• Show Date: 29/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Horsham & District Canine Society

Horsham & District Canine Society – 29th November 2018


J (2,1)

1 & BP Woodcock’s Peakfields Apollo. 10 month old B/W with pleasing head, dark eyes, good bite. Ears nicely fringed and well set back. Straight front and hare feet. Nice rib and high set tail. Nicely muscled quarters. In good coat for age, silky texture. Sound light movement.

PG (3,1)

1 Petty’s Feorlig All You Need Is Love At Goldenmist. This lad pleased for make and shape. Ears well set, dark eyes and good bite. Fine bone and feet ok. Nice neck going into a good rib, level topline and high set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Light free movement with good front action. Nice coat texture.

2 Welsh’s Kazim Rhyme And Reason. Nicely balanced head and ears well set. A little 10 to 2 in front but good hare feet. Nice rib and level topline. Good tail set and moderate rear angulation. A little unsettled on the move and untidy in front.

O (5,1)

1 & BOB Welsh’s Kazim Uptown Girl. Lovely feminine head. Super ears with good fringing. Dark eyes and good bite. Straight front with fine bone, good hare feet. Moderate length of neck giving a little elegance. Nice rib and level topline. Accurate light movement and pleased in profile. Well presented silky coat.

2 Woodcock’s Resolutebay Anastasia. Pleasing evenly marked head, good bite. Fine bone with lovely hare feet. Nice rib , level topline with high set tail. A tad longer in body than 1. Sound light movement.

3 Petty’s Jansanlies He’s A Belter At Goldenmist

Border Terrier

P (3,1)

1 & BP Goddard’s Awbrooksky Margot Robbie. Good overall balance. Typical head proportion, dark eyes, good bite. Straight front, small, well padded feet. Moderate neck going into a nice rib, strong loin. High set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Harsh jacket. Sound both ways and outline held well in profile. Lost focus in the challenge.

2 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Bond Girl. Just 6 months old with pleasing feminine head. Dark expressive eyes. Straight front but chest still needs to fill as she was close coming at me. Level topline and fair quarters.

J (2,0)

1 & BOB Pateman’s Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien. Pleased for make and shape. Moderate width of head and strong muzzle. Dark eyes, good bite and small well set ears. Straight front and neat feet. Moderate neck, well ribbed, level topline and high set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Coat could be harsher. Sound purposeful gait.

2 Aldous’ Twigglestone Steps To Hevn. A tad taller and longer than 1. Masculine head, dark eyes and good bite. Straight front, feet ok. Moderate neck and nicely ribbed, level topline prefer a slightly higher set tail. Not in his best of coats and lacked enthusiasm on the move.

PG (2,1)

1 Cox’s River Boy. Masculine outlook, expressive eyes, ears could be a tad smaller. Straight front and feet ok. Moderate neck and rib ok, level topline. Moderate angulation. Harsh jacket. Sound fore and aft but didn’t cover much ground.

O (2,1)

1 River Boy

AV Imported Register

Nice class

O (5,1)

1 & BAVIR Dando’s Naughty Boris Van T Weimeland (Imp Bel) (Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer). Well balanced. Correct head proportions. Almond shaped expressive amber eyes. Long well set ears. Straight front and nice feet. Moderate well muscled neck. Adequate fore chest and good depth of chest, level topline. Well muscled quarters. Harsh outer coat. Good reach and drive and pleasing profile with proud head carriage.

2 Dennis’ Bailey Of Sereno Spirit (Imp Esp) (White Swiss Shepherd) Powerful elegant mover, just preferred 1’s easy more accurate gait. Masculine head, dark brown almond eyes. Straight front and feet well arched. Good depth of chest, level topline. Well angulated quarters. Presented in good coat.

3 Sladden’s Khyannes Triton At Canemamans (Imp Hun.)(Braque D’Auvergne)

French Bulldogs

I was a substitute judge for this breed.

J (3,0)

All pups.

