• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Greaves Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Kooikerhondje Club Of Great Britain

Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain Open Show 

10th June 2018 


I was asked to take over the appointment from Mrs Elaine Thomas who I understand was unable to keep the appointment due to ill health. I hope she is on the road to making a full recovery. The show was held at Steventon Village Hall, Abingdon, Oxon. Many thanks to my steward for his help on the day. 


I have been very interested in the breed since the early days and had the pleasure of attending what I believe was the first breed seminar for Kooikerhondje in the UK quite a few years ago. They are a delightful breed and all those present on the day had fantastic temperaments. From the dogs present, the breed has a developed well, I feel, over the years, and on the day there were a decent proportion of high  quality and  consistent examples present who will, I am sure, take the breed forward.  Thank you for a great day with llovely hospitality and a great atmosphere, I really enjoyed my time at this show, thank you.  


Puppy Dog (5) 

Lovely class of puppies for the future 

1st Whiteheads Gladsheim Helios. Very well put together with balance and quality throughout. He was full of confidence and never lost his topline or overall shape. His head fits the breed requirements with length of skull to foreface equal, with muzzle that is tapered but has underjaw and well placed teeth. Stands just right on well boned straight front legs to neat padded feet. He has lively true action .presented in lovely bloom. Res BD  and Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show  

2nd Dunns Millhanger Hardy 

Skull nicely balanced well filled face, good black nose good ear set with the desired black earings Dentition correct. Moved and carried his tail well. Coat and condition good. 

3rd Guys Gladsheim Eleodoro 


Junior Dog (4) 

1st Suiters Genetika Rumplestiltskin 

Presents a very typical overall typical picture, has a pleasing outline approximating well to the desired body proportions, appealing head properties, gentle and intelligent expression, clean and well-boned limbs with good feet, moved with a breed typical gait. 

2nd Dunns Millhanger Hardy 

3rd Frankcoms Genetika Tom Thumb 


Yearling Dog (2) 

1st Suiters Genetika Rumplestiltskin 

2nd Frankcoms Genetika Tom Thumb 

Litter brother to winner and very similar in many ways. For me, .just a tad heavy coated which gives the initial impression of being a tad short in leg.   


Post Graduate Dog (4) 

Not an easy class  

1st Suiters Chriskoois Octavius (imp Est) 

Nicely made male with decent head proportions giving a nice expression. Ears eyes and teeth were all fine. Coat was in good condition. Decent body and topline just needs to mature a little more. Moved with ease 

2nd Kerfoots Papikoi’s Funsize Twix. Quality male but just preferred the more typical head on winner. 


3rd Brooks Papikoi Time Out 


Limit Dog (3) 

1st Kennedys Crunchcroft Onyx 

Presented a quality outline in profile Typical, masculine head. Strong underjaw and neat ears. Excellent over all construction. Pleasing legs and feet, hindquarters and tail. Scored on strength of hindquarters 

2nd Brooks Papikoi Time Out 

Similar to the winner in many respects, pleasing overall shape and outline, perhaps not quite as pleasing on the move as #1 

3rd Brooks Millhanger Livingstone 


Open Dog (7) 

1st Williams Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim (Imp Bel). Best Dog and Best In Show 

The star of the day; a high quality, well made dog. As one with his handler; always alert and displaying the necessary type and quality. Proportionate head with good eyes with very pleasing, alert expression. Ears well placed and used to full effect with lovely dark earrings. Strong neck well set into his shoulders. Well-muscled, clean, neckline flowing through angled shoulder and upper arm, with neat elbows and straight front. Scored in  forechest and well sprung ribs, with firm topline and well developed loin. In hard condition with muscular quarters providing great drive.  

2nd Suiters Chriskoois Octavius (imp Est) 

3rd Marsdens Zarna Nimbo 


Veteran Dog (3) 

A lovely class with little to split them – especially between #1 & #2 

1st Williams Maximillian Alfie of Gladsheim ShCM. Best Veteran Dog 

Lovely boy with balanced head and pleasing expression. Liked his head proportions and stop not too deep, which enhances expression. Well made body and level topline. Just preferred the head and expression over #2 


2nd Swinburns Manusia’s Bibi at Bynton (Imp Ndl) 

Quality male who scored in type and profile. Nicely made with decent neck and shoulders. Correctly  carried tail 

3rd Groomes Unosta Trivial Pursuit 


Good Citizen Scheme Dog (2) 

1st Groomes Unosta Trivial Pursuit 

Nice veteran with a lot to like about him in profile and on the move coupled  with decent head shape and expression. 

