• Show Date: 25/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society – 25th August 2018

Boston Terrier

O (1,0) 1 & BOB Mason’s Aprika Beverley Hills JW, smart and of deal size. Pleasing feminine head, good eyes and erect ears. Square head, nicely padded muzzle. Nice length of neck, well ribbed and good depth of chest. Nicely muscled quarters. Good rear movement and presented a lovely profile.


J (1,0)

1,BP & PG4 Alcock’s Kayjule Kepler At Dalspartan, B/W 6 months old lightly spotted male of good make and shape. Dark eye, good bite , good ear set. Straight front and tidy feet. Fair neck and nice depth of chest. Nicely muscled quarters, prefer a tad more angulation and rear hocks could be a little more vertical. Straight movement fore and aft and pleasing head carriage.

O (2,1)

1 & BOB Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW, L/W with pleasing feminine head. Oval amber eyes, good bite and ears. Good legs and compact feet. Slightly arched neck of fair length. Good depth of chest and level back held on the move. Nicely angulated well muscled quarters. Smooth powerful action in the limited ring space.


J (3,0)

Nice class all from the same litter

1 & BOB Whitehead’s Gladsheim Helios, liked his size. Pleasing masculine head, dark almond eyes, good bite, nice ears with desired earrings. Straight legs, feet a little 10 to 2. Slightly arched neck. Good spring of rib and depth to elbow. Well carried tail, nicely feathered. Moderate rear angulation, nice muscle. Sound light true action and good head carriage.

2 Allman’s Gladsheim Oriana At Shantess, very much a girl, good eyes and bite. Straight front and tidy feet. Moderate neck, nice rib and depth of chest. Fair quarters. Good tail set and correct carriage. Moved out quite accurately.

3 Williams’ Gladheim Arunika

O (1,0)s

1 Williams’ Cairnsbraid Onwaba Lukimbi Of Gladsheim (Imp Bel) good showman. Nicley balanced head, dark almond eyes and correct bite. Nice legs and feet. Good neck and spring of rib. Tail carried correctly. Free easy action. Nicely broken coat. In the challenge didn’t move as accurately as his


Lhasa Apso

J (2,1)

1 & BP Anderson’s Zentarr Osborne, 9 month old gold. Pleased for size. Nicely balanced head, Good eyes, reverse scissor bite, ears well set. Straight front and tidy feet. Adequate neck. Nice body and level topline. Moderate rear angulation. Sound free gait. Nicely presented coat.

PG (3,2)

1 Birch’s Wrenwrox Buffhalo Soldier, stacked up well. Masculine outlook, dark oval eyes, good ear set. Good legs and feet. Strong neck. Nice rib and topline and good tailset. Well presented coat. Moved a little close behind but had good profile.

O (2,1)

1,BOB & G1 Hart’s Anjesics Kingsmaker Of Khazedel JW, Gold lad who I’ve done well for previously. He has matured into a lovely example of the breed. Well balanced head, super pigment, dark eyes, good ears which are well feathered. Good legs and feet. Strong well arched neck. Well ribbed with a level topline. Well muscled quarters. In good coat, well presented. Free sound movement both ways and presented a super profile. Well handled. Delighted to hear he later went BIS. Well done.

Shih Tzu

J (4,2)

1, BP & PG2 Maule’s Daltricia Arabella, B/W 10 month old who was well presented. Lovely feminine head with oriental expression. Dark round eyes, good mouth. Straight legs and tidy feet. Nice rib for age, level back, good tail set. Fair muscled quarters. Nice reach and drive.

2 Parton’s Kadaz Negan, black, a tad longer cast than 1. Good eyes and ear set, mouth could be better. Nice legs. Moderate neck and nice rib. Level topline. Prefer a little more rear angulation. In nice coat. Sound behind, a little untidy in front.

PG (1,0)

1 Yeoman’s Kezang Golden Idiol, G/W with pleasing compact shape. Masculine head, good eyes and bite. Good bone and lovely rib ,well set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Sound fore and aft but would prefer a little more animation.

