• Show Date: 08/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Liskeard & District Canine Association

The pleasing paper entry was badly affected due to the exceptionally hot weather with several of the brachycephalic breeds not present, which was probably a sensible decision.

AV Utility Veteran (6,4)

1 & BV Quests’ Ch Chenrezi Keeper Of Dreams JW ShCM (T.S) 8 years old, with well balanced outline. Feminine head, high set ears used well. Nice legs and harefeet. Good rib, level topline and high set tail. Well presented coat. Smart brisk true action. Interestingly, dam of the Group Winner.

2 Hills’ Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM ( Keeshond) Not in his best coat today. Pleasing masculine wedge head. Dark eyes, good bite. Nice bone and tidy feet, Good rib and depth of chest. High set tail. Moderate rear angulation. Not quite as positive on the move as 1.

Boston Terrier

O (3,2)

1 & BOB Casey’s Angelcrest Wild One for Shamal, pleasing make and shape. Square head, nice eye, good mouth. Fair bone and feet. Needs to fill in forechest and prefer a little more depth. Nicely muscled quarters. Moved quite soundly with easy gait.

French Bulldog

PG (5,2)

1, BOB, BP & PG1 Tonkin & Pellow’s Poison D’acebo Opus Nogorne (Imp), brindle of cobby proportions. Liked her feminine head, good width of jaw, good eyes, high set ears. Good front and feet ok. Strong neck, good rib, gentle roach to topline. Nicely muscled quarters. Moved out soundly with good profile.

2 Cawley’s Ossidcla Witchcraft At Cawenna, Good square head, nice eye and pleasing expression. High set ears. Strong moderate neck. Nice rib. A tad longer than 1, moved soundly but was a little sluggish.

3 Stidwell’s Lairdstom Oban Bay Boy At Beaufrogz


O (5,2)

1 & BOB Baker’s Neradmik Boy Next Door ShCM, pleasing square outline. Masculine head , good bite, dark eyes and neat ears. Nice bone and feet ok. Good rib and depth of chest. Good tight tail set . Well muscled quarters. In full coat. Moved well both fore and aft with good profile.

2,BP & PG4 Hill’s Whizzkees Opal Solitare For Plymkees, 6 month old with good square outline. Liked her wedge head, dark eyes, neat ears. Straight front with nice bone, neat feet. Moderately wide chest with nice depth and spring of rib. Good tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Good profile although a tad untidy in front which should correct itself as she matures.

3 Hill’s Plymkees The Cool Dude ShCM


O (2,0)

1, BOB & G2 Eden’s Dalens Hot Gossip JW ShCM, B/W well balanced, lightly marked masculine head with heavier spotting on the body. Pleasing head, eye could be a little darker, correct high set ears, good bite. Straight front, nice bone and well arched feet. Good depth of chest and nice rib, level topline. Well muscled quarters. Powerful, smooth movement with pleasing profile.

2 Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare To Dream ShCM, Lightly marked lad with pleasing head and expression. Good bone and feet ok. Nicely arched neck going into a well ribbed body with good depth, topline not as firm as 1. Nice quarters. Sound steady action.

Shih Tzu

O (2,0)

1,BOB & G3 Puleston’s Daltricia Thana At Shanuleas ShCM, B/W with lovely oriental expression. Large eyes. Good front with good bone. Strong neck. Fair spring of rib and nice depth. Well plumed tail carried correctly. Nicely muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Moved true fore and aft and proud head carriage in profile.

2 & BP Herring’s Quingshui The Legacy Begins, 8 month old B/W boy with typical expression. Good dark eye, excellent bite. Nice bone and tidy feet. Adequate neck, nice rib and topline. Prefer a tad more rear angulation. Moved quite well once focused.

Tibetan Spaniel

Strong competition

PG (4,0)

1 Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Pretty,Lovely feminine head, good eye shape, fairly high set ears used well. Correct front with good hare feet. Nice rib and topline, well plumed high set tail. Free straight movement and lovely profile with proud head carriage.

2 & BP Quest & Kalske Chenrezi Back To Black, 10 month old black/silver, Sweet head and expression, nice eyes, good mouth with good width of jaw. Nice front and feet. Would prefer a little more width of chest. Fair rib, nice topline and high set tail. Prefer a little more rear angulation. Smart profile, a little untidy in front.

3 Conibere Chenrezi My Girl

O (5,0)

1,BOB & G1 Denton’s Chenrezi Love On The Rocks At Tremorvah, 4 year old in prime condition. Lovely feminine head with dark oval expressive eyes. Well feathered , high set ears, used well. Correct front and hare feet. Enough neck to give a degree of elegance. Good rib and level topline. Well presented silky coat. Moderate rear angulation, with pleasing muscle. Smart free movement, good profile with good head carriage.

