• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southampton & District Canine Association

English Setter 


Junior (1,0) 

1st Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela.  Nice young man, just 12mth Orange Belton D. Love his head & dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Good length of neck to a well-made front assembly. Good bone.  Well sprung, deep ribs, correct rear angles.  A little erratic on the move but overall type and quality won BOB 


Open (4,2) 

1st Bennet’s Mariglen Blue Star at Caprow.  5yr Blue Belton D. Pleasant head although teeth could be cleaner. Good neck and better shoulders of the 2 in this class. Deep chest. Good rear angles, nice tail set and carriage, fluid mover. 

2nd Davis’ Merleycopse Dolly Daydream at Thistlesett. 2yr Orange Belton D. Heavier set but with pleasant masculine head. Lacks fore chest and front angulation.  Good shape and deep chest.  Good rear movement but could be tidier in front. 


German Shorthaired Pointers 


Junior (2,0) 

1st Brown’s Graygees Fun N’Games. 10mth compact B, pleasing head, good front with lovely fore chest, good spring and depth of rib. Short deep loin, moderate rear angles, true and steady on the move. Not shown to advantage. BP 

2nd Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. Taller rangy 11mth boy and presented well. Good head and neck, sufficient fore chest and depth of chest. Good top line, long through loin to straight rear angulation. Moved well. 


Post Graduate (1,0) 

1st Legg’s Kavacanne Morgan A Feeling. Small framed 3yr B. Feminine head of good shape and nice eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders with nice fore chest, good depth and spring of rib.  Nice angles behind but drops off a little at the croup. Moves a little out at elbow but ok behind. 


Open (4,2) 

1st Cook & Lamb’s Brooke Will Do It Through Milcook.  23mth D. Liked his outline, and pleasing masculine head. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, enough depth of chest, level top line with correct tail set and carriage. Correct rear angles.  Moved well with good reach and drive. BOB 

2nd Brown’s Pitwit Biddable Sapphire. Different type to 1, smaller in frame, well-proportioned and well-muscled. Lovely head and neck, Well laid shoulders and better fore chest than 1. Deep loin and level top line. A little untidy coming and going but good in profile. 


Gordon Setter 


Post Graduate (5,0) 

Class is headed up by 2 very nice youngsters. 

1st Hall’s Melview Phoenix. Stood out among much older competition for her overall type and shape. Such a baby but with so much to like. Feminine head, dark eye. Lovely neck and shoulders, level top line, chest still to develop but correct at the moment. Good depth through loin. Moderate rear angles and so settled and true on the move. Could not be denied. Not always stood to advantage but must have a bright future.  BOB & BP 

2nd Roberts & Watson’s Kyuna Dream Of Magic at Moonglade.  Another quality youngster at only 11 months. This young B must also have a future. Lovely feminine head of good proportions, super front assembly, deep chest and loin, straight top line but does tend to straighten behind and appear a little bum high. Another lovely mover. 

3rd Whiting’s Locksheath True Baloo 
Res Collingborn’s Graylacier Celtic Angel at Pollyspark 
VHC Powell’s Kimgilee Maori Secret 


Open (2,0,1w/d) 

1st Collingborn’s Graylacier Princess Sophia at Pollyspark.  6yr mature B. Pleasing head and dark eye. Good front assembly, deep chest, a little soft in the top line. Good rear angles and moved well. 


Irish Setter 


Puppy (1,0) 

1st Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond. What a lovely baby. Very raw but just what she should be with a glint of naughtiness in her lovely dark eye. Super neck and shoulders, well-made body and rear. On the move she was steady and true with drive when she wasn’t having fun. BP 


Junior (3,0) 

3 nice youngsters 

1st Rorke’s Zakhan Demelza. 17mth B. Beautiful outline. Super head and neck, well-made front, correct slight slope to her top line, lovely rear angles and moved like a dream, true with correct reach and drive. 

2nd Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI). Another lovely youngster and very close between these 2.  Same correct outline, lovely head and well made throughout. Slightly longer in 2nd thigh but another lovely mover. 

