• Show Date: 25/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob Wheeler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Italian Greyhound Club

The Italian Greyhound Club Open Show 2018


I would like to thank the members for voting for me and for all those who entered and came on the re-arranged date due to the snow. I really enjoyed the judging in a massive ring all to ourselves, as ever, there was lots of compromise but we have some lovely youngsters coming through.


Veteran Dog – 1


1st – Palmers Chrisford Rocket Pack – This 9 year fawn dog is still very smart for his age and in great condition. Ok head, nice expressive eyes, straight front and a nice curvy shape stood and moving. He moves with style and enough lift in front. Super temperament. Best Veteran.


Minor Puppy Dog 2 (1)

1st Palmers Rockiggy a Bigger Bang – ( month old blue boy. Beautiful coat and condition with supple skin. I really liked his long lean skull and dark eye, clean shoulders and straight front with neat feet. Held a good shape moving but just a little untidy going away and coming at me today.


Puppy Dog 5 (2)

1st Henley’s Newill Gold Lightening at Turigner – This pup was up to size but the soundest of the class. Lean head, would prefer a softer expression, nice clean shoulder, could stand straighter in front. Nice feet, when moved at the correct speed was super sound with enough lift in front, held topline on the move.

2nd Palmers Rockiggy A Bigger Bang


Junior Dog – 3

1st Newill Gold Lightening at Turnigner.

2nd Palmers Rockiggy A Bigger Bang


Special Beginners Dog – 2 (1)

1st Kulczycka Bad Boy Boogie Tesori Di Carli (imp Pol) – This petit blue boy was a little shy, could be finer in head, clean shoulder, would prefer more condition, held a lovely shape when moving.


Post Graduate Dog – 5 (1)

1st Henshall’s Gemoli The Sorcerer – This dog was of an ideal size, lovely head and expression, super coat and skin. Good straight front with enough neck. Was sound on the move but would have preferred a tidier front action.

2nd Righton’s Ace of Aces Nomad Soul – 13-month boy who had a beautiful lean head, nice straight front, would preferred a less extreme top line, he was very composed on the move, just moving a little narrow today. Nice condition.

Limit Dog

1st – Powell’s Sumobi Little Snowflake at Turigner. This fawn boy is an ideal size and such a sweet happy temperament. He stood away in this class. I really admired his lean skull and soft expression, clean shoulder, straight front. He was one of the soundest here today on the move, I just wish he had a few more curves. RBD.

2nd Taylor’s Mostahbull Lucky Lexus – 4-year-old, well-conditioned and happy boy. Nice lean head, better than 3. Good shoulder with straight front, nice feet. On the move he was super sound but would preferred a bit more flexion and a better topline.


Open Dog – 5

1st Palmer & Spencers Rilloby Shine a Light over Rockiggy. This boy stood away in this nice class. I fell for that clean, lean skull with bright dark eyes, he was the most elegant of the boys today. Nice shoulder and neck set, straight front, ideal for size. Ever so sound on the move with lift in front Best Dog.

2nd Palmer and Spencer’s Ch Rilloby Satisfaction for Rockiggy – Bigger all through than 1 but some of the same qualities. Another super lean head and bright, full eyes, ok for neck, very shapely stood and moving, just preferred the rear movement on 1 but nice lift in front.


Veteran Bitch – 2 (1)

1st Doherty’s Ch Rilloby Miss Sunshine – This super 10 ½ year old bitch is still quite the show girl. Beautiful lean head, long neck and a straight front. She’s super sound and a lovely profile action on the move where she holds her topline. Great Condition and temperament.


Minor Puppy Bitch – 2

1st Doherty’s Littlebritton Kissed by Fire – I really loved this little bitch, she has so much of what I was looking for and as she grew in confidence with each round she just got better and better and settled into herself. The very best of lean heads with a beautiful feminine expression, long neck, straight front, super shapely stood and moving with a fine supple skin. On the move she took a while to settle being a baby but my best bitch and BIS, I simply didn’t like anything better and she really put everything in. Best Bitch and BIS.

2nd – Henshall’s Gemoli Antique Velvet – Different in type to 1, lovely temperament and of an ideal size. Lean feminine head, good shoulder, enough chest, just preferred the curves and rear movement of 1.

Puppy Bitch – 4 (1)

1st Doherty’s Littlebriton Kissed by Fire

2nd Wilcock’s Newill Good as Gold – This lovely bitch just wasn’t settled today, she is of an ideal size, very feminine with a super head and expression, ok in chest and front, lovely and curvy and super sound on the move.


Junior Bitch – 2 (1)

1st Mellis’s My Funny Valentine at Lamoye (imp Ita) – I liked this one, 8 months old and she is composed and very sound. Lovely feminine head and expression, neat ears, well set. She holds a nice curvy shape on the move and is absolutely parallel.

Yearling Bitch – 5 (1)

1st Knights Shadedmoon la Belle Epoque at Aelaro – This super curvy girl was all IG, a beautiful head and expression with a really bright eye. Moved soundly with enough lift and kept all those curves on the move too.

2nd Bird’s Tamiskene Viennese Waltz – This is a very nice, well put together bitch, would prefer a longer muzzle and lacked the elegance of 1 but my goodness is she sound from every angle moving.

Special Beginners Bitch – 1

1st Langlands Dalinset Cenerentola Sh CM – This is a very elegant an refined bitch, leanest of heads with a lovely expression, straight front with a long neck, neat feet. A bit extreme in topline but definitely has curves, super sound on the move.


Post Graduate Bitch – 3 (1)

1st Doherty’s Littlebritton Shades of Blue – This bitch had the most super, happy temperament, she’s well put together, lovely straight front and neat feet. On the move she moved a but wide going away and could flatten.

2nd Mellis’s My Funny Valentine at Lamoye (imp ita)

Limit Bitch – 2

1st Doherty’s Littlebritton Shades of Blue

2nd Knights – Aelaro Dark Desire – This sweet little bitch has a super temperament and is a series of curves, nice clean shoulder and straight front, would prefer less angulation behind. Sound on the move from all angles.

Open Bitch – 4 – (1)

1st Dunning’s Anjuskar Zen Yatta – This bitch is super for size and very elegant. The loveliest of lean heads and expression, long neck, clean shoulder and lovely feet. She is very sound but I would have liked to see her move a bit faster to get her really into her stride. RBB.

2nd Rishworth’s Artmeis Anastasiya – Different type to 1 but super for size, very feminine and curvy when viewed from all angles. Lean head, preferred neck set of 1, straight front and neat feet. Nice front action moving and sound up and back.