nice eye, not using ears at all good neck and shoulder nice hard coat and again moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1 Raper & Favell. Shadlian Dancing In My Dream. Nice puppy has good head eye and ear. Long neck into well placed shoulders, nice tail set and very showy. She is up to size I hope she has finished growing. On the day she was Best Puppy Bitch & Best puppy in Show.

2 Webbers’ Kaolin Little Miss Sparkle. Another well made pup but smaller than 1. Good head, mouth, eyes and ears, compact body. Lacking confidence on the move but this must be one of her first shows, should do well.

Puppy Bitch (2 1a)

1 Aylett’s Jecadie Joyful Spiced Star At Rillaton. I have to say I have watched this pup in the ring before and she is improving all the time she has a good head, ear set and eyes. Good body, and tail set. On the move handler and dog are not working as a team yet.

Junior Bitch (5 2a)

1 Toulsons’ Toulsyork Only Olga. Feminine head, nice size eye good ear carriage neck OK, good length of back with good angulation, nicely put together, trimmed and shown well. Reserve Best Bitch.

2 McCallum’s Glentops Movie Star. Nice head, eye and ears good length of neck into well placed shoulders, strong rib cage good movement.

3 Betts’ Saredon Head Turner.

Maiden Bitch

 No entries

Graduate Bitch (5 2a)

1 Gray’s Grayaire Cointreau well-made bitch, of a good size, long head and correct stop. Nice neck into good shoulders. Tail set and hocks OK stands and shows well. Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex.

2 Edwards’ Saredon Simply Susan At Smockalley another good headed bitch slightly finer than 1. Good body deep chest a good rear angulation. Looks good when standing did not move well today.

3 Burkin’s Saredon Gretal At Raffinato.

Limit Bitch (4 1a)

1 McCallum’s Glentops Love Is In The Air. Square bitch with a good head, long neck and good shoulders with deep chest. Stands well and movement OK. Has too much coat.

2 Purchons’ Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings. Good head and eye good body very well turned out lost out on movement.

3 Titchmarshs’ Jokyl Red Dress

Open Bitch

 No entries

 Arthur Lodge Memorial Open Champagne Stakes Dog or Bitch (3)

1 Titchmarshs’ Jokyl Red Dress. (b) Lovely head good stop and ear carriage good neck into shoulders. Tail set OK and a beautiful red grizzled jacket would like a little more angulation, moved well.

2 Burkin’s Saredon Gretal at Raffinato. (b) Longer in body than 1 but nice head and ear carriage. Good neck into shoulders. Tail set ok but does not hold top line on the move.

3 Nedella Flash Opal at Raffinato (d)

Judge - Rowland Turner