• Show Date: 25/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association – 25th November 2018

I was a replacement judge for Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu so thanks to the exhibitors for their support.

Lhasa Apso

J (1,0)

1 & BP Haddon’s King Of The Corn Shed. 8 month old B/W lad of pleasing size. Good eyes, bite ok. Nice rib for age, level topline. In nice coat. A little restricted in hind movement.

PG (2,0)

1 Harris’ Vonstry Cherished, cream/sable of lovely make and shape. Well balanced head, dark eyes, nicely feathered ears. Good legs and feet. Nice rib, level topline, high set tail. Moved well both ways with jaunty action. Good profile.

2 Green’s Swandown Head Boy Over Samorrey. B /W of good balance just too much of him for me. Good expressive eyes, mouth ok. Straight front. Good reach of neck, nice rib, well muscled quarters. Sound free movement.

O (1,0)

1 & BOB Harris’ Vonstry Legend. Cream/Sable lad well balanced. Good head proportions, dark oval eyes, well feathered ears. Straight front, good feet. Nicely arched neck allowing proud head carriage. Well ribbed, level topline. Moved well both ways, lovely profile and well presented.

Shih Tzu

J (2,1)

1 & BOB Gilkes’ Zeeva Reflections. Typy G/W girl, good for size and balance. Good head piece, round dark eyes, good stop. Well boned legs and nice feet. Strong neck giving a little elegance going into a well ribbed body, level topline and good tail set. Nicely muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Moved well once settled, made the cut in the group but was a little too full of herself which did her no favours. Lovely arrogant head carriage.

Shar Pei

J (3,1)

1 Morris’ Ashowai Ready To Boogie. Liked her overall balance. Head of good proportions, slightly padded muzzle. Dark almond eyes, correct bite and mouth pigment. Super small ears. Good front and feet. Strong neck going into good rib and correct rise in topline over loin. Well muscled quarters. Scores on the move with smart brisk gait.

2 Howson’s Tairoko’s Stand And Stare. Just 6 months. Nice width to muzzle but would prefer a tad more foreface. Straight front and good feet needs to broaden in chest. Fair body and rib for age. Prefer a little more rear angulation. Nicely handled.

O (3,0)

1 & BOB Morris’ Ashowai Ready To Rumble. Red male of pleasing make and shape. Pleasing masculine head, dark eyes and neat small triangular ears. Good bite and pigmented tongue. Good width to muzzle. Straight front and good bone and tidy feet. Strong neck allowing good head carriage. Well ribbed with adequate depth of chest. Correct topline, high set tail. Strong well muscled quarters. Good coat texture and has just the right amount of wrinkle for me. Smart free vigorous movement.

2 Dawson’s Loupei’s Paco Rabanne At Quinnhalo. One I have judged in a group previously and done him well but today he appeared to have other things on his mind and didn’t have the focus. He is well balanced and has good head proportions, dark almond eye, good width to muzzle. Straight legs and tidy feet. Nice rib and topline with rise over loin. Moderate rear angulation with good muscle. Coat of harsh texture. Sound movement. Would prefer just little more of him.

3 Lloyds’ Sharpuggles Talk About Luck


P (4,2)

1 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Devil In Disguise (Japanese Spitz). Pleasing feminine head of good proportions. Dark oval eyes, good bite and dark pigment. Straight front and feet ok. Slightly arched neck going into a nicely ribbed body, level topline and high set tail. Well presented coat. Nicely muscled quarters. Light smooth movement and pleased in profile.

2 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Gifted One (Japanese Spitz).Masculine head, good ears, dark eyes and good bite. Nice legs and feet. Would prefer a little more neck. Good rib, high set tail. Moderate rear angulation. A little untidy both fore and aft and not totally settled.

J (2,1)

1 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Blessed One (Japanese Spitz). Pleasing feminine head, dark oval eyes, good bite and good ear set. Nice legs and feet ok. Fair length of neck, nice rib, level topline, high set tail. Not in her best coat. On the move a little high in front action.

PG (4,2)

1 Judge’s Hosha Skyz Da Limit At Ysabelkid (Min. Poodle). Presented a compact outline. Nice head piece with pleasing expression, dark almond eyes, good bite. Straight front, feet ok. Moderately arched neck, nicely ribbed body, good atil set. Moderate angulated quarters. Nicely presented coat of harsh texture. Moved soundly both fore and aft.

2 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s It’s All About Meme (Japanese Spitz). Good wedge head, dark eyes although showing a little facial staining. Good bite and well set ears. Good legs, feet could be tighter. Fair length of neck and fair rib. Moderate rear angulation. Moved with a slightly high front action.

O (6,2)

Super class

1 & BAVNSC Watkins’ Albionspitz Blue Moon JWW JDCH (Eurasier). Have previously judged this boy and done him well. Today he was in outstanding form and has such ring presence. Presents a well balanced outline and holds himself so well on the move. Masculine wedge shaped head. Good pigment, dark oval eyes, well placed ears. Well muscled neck. Straight well boned legs and tight feet. Good rib and desired fore chest, level topline. Well muscled quarters. Well presented harsh coat. Excels on the move with sound straight movement.

2 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Charming As Ever (Japanese Spitz). Well balanced. Good wedge head, dark oval eyes and neat ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Slightly arched neck going into a good rib and body. Level topline, high set tail. In nice coat. Moved with good front action.

3 Aston,Bradley & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Such A Charmer (Japanese Spitz)

AV Imported Register (Utility)

1 Winter & Unwins Morningcalm White Wizard At Snowtrekka (Korean Jindo). White lad, just out of puppy, who presented a nicely balanced outline. Good wedge head, dark almond eyes, good bite, correctly set ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Slightly arched neck going into a good body for age with adequate depth of chest and ideal tuck up. Moderately angulated quarters. Moved freely with proud head carriage. Sound fore and aft.

AV Utility Veteran (7,4)

Nice class

1 Logan & Jackson’s Ir Ch & Ch Rynard Flash Gordon ShCm Gold W18 (Japanese Shiba Inu). Vibrant red lad so well balanced. Masculine head but not coarse. Dark almond eyes giving correct expression, good bite and neat ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Deep chest and nice rib, level topline. Thick high set tail. Well muscled quarters. Smart brisk light gait. excellent profile movement.

2 Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Cameo (Dalmatian). Masculine head, sparkling oval eyes. Straight front and well knuckled feet. Good length of neck, slightly arched. Good depth of chest. Well muscled quarters. Moved with smooth free action. In tip top condition.

3 Whiting’s Cibrith China Aster ShCM(Dalmatian)

One of the best groups for depth of quality I have judged and consequently some good exhibits didn’t make the cut.

G1 Eurasier delighted to see him later go RBIS well done.

G2 Shutt’s Eita Aba Noted Work JP(Imp Jap)JW Japanese Shiba Inu. Good balance and very typy. Vibrant colour. Well balanced head, dark expressive oriental eyes. Good topline and sound light energetic movement.

G3 Pleasance’s Katakia Last Man Standing JW (French Bulldog) Impressive pied dog. Compact. Good head and lovely bat ears. Strong neck, well ribbed body. Sound movement, especially good forehand.

G4 Shar Pei

PG1 Japanese Spitz

PG2 James’ Waterley Partypiece (T.T.) Eye catching B/W girl. Well balanced, good length of neck allowing proud head carriage. Nice depth of chest, level topline and moderate rear angulation. Demonstrated good reach and drive on the move.

PG3 Millington’s Gloriandus Royal Edition Of Capearlla (Imp Rus) (Dalmatian)

PG4 Evison’s Andlare Scooter At Kikuchi (Bulldog)

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)