1 BOB & BP Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Under The Ivy. Wow just 6 months old, this pied girl stood out. Super compact shape. Well proportioned head, sparkling bright dark eyes and good “bat ears”. Straight front with nice bone, compact feet. Moderate slightly arched neck. well ribbed and good cut up. Moderately angulated and well muscled for age. Smart free movement, exceptionally good rear action. Will watch her progress with interest.

2 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Handsome Cabin Boy. Litter mate of 1 with many of the same qualities. Head of square appearance, good ears and nice sweep of jaw. Good legs and tidy feet. A tad longer in body than 1. Well muscled quarters. Sound movement.

3 Morgan & Ling’s Agramer’s No Alibi At Tytorro (Imp Cro) naf,taf

O (2,0)

1 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Life Can Be So Nice JW. Bridle girl of pleasing compact shape. Typical head with good ears, dark eyes and nice width of jaw. Good bone. Strong neck and well ribbed body and nice topline. Well muscled quarters. Smart brisk sound movement.

2 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus The Glamorous Life JW,ShCM. Brindle girl a tad longer in body than 1. Good head properies with good width of jaw, good high set ears. Nice width of chest and straight front, feet ok. Strong neck, well ribbed body and moderate rear angulation. Not quite as positive on the move as 1.


P (1,0)

1 & BP Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody Of Zanjero (Imp Deu) (Chinese Crested). Liked his make and shape. Pleasing balanced head, darkest of almond eyes, good bite. Low set ears well fringed and used to advantage. Straight front and good hare feet. Good length of neck, slightly arched going into a nicely ribbed body with nice depth. Well angulated and muscled quarters. High set tail with excellent carriage. Elegant flowing movement, demonstrated reach and drive in profile.

J (3,2)

1 Hegarty’s Enjanicka Toscana Amore Mio (Bolognese). Pleasing compact outline. Feminine head, dark pigment, face a little wet detracting from expression. Needs more body, level topline and moderate rear angulation. Coat texture ok. Movement difficult to assess as she was distracted by the sand surface.

O (7,4)

1 & BAVNSC Clarke’s Cotonkiss Buddy Holly (Coton De Tulear). Male of correct size and proportions. Masculine head, expressive dark eyes and excellent pigment. Straight front, well boned with tidy feet. Slightly arched neck going into a good rib with correct rise over the loin. Moderate rear angulation. Well textured coat, well presented. Free smooth movement.

2 Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You (Chinese Crested). Powder puff, masculine outlook, low set ears, used to advantage. Straight front and hare feet. Broad and deep chest. Lovely tail carriage, nicely presented coat. Moved well behind, a little close in front. Would prefer a little less of him.

3 Enjanicka Toscana Amore Mio

AV Toy

P (6,3)

1 Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody Of Zanjero (Imp Deu)

2 Reid’s Bubbapug Mamma Mia (Pug). Nice make and shape. Head of good proportions, sparkling dark eyes, good width of jaw. Straight front, prefer a little more bone. Strong slightly arched neck. Well ribbed body. Tail could be set a tad higher. Nicely muscled quarters. Good brisk action.

3 Leadbetter-Simms’ Maid Of The South (Pug)

Toy Group

G1 Papillon

G2 Gill’s Carmichan Tegra (Affenpinscher). Good balance. Typical head and expression, dark sparkling eyes, neat ears. Nice spring of rib, level topline. Sound fore and aft. Coat texture could be a little harsher.

G3 Dopson’s Godheim Nashville At Jalindri (Japanese Chin). Pleasing evenly marked head with good width. Dark round eyes. Nice front and hare feet. Well ribbed body, lovely silky coat. Sound movement fore and aft.

G4 Coton De Tulear

PG1 Chinese Crested

PG2 Papillon

PG3 Gruninger’s Darkle Square The Circle (Griffon)

PG4 Gill’s Florindale Star Copy (Affenpinscher)

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)