3rd Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli  


Post Graduate (5,0) 

1st Rorke’s Zakhan On The Grid. Another typey outline from this owner, an eye catching 5yr D. Masculine head of correct width and proportions. Well-made front with deep chest and good fore chest. Correct slight slope to the top line and a well-made, well-muscled rear used to effect on the move. A deserving BOB in good company. 

2nd  Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli.  3yr D. Another racy boy with a long lean head and good neck, Well-made front with deep chest. Correct top line. Moved with drive. 

3rd Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore 
Res Evans’ Twoacres Spring Blossom 
VHC Frampton’s Strathmead Mulberry 


Open (4,1) 

Three nice ladies 

1st Rorke’s Cataluna May Queen at Zakhan. Won though on her overall shape and lovely rear construction. Lovely feminine head with good reach of neck, well-made front with nice fore chest and good depth of chest. True mover with lovely profile gait. 

2nd Fox’s Millcroft Bubbling Moon. Another lovely specimen, a little longer in body than 1 and not as much fore chest but well-made and pleasing overall shape. Lovely feminine head of correct shape.  Another good mover. 

3rd Hall’s Kerryfair Special Diamond 


Italian Spinone 


Junior (3,1) 

1st Busby’s Beardoni Cha Cha Lee. 15mth B, good shape, feminine head with correct planes. Short strong neck to a well-made front. Good depth and spring of rib, correct top line, well-muscled rear and moved well. 

2nd Hope’s Testaverde Magic Moments. What a sweetie. 10mths and very raw. Well-made fore and aft, deep well sprung ribs and steady on the move. 


Open (3,1,) 

1st Grief’s Goldfly Flowers Gay Gossip. 3yr mature B. Pleasing head, short neck and well-made front.  Correct top line, deep chest and loin. Short coupled through to a well-muscled rear. Moved out well. BOB 

2nd Hope’s Testaverde Muck N’ Magic. 4yr D. A grown up version of the puppy. Pleasing head and a very well made front. Rather level top line without that characteristic break, deep chest and loin. Moderately angled rear.  An elegant mover. 


Large Munsterlander 


Open (3,1) 

1st Gregory’s Jaudas Let It Rock. This 14mth D presents a good outline. Masculine head without coarseness. Strong neck to well-made front. Level top line to a well-made rear. Needs some work with his handler to get the best from him on the move. BOB 

2nd Stevens & Hargreaves’ Ghyllbeck Fringilla. Pretty 16mth B. Nice head and neck, good front assembly. A very compact B. Lacks rear angulation.  Moved well in front but lacks drive. 


AVNSC Gundog 


Junior (3,2) 

1st McAllister’s Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia AU3 – Lagotto Romagnolo. What a super youngster this is.  Liked him as a puppy, love him now. Super for type and size. Lovely head and neck. Correct front angles and body proportions. Level top line and correct deep loin. Super rear angles and a lovely mover. Correct typey mover. Such a close decision in the challenge but won though as he was less affected by the heat. BAVNSC 


Open (13,5) 

1st Goode’s Owlspoint King Of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM – Bracco Italiano. 23mth D. Another lovely boy. Very proud on the stand with that air of nobility. Super hear with correct divergent planes. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders, deep chest and ample fore chest. Deep through loin to a moderately angled rear. Correct outline with a level top line. A little lazy on the move but forgiven given the temperature as he still showed reach and drive. However, he suffered going straight into the challenge which affected him more on the move. 

2nd Birch & West’s Corranroo Camero at Hitides – Irish Red & White Setter. Another I have done well in the past. A typey 3yr old D, super head with soft expression. Lovely neck and well-made front. Deep chest, level top line, (when not overstretched on the stand), and a well-muscled rear. Moved well but again a little lazy in the heat. 

3rd Adams & Lewis Fecimus She’s On Fire with Irisbel JW – Spaniel (Field) 
Res Bullen’s Karbeni Nua Nemo - Lagotto Romagnolo 
VHC Adams, Hirst & Lewis Fecimus Best Of Both Worlds – Spaniel (Field) 


AV Gundog 


Puppy (14,6) 

Best class for depth of quality. An array of promising puppies. 

