• Show Date: 24/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bootle Crosby & South Liverpool Canine Society

Alaskan Malamute: O (1) 1. Ellis’ Chayo Inspiration. Attractive 2 ½ year old bitch who appealed for balance and femininity. Not yet at full maturity needing to fill out a little more, but was presented to show her virtues to advantage. Free from exaggeration, short coupled and with equal angles fore and aft. Well proportioned head of good shape. Pleasing expression and excellent dentition. Strong, slightly arched neck flowing well into short, firm topline, although I would have preferred more slope from shoulder to croup. Purposeful and workmanlike on the move with pleasing reach and drive. Best of Breed and pleased to award her Working Group 4.

Bullmastiff: PG (1) 1. Rose’s Keaspride One In A Blue Moon. Well conditioned 2 ½ year old fawn male of good size and substance. Masculine headpiece of pleasing strength and overall shape with correct ratio of muzzle to skull when viewed in profile. Strong neck of adequate length and correct circumference. Good width across the front and standing on good bone. I liked his length of body when compared to height at wither and overall strength. Adequate width of thigh but I would prefer greater hind angulation to improve topline. This may come with time. Capable and enthusiastic mover, but somewhat stilted behind today. Best of Breed.

Dobermann: J (3 2) 1. Pollard & Cox’s Zeloviak Invictus with Whizzbean. 8 ½ month old black and rust male built on clean, elegant lines. He was rather rangy on the day needing to fill his frame throughout, but his overall height to length ratio was good and he presented a reasonably square outline. Wedge shaped head, tight lips and the darkest of eyes. Good length of neck into short, firm topline with correct degree of slope. Shoulders were quite well laid and he stood on excellent tight feet. Occasionally was a touch overangulated at the rear. On the move he tracked well both coming and going, but I would have liked a little more animation in profile. Has plenty of time on his side. Best Puppy and Working Puppy Group 3. PG (1) Salsbury & Ralph’s Monarkle Space Cadet. Masculine black and rust boy of 17 months who was put down in excellent muscular condition. Pleasing head shape with strength of jaw and in proportion to body. Slightly arched neck although I would have preferred a cleaner throat. Pleasing depth and width of body throughout. Excellent straight forelegs and tight feet. Pleasingly short in back with firm topline and good croup. Scored in hind angulation, but would prefer greater angulation at shoulder to complement this. Agile and easy mover but was occasionally sidewinding which cost him in the challenge. Reserve Best of Breed. O (1) Rodgers’ Lux Ch. Aritaur Jamaica Me Crazy at Nolatari. Mature brown and rust dog of almost 3 years. Masculine head with good width of muzzle, it was of good proportions from all angles with good dentition. Pleasing eye with tight rims although he was rather heavy in ear. Good length of neck, but a little untidy at throat. Excellent depth and width of front, standing on super tight feet. In profile he appeared square with correct slightly sloping topline and good underline. Excellent hind angulation and he was presented in fabulous condition and so well muscled over his quarters and excellent short loin. I have judged him before and was pleased to see how he has matured. Not the most enthusiastic of movers today, but steady and sound. Best of Breed.

