• Show Date: 24/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Finnish Spitz Club

The Nordic Show - 24th November 2018


My thanks to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and to the Keeshond Club for making this show one of its supported events.

P (6,2)

What a cracking class to start the day.

1 BOB & BP Lindsay’s Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (Imp Nor). 10 month old with lovely balanced compact outline. Feminine head and expression. Dark almond eyes with well pigmented rims. Dark muzzle, good bite. Neat ears. Straight nicely boned legs, feet ok. Nice rib and body for age, level topline. Nicely muscled quarters. Scores on the move with brisk straight gait fore and aft and holds herself well in profile.

2 Hill’s Whizzkees Opal Solitare For Plymkees. 10 month old with pleasing wedge head. Dark expressive eyes, has the desired spectacles. Good bite. Good legs and feet. Well ribbed body, good tailset. Nice quarters. Good coat texture. Not quite the steady straight movement of 1.

3 Wilkin’s Whizkees Opal Soloman

J (4,1)

1 Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (Imp Nor)

2 Wilkin’s Whizkees Opal Suzie. Quite compact outline. Pleasing wedge head, dark almond eyes, good bite. Well boned front although did tend to stand a little 10 to 2, nice feet. Fair rib, level topline, good tailset. Not in best of coats. Sound movement but would benefit from being moved at a quicker pace.

3 Lush’s Ednaaron Moonlight

PG (3,1)

1 Wilkin’s Whizkees Ebony Slipper. Pleasing feminine head, good eye shape, good bite and neat ears. Straight legs with good bone, feet ok. Nice rib, level topline and good tailset. Nicely muscled quarters. Coat of good texture. Scores on the move with brisk sound action.

2 Axford & Sherwood’s Lilli Marlina. A tad longer cast than 1. Sweet feminine head, good bite, ears could be a little smaller. Straight front and good feet, lacks width of chest. Fair rib, good tailset and nice coat texture. Rather close behind and untidy coming to me.

L (1,0)

1 & BD William’s Mezanda Master Of Secrets At Druitz. Masculine head without coarseness. Dark eyes, showing good bite and well defined spectacles. Ears could be a tad smaller. Good legs and bone, feet ok. Deep well sprung rib, level topline, strong loin, high set tail. Well developed quarters. He presents a good square outline, just wish there were a little less of him. In full coat of harsh texture. Sound brisk action both ways and pleased in profile.

OD (2,1)

1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower. Nicely balanced head, good bite. Eyes of good shape but could be darker. Good legs and tidy feet. Strong slightly arched neck. Nice rib and level topline and high set tail. Harsh textured coat. Spry sound action going out but a little untidy coming to me. Proud head carriage in profile.

1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Melys Sparkles, another of compact shape. Well marked head with excellent spectacles but eyes could be darker. Neat ears. Straight front and feet ok. Strong nicely arched neck. Good rib and high set tail. Coat of harsh texture. Nicely muscled quarters. Presented a good profile. Good rear movement although a tad close coming to me.

2 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders JW. Pleasing overall balance, just preferred 1’s slightly more compactness. Nice feminine head, eyes could be a tad darker, good bite. Straight front and good feet. Nice length of neck, good rib and quarters. Not in her best coat. Moved a little untidy both ways.

V (4,1)

1 Wilkin’s Ch Pommary Quick Silver At Whizzkees. 9 ½ year old who was in good form. Good make and shape. Pleasing head proportions, good eye shape and ear set. Good bone and nicely padded feet. Moderate length of neck, nicely ribbed body and good quarters. Not in her best coat. Sound brisk action although a tad untidy in front.

2 Lush’s Buchkees Love In The Mist. 8 ½ year old. Masculine head , dark almond eyes. Good legs and tight round well padded feet. Compact body well ribbed and tail set ok. Good coat texture although colour could be better. Sound brisk movement with nice profile.

3 Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)