2nd Brooks Papikoi Time Out 

Well grown male who has a lovely outlook and nature 


Puppy Bitch (6) 

1st Allmans Gladsheim Oriana at Shantess. Best Puppy Bitch 

A very pretty, well balanced little bitch. Shows well in excellent coat and condition. Nicely balanced skull and muzzle. Eyes, ears and teeth all correct shoulder placement good and a nice slightly over square body. Good tail carriage stood and on the move. One to watch in the future 


2nd Kerfoots Jade (Imp Swe) 

Similar attributes to winner with an excellent head giving super sweet expression  

3rd Williams’ Gladsheim Arunika 


Junior Bitch (3) 

1st Gibbons’ Genetika Isa Queen at Fethaland 

Very well made and ultra feminine, sound with type and balance. Lovely personality displayed from bright correctly  shaped eyes. Well set and placed ears. Very easy action.  

2nd Suiters Genetika Wake Up Aurora 

Litter sister to winner and the same attributes but I just preferred the disposition of winner. 

3rd Irvings Kerfkooiker Guinevere 


Yearling Bitch (3) 

1st Gibbons’ Genetika Isa Queen at Fethaland 

2nd Suiters Genetika Wake Up Aurora 

3rd Stewarts Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi Over Twybrook  


Post Graduate Bitch (1) 

1st Kennedys Crunchcroft Quantum Leap 

Very nicely made bitch with good head shape and expression. Good neck and body with correctly carried tail. Moved well in profile but would prefer a stronger front action 

Limit Bitch (1) 

1st Groomes Cairnbraid Menina Selva at Middanwinter 

Lovely quality bitch who excelled in overall shape and soundness. Fantastic head and soft expression. Well proportioned head with nice ear set. Coat in good condition 


Open Bitch (4, 1 absent) 

A fantastic class which was hard to separate 

1st Suiters Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Qira-T At Genetika (imp Swe). Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex in Show 

For me she had the “look” of the proportions and qualities I was seeking in the breed. Very nicely made and refined head, good eye shape and placement, well positioned ears and rings , firm neck into good shoulders. Scored in  front construction. Super topline and well made hind quarters. Great coat and condition. A credit to the breed 


2nd Swinburns Cirtpas Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (imp Swe) Res Best Bitch  

In no way disgraced by being second to winner who was in cracking form. Again, a lovely profile and with a sweet, feminine expression 


3rd Williams’ Daniella Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim ShCM (Imp Deu) 


Veteran Bitch (5,1) 

A great class. 

1st Swinburns  Manusia’s Bibi At Bynton (Imp Ndl). Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show 

Ultra-feminine, pleasing proportions, active mover, nicely headed with a splendid eye and expression, workmanlike build, pleasing rib and mover 


2nd Johnsons Crunchcroft Justified of Valleyrise (ShCM) 


I judged this high quality bitch as a puppy in 2009 and I wrote : “ I found her a very pleasing and sound bitch. Feminine throughout. Good head , nice eye shape and good neck. Excelled in body proportions and soundness. Well carried tail and moved very soundly I am sure she will have a very bright future”. That critique is as true in 2018 as it was all those years ago. A great credit to the breed 

3rd Hollis’ Maunsia’s Flin 


Good Citizen Scheme Bitch (3,2) 

1st Suiters Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Qira-T At Genetika (imp Swe) 




All entrants were well matched; it came to personal preferences really. 

1st Williams.  

2nd Suiters 

3rd Kennedys 



Lovely to see this class; the breed has , I feel, a great future. 

1st Williams 

2nd Swinburns 

3rd Suiters 


AV Open Roly Cross Memorial 

1st Suiters Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Qira-T At Genetika (imp Swe). 

2nd Swinburns Cirtpas Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (imp Swe) 

3rd Suiters Chriskoois Octavius (imp Est) 


AV Bred by Exhibitor (4,1) 

1st Suiters Genetika Rumplestiltskin 

2nd Williams’ Gladsheim Arunika 

Nicely made 11 month old bitch who just needs to mature.  

3rd Kennedys Crunchcroft Quantum Leap 


AV Not Bred by exhibitor (12) 

1st Allmans Gladsheim Oriana at Shantess. 

2nd Williams Maximillian Alfie of Gladsheim ShCM. 

3rd Suiters Chriskoois Octavius (imp Est) 


AV Bred in the United Kingdom (11) 

1st Whiteheads Gladsheim Helios 

2nd Suiters Genetika Rumplestiltskin 

3rd Marsdens Gladsheim Apollo 


AV Bred outside the United Kingdom (7) 

1st Suiters Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Qira-T At Genetika (imp Swe). 

2nd Williams’ Daniella Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim ShCM (Imp Deu) 

Well presented and of correct type. Nice expression and moved well;. 

3rd Kerfoots Jade (Imp Swe) 


Robert I Greaves (Judge)