Newfoundland: Although not numerically strong this was a very good quality entry and a real pleasure to judge. J (3) 1. Danson’s Sandbears Never Give Up at Alcaro. I loved this 6 month old black baby girl with such a wonderful disposition. Even at such a tender age, she presented a very stylish and well balanced outline; so well proportioned with good width and depth of quarters and correct angulation fore and aft. Good length of leg and not long in body at all she was nicely short coupled. Her head was feminine, free from exaggeration and In proportion to body. Lovely eye and expression. I liked her bone, feet and firm topline. Typical puppy movement, but free, sound and steady as she went around the ring displaying athleticism. A pleasure to award her Best Puppy, and Working Puppy Group 1. I was very pleased to see her give such a good account of herself in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show. I shall watch her career with interest. 2. Sayle’s Gunnersnewfs Above N’beyond to Infinitybear. 10 month old black boy of impressive size and substance with excellent bone. All male and masculine he was good to go over with super coat. Head was strong, of very good shape and dimensions, clean cut and square. Scored in front for depth and width with pleasing overall development for his age and size. Held his topline both standing and on the move. Good turn of stifle and width of thigh, he moved out well and with purpose but being such a big lad needs to tighten up all over. I just preferred the elegance and overall balance of the winner today, but he pressed her hard. 3. Angelides & Austin’s Going For Gold Tender Ebony. O (2) 1. Angelides & Austin’s Hilaiwana Cancrimo (Imp). Super black bitch of just 18 months who was beautifully balanced with corresponding angulation back and forth, excellent coupling, square outline together with firm and strong back. She had substance and style without any compromise to her sex. Lovely headpiece with correct muzzle and dentition. Standing on a pleasing length of leg only served to enhance her appeal. Good ribbing and loin. I liked her enormously. She could have put a little more into movement occasionally pacing, but when she did gait, it was even and free with strength from the hock. I was pleased to award her Best of Breed. A stand away contender in the Group she could have gone further, but let herself down a little on the move and had to settle for Working Group 2 today. 2. Danson’s Newruff Centurions Army at Alcaro. Mature 4 year old Male of quality. There was little between him and the winner, he being as masculine as she was feminine. Strong in head but in proportion to body which was well balanced with good lay of shoulder and turn of stifle held together with a good loin and topline. Excellent condition and coat. Easy mover with good carriage. I’m sure he could change places with the winner on another day, but I just preferred her slightly cleaner outline today. Another I admired very much. Reserve Best of Breed.

AVNSC Working: O (2) 1. Teese’s Great Dane Teeseedane Ragahnarr. Full bodied, well marked brindle male of 2 1/2 years who presented a reasonably well balanced, flowing outline with his strong quarters and good topline. Head shape was pleasing; masculine with good strength of jaw and in proportion body. Arched neck flowed cleanly into wither and strong front of good width with lovely lay of shoulder. Slightly too deep in body for perfect balance, but he was at optimum weight so this did not detract too much. Standing on good bone and feet, pleasing spring of rib and loin into good croup and stifle. Well conditioned he moved very well out and back and holding his topline in profile but needed a bigger ring to get into his stride. I was very pleased to award him Best AVNSC and held his own in the Group to be a worthy winner of Working Group 1. 2. Jones & Gibbons’ Bouvier Des Flandres Wispafete Start of Sumthing. Feminine and compact young lady of almost 20 months. Unfortunately could not match the maturity of Dane, but was not without virtue. Clean cut, well proportioned head which was without exaggeration but of adequate strength and pleasing expression. Straight front of good width, but needing to fill out a little more with maturity. Lovely height to length ratio. Good shoulder, but a touch overangulated at the rear. Particularly liked her driving movement when going away from me which was purposeful in Profile. Reserve Best AVNSC.

Working Group: 1. Great Dane, Teese’s Teeseedane Ragahnarr. 2. Newfoundland, Angelides & Austin’s Hilaiwana Cancrimo (Imp). 3. Boxer, Mackay’s Stellvana One Direction at Caljan. 19 month old fawn male, masculine in outlook, good size with pleasing height to length ratio giving him a fairly square outline. Quite strong in head and little too heavy in fleas but overall shape was good. Neck was arched but could have been cleaner at throat. Well laid shoulders which corresponded well with his hind angulation. Topline was strong and with slope which was not exaggerated. Very good spring of rib and firm loin. Still needs to mature and I would have liked to see more body on him to enhance his outline and obvious qualities. Strong mover, but another needing a bigger ring to really get into his stride. 4. Alaskan Malamute, Ellis’ Chayos Inspiration. 

Working Puppy Group: 1. Newfoundland, Danson’s Sandbears Never Give Up at Alcaro. 2. Boxer, Mackay’s Caljan Naughty Sort. Lovely brindle girl of almost 12 month with typical Boxer charm. I loved her headpiece; so well proportioned and square with lovely eye and melting expression. Wonderful length of neck with clean arch. Feminine and elegant in outline which flows throughout. Straight front with enough depth of chest for age. Lovely topline, croup and rear. Slightly longer cast than I would like but so much to like. Movement out and back was a little erratic as compared to the winner, but very pleasing in profile and drive and reach. Nice girl. 3. Dobermann Pollard & Cox’s Zeloviak Invictus with Whizzbean.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)