2 Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton, Nice masculine head, dark eyes, good width of jaw, nice ear set. Nice front and hare feet. Moderate neck, nice rib and level topline. A tad longer than 1 and not quite as free on the move. In good coat.

3 Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Happy

Miniature Schnauzer

O (7,5)

1,BOB,BP & PG2 Woods’ Penbro Put A Spell On You, 7 month P/S well balanced square outline. Good length of head, with enough width of skull. Dark oval eyes, good bite, neat high set ears. Good front and tidy feet, Nice rib and topline. Well prepared coat. Good reach on the move, lovely profile.

2 Woods’ Penbro Dream On, 8 month old black. Pleasing head, good bite and neat ears. Straight front and nice feet. Nice rib and moderate rear angulation. Coat texture ok. A tad longer than 1 and not quite as positive on the move.

Tibetan Terrier

PG (5,2)

1 Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Dazzle Dragon, b/w of pleasing shape. Good head, dark eye, good width of jaw. Straight front and tidy feet. Strong neck going into a nice rib with adequate depth, good topline. Well muscled quarters. Good coat texture. Sound both ways and nice profile.

2 Harrison’s Araki Shame The Devil, b/w with square outline. Good head balance. Straight front, good neck and fair spring of rib. Nice coat texture. Prefer a tad more rear angulation. Pleasing profile a little untidy in front.

3 & BP Honeywill’s Tegkei Having a Laugh

O (5,2)

1 & BOB Harrison’s Araki Boshay Barney, handsome G/W of good overall shape just wish he were a little smaller. Good head, dark round eyes excellent pigment. Good front and feet. Strong moderate neck and nice spring of rib, level topline. Moderate well muscled rear. Good reach and drive with lovely profile.

2 Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Boshay Nyima, ideal size. Pleasing head, dark eyes, nice bite. Good front and feet. Moderate length of neck going in to a nice rib. Well muscled quarters. Losing all his shape when on the move.

3 Comley-Ross Araki Golden Wonder

AVNSC Utility

PG (2,0)

1 Worth & Hougham’s Miamilady Magic Spells (Jap Shiba Inu), pleasing head and expression, dark almond eyes, good bite, ears ok. Straight front and feet ok. Nice rib and tuck up, level topline. Moderate rear angulation. Steady mover, edged the class on maturity.

2 Luckman’s Fleur Lilly Moonbeam (Jap Spitz), pleasing size. Good wedge head, lovely eyes and good pigment. Straight front and nice feet. Nice rib for age, topline needs to settle. Moderate rear angulation. In good coat. Super rear movement. Pleasing profile when he concentrated. A little more positive handling would get more from him.

O (4,2)

1 & BAVNSC Worth & Hougham’s Respryn Trelawney (Jap Shiba Inu), typical wedge head, Almond eyes, good pigment and neat ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Slightly arched strong neck. Good rib and topline. Light brisk movement, moving well behind and nice profile.

2 Luckman’s Tawvale Winton ShCM (Jap Spitz), Liked his size. In profuse coat. Pleasing masculine head, good eye shape, good bite and nice pigment. Good front and feet ok. Good rib and tailset. Not as positive on the move.

AV Utility

P (8,7)

1 Araki Golden Wonder (T.T.) square in outline but far too tall for my ideal. Typical head, straight front. Fair length of neck and fair spring of rib. Rather straight behind and very untidy on the move.

AV Open ShCM Stakes (20,8)

1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric ShCM (Beagle, feminine head, lovely eyes giving soft expression. Good bite. Long ears, soft texture. Straight front and good bone, well knuckled tight feet. Good rib and level topline. High set tail, carried well. Well muscled quarters. Good reach and drive with lovely profile.

2 Thorne’s Triforce Dragon Heart ShCM (Rough Collie), Long lean wedge head. Almond dark eyes giving pleasing expression. Correct small ears. Straight front, deep chest , level topline with slight rise over loin. Nicely muscled quarters. In good coat, well presented. Light sound movement.

3 Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost ShCM (SBT)

Liskeard Members Stakes (8,3)

1 Carter & Hozempa’s Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM (Imp)(Ibizan), Long fine head with expressive eyes. Large mobile ears. Straight front, well knuckled feet. Deep chest, level topline. Long reach and elegant profile.

2 Eldred’s Karmidale Talk Of The Town At Belthorne (Sheltie), ideal size, in good coat, well presented. Long lean wedge head, dark eyes, sweet expression. Straight front and tidy feet. Good spring of rib and good depth of chest. Nicely muscled quarters. Light positive gait. Excellent tail carriage.

3 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina (Beagle)

Rob McLeod (Judge)