1st Hoban’s  Meadowleigh Black To Black - Retriever (Labrador). 6mth Black B. Love the stamp of this young lady. Super head, feminine with correct breadth for age. Short strong neck to a very well made front. Deep well sprung ribs and a good handful of fore chest. Correct top and underline, super rear with correct tail set and carriage. Lovely mover. 

2nd Baker & Judd’s Harpitts Minnie Mack Retriever (Labrador). 9mth Chocolate D. Similar in outline to one, just a bigger version being an older male. Lovely head, well-made front with deep ribs, correct top line, deep loin and good rear.  Another good mover. 

3rd Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave – Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 
Res Hall’s Melview Phoenix – Gordon Setter 
VHC Godden’s Woodmist Coldplay - Retriever (Labrador) 


Junior (11,4) 

1st Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela English Setter.  See English Setters 

2nd Hocking’s Kaspurgold Rizzini - Retriever (Golden). Just 12mths I liked the outline on this young B. Super head with lovely dark eyes, well-made front, deep well sprung ribs and good fore chest. Lovely level toppling and correct tail set. Good turn of stifle and nice short pasterns.  A true steady mover, just a little sluggish in the heat. 

3rd Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium – Spaniel (English Springer)  
Res Rimmer & Phillips’ Tivalake You’re The Top – Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 
VHC King’s Linthwaite Indiana – Retriever (Labrador) 


Post Graduate (13,5) 

1st Brewer’s Stradcot Three Wishes – Retriever (Golden). Another lovely feminine Golden B. Pleasing head and eyes, super forehand with good bone and neat feet. Deep well sprung ribs and lovely rear angles.  Best mover, true with reach and drive. 

2nd Helgen Romeo The Lover – Spaniel (Welsh Springer). Very nice boy. Masculine head on good length of neck, well-made front, lovely level top line and deep chest. Well-muscled rear. Moved true behind with good reach and drive.  

3rd Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea – Spaniel (English Springer) 
Res McAuliffe Tivalake Temptation Retriever - (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
VHC Whiting’s Locksheath True Baloo – Gordon Setter 


Open (9,7) 

1st Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Dahlia – Spaniel (English Springer). 6yr Liver B. Loved her type and size. Correct shape with pleasing feminine head, well-made forehand, level top line. Super rear, won the class on her true flowing driving movement. 

2nd Davis’ Richecca Baby Doll of Merleycopse – English Setter. 6yr Blue Belton B. A well proportioned B with a pleasing head and lovely dark eye. Good neck and shoulders, level top line and nice rear.  Moved well but not as positive as the winner. 


Gundog Group 


Group 1 Walden’s Taramount Wot Dream May Come – Spaniel (American Cocker). Lovely 3yr D of correct shape and size, Lovely head of good proportions. Well-made front with good lay of shoulder, slight slope to top line through to well angled rear. Kept showing with attitude and could not be denied. 

Group 2 Bowen’s Clandrift Midnight Galaxy – Retriever (Flat Coated). 3yr Black B. Lovely shape, super head, correct width to skull and slight stop. Well-made front with good fore chest, deep through brisket. Correct top line, well-made rear and a joy to watch on the move. 

Group 3 McAllister’s Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia AU3 – Lagotto Romagnolo 

Group 4 Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela – English Setter 


Gundog Puppy Group 

 Puppy Group 1 Bysouth’s Luckswarren Secret Phonix - Retriever (Labrador). Wow, what a super young lady. Type, outline, construction and movement, she has it all. Super head with dark eyes, well-made forehand with good fore chest, spring and depth of rib. Level top line, correct tail set and carriage. Super rear and a lovely mover, true fore and aft, steady in profile. One to watch. 

Puppy Group 2 Adams’ Fisherbloom Re’Encountered – Pointer. A young 6mth D of lovely type.  Like his head shape, good stop and dark eyes. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders and level top line. Correct underline a moderate rear angles. Excels on the move for one so young. 

Puppy Group 3 Burnet’s Charbonnel Stop N’Glow at Charmwen – Spaniel (Cocker). 11mth Blue Roan B. Lovely youngster of correct size and shape. Well-made fore and aft, Moved out with reach and drive and so nice to see that ‘cocker bustle’ that is missing so often these days. 

Puppy Group 4 Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond – Irish Setter 


Ray McDonald (Judge)