O (3,0)

1 & BOB Maule’s Daltricia Kwakwali, B/W male with pleasing head proportions. Good eyes,bite and well set ears. Good bone and feet. Strong neck and well ribbed.High set tail. Well muscled quarters. In well presented coat. Judged him earlier in the summer where his movement was a little untidy but today it was much more accurate and presented a lovely profile.

2 Parton’s Kadaz Rebecca, B/W with pleasing feminine head shape. Mouth could be better. Correctly set ears. Nice bone with good rib and topline. High set tail, fair rear angulation. Moved quite soundly.

3 Yeoman’s Hongchue Gallant Hero ShCM

AVNSC – Utility

Some cracking exhibits in these classes

P (3,0)

1 & PG1 Pittock’s Itoshi Toto Kijutsu At Cheechako (Imp Aus) (J.Spitz), eye catching, lovely make and shape. Well balanced head and lovely expression. Darkest of eyes, good bite. Straight front and excellent feet. Good rib, level topline, good tail set. Moderate rear angulation, well muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Excellent profile and sound coming and going.

2 Fenton’s Layoli Glowing Embers (T. Terrier), Liked her shape and size. Well balanced head, dark eyes, Correct reverse scissor bite. Nice legs and feet. Pleasing neck, rib and topline. Moderate rear angulation. A little untidy on the move unlucky to meet 1.

3 Moore’s Pommary Let Rumour Begin (GSK)

J (2,0)

1, BAVNSC & G2 Manners’ Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti (Schipperke), one I’ve judged as a puppy and done well. Lovely make and shape. Good wedge head, dark eyes, good bite and excellent ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Nicely ribbed, level topline and well set tail. Moderate quarters , nicely muscled. Good sound movement fore and aft with excellent profile.

2 Layoli Glowing Embers

PG (4,0)

1 Atkins & Charles’ Snikkles Ice Princess (Min Poodle), white, stacked up well. Nicely chiselled feminine head, dark almond eyes, good bite and dark pigment. Straight front and tight feet. Moderately arched neck, well ribbed body, good tailset. Moderately angulated,nicely muscled rear. Well presented coat of good texture. Sound movement and proud head carriage when in profile.

2 Leadbetter’s Pommary Total Challenge (GSK), orange/sable. Pleased for size. Lovely wedge head, good eyes, pigment and bite. Straight front and tidy feet. Good rib, good harsh coat. High set tail. Sound movement fore and aft.

3 Pittock’s Zulu Dawn Over Cheechako

O (4,0)

Good class

1 Pittock’s Int Ch/Lux Ch Cheechako Kristofferson ShCM Lux Jr Ch (J.Spitz), lovely make and shape. Well balanced wedge head. Excellent pigment. Neat ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Moderately arched neck. Good rib and level topline, good tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Smooth light action fore and aft. Good profile movement.

2 Massey’s Ch Ristine Jack Black (Schipperke), compact make and shape. Pleasing head, dark eyes, good bite and well set ears. Straight front and good feet. Good rib, level topline. Modertate rear angulation. Good coat texture. Not quite as accurate as 1 fore and aft , good profile.

3 Manners’ Komargo’s Crazy Diamond At Roopec (Schipperke)

G1 Lhasa Apso

G2 Schipperke

G3 Dawson’s Loupei’s Paco Rabanne At Quinnhalo (Shar Pei) liked his shape and size. Pleasing head, good ears. Good bone and deep rib. Smart brisk movement.

G4 Shutt’s Jaldev Conspiracy Theory With Tapena (Japanese Shiba Inu), Dark almond eyes giving a super expression. Good front, deep chest and nice spring of rib. Light, energetic gait.

PG1 Japanese Spitz

PG2 Shih Tzu

PG3 Poyser & Bodell’s Andor Golden Girl At Tinamba (Tibetan Spaniel) Head proudly carried giving a lovely profile. Ears used well. Correct front legs, nice rib. Moved well with good rear action.

PG4 Dalmatian

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)