• Show Date: 13/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Westmorland County Agricultural Society

Westmorland County Agricultural Society – 13th September 2018

AV Utility

PG (2,1)

1 Nixon’s Roxmarlas Majestic Star (TT), G/W with attractive outline. Liked her for size. Well balanced head, good eye shape, bite ok. Nice legs and feet. Moderate neck. Nice rib, level back with correct rise over loin. Sound free action.

O (6,2)

1 Riley’s Schojan Aleksandr Of Lakshmi (Schipperke), small and cobby. Good wedge head, dark oval eye. Good front and tidy feet. Strong neck of adequate length, level topline and nice quarters. Presented in good coat. Smart brisk gait.

2 Askews’ Cherkhan Kaiser Chief Of Pendlewood ShCM (Japanese Shiba Inu) 9 year old with super vibrant colour. Good head, dark almond eyes. Neat ears. Straight front , level topline, good tail set. Good front action but a little untidy behind.

3 Boardley’s Friarland Royal Albert (T.S.)

Chihuahua (L/C)

G (2,0)

1 Walker’s Sunlea Fresian Fancy, Black/Cream with pretty head, good ears, nicely fringed. Bright eyes. Fine bone and tidy feet. Good neck, nice rib, topline ok. Nicely muscled quarters. Tail set could be a tad higher. Sound fore and aft, head carriage could be a little higher to make the most of her.

2 Johnson’s Helmlee Lady Million, cream girl, lovely for size. Pleasing head, good bite, eyes and ears. Fine bone, fair rib, topline ok. Moved ok both ways but looked a tad long in profile.

O (1,0)

1 & BOB Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Viva Vienna JW ShCM, have judged this quality cream exhibit previously, lovely make and shape and really typy. Good head, dark eyes, good bite, well fringed ears. Straight front and good feet. Excellent rib and topline, high set tail. Well muscled quarters. Sound fore and aft with super profile movement.

Chihuahua (S/C)

G (3,1)

1 & BOB Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Royal Albert, cream with pleasing head, dark eyes, good bite and correctly set ears. Nice legs and tidy feet. Moderate neck, good rib, level topline, high set tail. Nice quarters. Smart free movement with good profile action.

2 Walker’s Sunlea Gotta Have Faith, cream with pretty head, dark eyes and good ear set. Nice bone, fair rib. Rear movement a little untidy . Not totally happy today.

O (2,1)

1 Johnson’s Diamonchi Golden Melody At Jaffa Jems, red of lovely make and shape. Pleasing head, dark eyes, well set ears and super pigment. Straight front and tidy feet. Nice length of neck allowing good head carriage. Nice rib and topline and good tail set. Nice in profile but untidy fore and aft.


J (4,0)

Nice class

1 & BP Urwin’s Sunlea Ledgend Of The Sword, 10 months old cobby lad with pleasing head. Dark eyes, good width of muzzle, neat ears. Good legs and tidy feet. Strong neck, well ribbed, good tailset. Nicely muscled quarters. Fine coat. Scored on the move with well held topline.

2 Cowie’s Sunlea Cast A Spell Over Megipugi, litter mate of the winner, slightly larger but lovely head piece, bright eyes, neat ears and good width of muzzle. Good front, well ribbed, nice quarters. Not quite the movement of 1.

3 Walker’s Sunlea Bertie Buttons

PG (2,0)

1 Cowie’s Marfont Starman With Megipugi, pleasing outline, masculine head, dark sparkling eyes, neat ears. Nice legs, feet and rib. Good topline, tail set and nicely muscled quarters. Smart free movement with good profile.

2Turnbull’s Judamie Bow Tie Nicobri, More wrinkle on the head than my ideal. Good width of jaw. Well boned. Strong neck and nice rib. Pleased in profile, a little untidy behind.

O (4,0)

Nice class

1 & BOB Walker’s Sunlea Royal Albert JW ShCM, cobby make and shape with just the right amount of wrinkle on his head. Bright dark eyes, neat ears. Good bone and tidy feet. Strong neck with nicely ribbed body, good toplinGood quarters. Fine coat texture. Sound both ways and good profile.

