• Show Date: 02/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rebecca Danks-Kemish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Otley Canine Society

Firstly I must thank all the committee for their hard work in running this fabulous show, I was very happy to receive the invitation to judge especially with a few extra breeds added. In addition to this I must add, the food you prepared for the judges was outstanding and we were made to feel very comfortable, Thank you.

Pointer Puppy(3,1ab) 1st-Wilkinson-Stocksfell Seldom Seen(B) The most beautiful 9 month old orange bitch, just my cup of tea!! She possesses the most exquisite head piece, perfectly matching her balanced body proportions, she has a good strong top line which she kept on the move, stood perfectly ,moved perfectly more than expected for her tender age, what else can I say apart from she will go far!!!I glad to award her BOB and BPIB today, no question. 2nd-Booth-Lundgarth Finch(D) 6 month old boy ,well built with a good spring of rib and good head properties, just starting out in his show career showing great promise ,moved ok will settle in time. Graduate(3,1ab) 1st-Smith-Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki Liver boy of good type, in fantastic condition, held shape well on the move, a real decent pair of feet of which I don’t see too often, if I’m being critical a little less throatiness would be my preference but on whole pleasing to the eye . 2nd Kelly-Kelval Kato 2 and half year old male again in good hard condition, solid sound type with a pleasing head piece, good eye colour, held together well on the move. Open (3,1ab) 1STWilkinson- Ir SHCH Rock ‘n’ Roll Star Do Vale Carvoeiro 5 and half year old orange boy in fabulous condition, well made on some decent ’timbers’, lovely feet ,good well made boy nothing to dislike here and hard pushed by his younger kennel mate who stole the show today!!!!! 2nd Kelly-Fleurfield Faith Of Kelval ShCM Orange bitch built on smaller lines, very pretty, nice shaped feet , well put together but didn’t seem so happy today on the move, different day different results keep at it.

English Setter Puppy(2) 1ST Snook- Dalreavoch Northern Caper(D) Blue Belton typy English boy presented in lovely condition, really good shape, with enough bend of stifle for his age, and I must say with the most striking dark eyes which is lovely to see . He is built on good timber with decent feet, and moved ok, without sounding negative here he really could be made more of if his handler got to grips with him on the move, it’s all there he just needs moulding a little to finish off in presentation. BPIB 2nd Stead –Ultra Violet(B) Well!! On first impressions I thought this bitch was going to be my winner, she is a lovely shape with good type built on solid lines, very pretty, and then here comes the but!!! Every time she moved she just couldn’t settle, I couldn’t say exactly why but she was not happy on the move today, I would love to see her again maybe with a bigger area to move in, please don’t give up on her she shows great promise, she has the foundations to be built on. Yearling(3,2ab) 1st –Roberts Wansleydale Frangelico For Mirkwood Lovely bitch in great condition, really good shape to her, built soundly with a beautiful head piece, and a real naughty glimpse in her eyes which I just love!!!She looked the part and moved really well. Post graduate((2,1ab) 1st-Stead- Upperwood Michaelmas Man A lovely sound orange boy maturing nicely, typical head , good balanced headpiece with good eye colour, fab top line sound body standing on a very nice tidy pair of feet. Tail well set and used to his advantage on the move. RBOB Open(3,2ab) 1st –Loynd - Crimbledale Seaing Stars 3yr old bitch put down in fabulous condition, beautiful shape turned out immaculately as so often seen, but today I thought this bitch looked better than I have seen her previously, she oozed quality, a very pretty head piece with enough work in it keeping the correct balance with enough brain room, correct shaped feet, well padded, the whole time she was presented her tail never stopped wagging ,so elegant yet fit for purpose, yes I liked her,very much!!!! BOB

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy(2,) 1st-Milburn-Gillyfield Akina (B) Quality bitch, lovely headpiece showing that ’noble’ clean-cut shape in good proportions to body, really good coat, short and coarse, good sized eyes giving that lovely soft expression, built on good bone with enough muscle, with a cracking pair of compact feet, moved well covering ground effortlessly. BPIB 2nd-Elrington-Barleyarch Dorito(B) Thought at first this bitch would be my winner, again similar remarks to first place with regards to type and body construction, presented well and in really good condition, but on the move just did not settle as good as 1st today, I’m sure these two will change places a lot in time to come a lot to like about this puppy. Graduate (4,1ab) 1st Glen and Knowles-Wilholme Agnes Brown At Bessalone(B) This bitch was presented in fabulous condition, showing power and endurance on the move but retaining elegance/grace in outline, good well laid back elbows on strong straight forelegs without showing an ounce of coarseness. Neat, well-proportioned body with a complemented deep chest, well-muscled strong thigh used to her advantage on the move. 2nd Scoreby-Swinsty Dawn Runner (B) Nice headpiece, well balanced, built on good strong limbs, nice tidy feet, felt this bitch was a little longer in her back than I would like but on the move she held it together well. Open (3) 1st Glen and Knowles-SH CH/IR SH CH Wilholme Sharp ‘N’ Smart At Bessalone JW ShCM CW16 I loved this class, when all three walked in I was well lets say ‘chuffed’, eventually after a lot of picking at different things in my head I found this bitch just scored in neck/shoulder placement, keeping that super grace in outline and using those long sloping shoulders on the move just gave that effortless smooth gait, without any effort the impulsion from behind evident in each stride, perfectly balanced and well angulated she took BOB today. 2nd-Malin-Keigame Murphlette At Benrae As said above a lot of hair splitting decisions going on in my head, I just love this bitch too, I must admit she has caught my eye from the ringside on a few occasions, today going over her for the first time I wasn’t disappointed, she possess a beautiful headpiece too, perfectly balanced never coarse, lovely eyes, ears perfectly hung in close to her face giving that soft deep meaningful look, body in proportion, scoring with her deep chest, moved very well, in no doubt this is also a top quality bitch, 1ST edging in maturity, staying ahead very slightly on move, had to call her back in for the challenge, where without question she was my RBOB.

Judge –Rebecca Danks-Kemish