2 Robinson’s Tsuselena Continental ShCM, another compact lad. Dark lustrous eye, would prefer a slightly wider jaw. Good legs and feet. Strong neck, well ribbed, level topline. Good quarters. Smart front action , ok behind.

3 Judamie Bow Tie Nicobri


G (1,0)

1 Charlton’s Vibreks New Beginning, cream, not too happy today. Pretty head, excellent eyes and small neat ears, good bite. Nice legs and tidy feet. Moderate neck, fair rib, good coat texture. Could be a tad shorter in body. Sound light action.

O (1,0)

1 & BOB Charlton’s Linkies Ace Of Spades At Kizziepom, black, square in shape. Gorgeous head, super eyes, neat ears and good bite. Straight front and good feet. Adequate neck, fair rib, good topline and good tail set. Well presented coat of good texture. Accurate sound movement.


J (3,2)

1 Leaver’s Revaelann Serene Glamour, Tri with lovely feminine head. Good eyes and bite. Nice legs and feet. Level topline, fair rib, nice tail set. Nice rear angulation. Would prefer a more broken coat. Sound free action both ways and correct tail carriage.

O ( 1,0)

1 & BOB Granasil Kontrap JW, B/T, he has a lovely masculine head, well filled under the eyes. Correct bite and large dark eyes. Long well feathered ears. Straight nicely boned front, nicely arched neck. Nice spring of rib, level topline. Well presented silky coat. Excellent tail carriage. Free movement with good drive.

Chinese Crested

J (4,1)

1 & BP Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Voodoo Woman, liked her make and shape. Dark almond eyes, good bite and well set ears. Nice legs and good harefeet. Good length of neck, nice width of chest, level back with nicely rounded rear. Handled the indoor ring well, with good profile movement.

2 Routledge’s Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws (Imp), Not quite the topline of 1. Pleasing feminine head, dark eyes. Nice legs and feet. Fair length of neck, nice width of chest. Moved with positive action.

3 Bell’s Bryelis Devil Woman

PG (3,1)

1 & BOB Routledge’s Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteazer, eye catching dark mahogany with white trim. Lovely head balance, dark eyes, good bite. Good front and hare feet. Long ,slightly arched neck. Good width of chest, level back with nice fallaway to rear quarters. Excellent profile with lovely tail carriage. Sound fore and aft.

2 Bell’s Bryelis Belle O The Ball, Not too happy on the table. Pleasing head proportions, dark eyes. Straight front, fair width of chest. Fair quarters. Moved ok, once settled.

O (4,1)

Nice class

1 Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteazer

2 Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Dancing Queen, well balanced feminine head, dark almond eyes, good bite and ears well set, pigment ok. Straight front and hare feet. Nice width of chest, level back with nice fallaway to rear quarters. Well presented. Sound movement both ways with good flowing action in profile.

3 Bell’s Belldinza Cosmic Moon

AV Toy

Nice class

P (7,2)

1 Coote’s Cleeview Trust In Me (Lowchen), 7 month old black/cream. Loved her overall balance and size. Good width of skull with good width of muzzle. Dark round eyes, well set ears. Best of fronts with nice bone, small round feet. Slightly arched neck of good length. Good spring of rib, level topline, nicely muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Scored on the move with free sound action. Delighted to hear that she later went BPIS. Well done.

2 Sunlea Ledgend Of The Sword,

3 Bryelis Voodoo Woman

J (6,3)

1 Lister’s Revillo Allegro (Italian Greyhound), fawn/white trim. Long lean head, dark eyes, good ear set. Fine bone, good feet. Good depth of chest. Slightly arched over the loin. Nicely muscled rear, straight hocks. Lovely profile displaying high stepping free flowing movement but a little untidy coming to me.

2 Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteazer

3 Judamie Bow Tie Nicobri

PG (2)

1 Lister’s Florita Favianna, (Italian Greyhound),blue with long lean head, sparkling eyes. Fine boned with good hare feet. Long arched neck, adequate depth of chest, fine texture coat. Moved well behind, a little untidy in front.

2 Judamie Bow Tie Nicobri

O ( 5,4)

1 Gransil Kontrap JW

Rob McLeod(Dunline)(Judge)