• Show Date: 17/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Crystal Palace Canine Association

Spaniel (Cockers) 


Puppy (2,1) 

1st  Warrington’s Zakova Aristokat. 9mth Black D. Rather exuberant young man full of the joys of life. Love his head, lovely square muzzle and dark eyes. Good length of neck to well-made front. Well sprung ribs and a correctly proportioned body and level top line to a well set tail. Well angled rear with a good bend of stifle.  Rather bouncy on the move, just needs to settle down but showing some lovely reach and drive in places.  


Junior (3,1) 

1st Warrington’s Zakova Sugar Plum. 11mth Black & Tan. One of the best black and tans I have judged. Lovely head of correct shape and proportions with a square muzzle missing in so many black & tans. Her dark eye completing the expression. Moderate neck flowing into well set shoulders, good fore chest, well sprung ribs and a level top line. Good tail set and a nice mover with good reach and drive. BP 

2nd Bavin & Austin’s Eastonbavent I Have A Dream. 13mth Blue Roan B. Compact B with lovely feminine head & dark eyes. Good neck and shoulders, lovely fore chest and well sprung ribs. Level top line but tail set a little low. Moved well when settled. 


Post Graduate (2,0) 

1st Clifford’s Serci After Dark at Shadow Amor of Chamford (Imp SRB). 2yr Blue Roan D. When stood correctly this young man looks a picture. Masculine but refined, lovely head with square muzzle & dark eyes.  Correct length of neck to well laid shoulders, good depth and spring of rib with fore chest. Level top line, good rear angles and moved with attitude, reach and drive. BOB 

2nd Bavin & Austin’s RoJoys Chase The Dream JW ShCM. Nice Feminine 3yr B. More compact in body, love her head.  Deep well sprung ribs, level top line and good rear angles. Moved well once settled and looks better when moved a little quicker. 


Open (1,0) 

1st Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM. 2yr Blue Roan D. What a showman. Masculine boy built on bigger lines than some but all in proportion. Good head and nice dark eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders over deep, well sprung ribs. Level top line and well set tail. Good bend of stifle. True mover with reach and drive. A little bigger than I was looking for but so many good points to win RBOB 


Spaniel (English Springer) 


Junior (4,2) 

1st Weyman’s Spuffing Tanqueray. 10mth Black & White B.  What a gorgeous youngster. Feminine B of good size & shape. Lovely head shape with long well set ears, dark eyes and sweet expression. Good length of neck flows into well laid shoulders. Straight front with good spring and depth of rib. Level top line to correct tail set. Super rear angles, short rear pasterns and a lovely mover. Steady, true with reach and drive. A very promising B. BP & RBOB  

2nd Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring. 11mth Black & White D. A very raw youngster with lots of promise. Masculine head of good proportions with a dark eye and a mischievous expression. Elegant through neck to a well-made front. Level top line and correct tail set. Well angled rear.  Very easy fluid mover with lots of reach and drive, just needs to mature and tighten up. 


Post Graduate (1,0) 

1st Charlton’s Petranella Jubilee Jester. 5yr Liver & White D. Broad through skull and I would like a little more length to muzzle to balance this. Light eyes. Well-muscled neck of good length, good front but lacks fore chest. Well sprung deep ribs and short loin with level top line through to a well-muscled rear. Steady true mover. 


Open (5,1) 

1st Dunson’s Seaspring Becalmed. 4yr Black & White B. A lovely B for size and shape that you appreciate so much more when you get hands on. Love her head, super front assembly with well laid shoulders and good fore chest. Spring and depth of rib under a level top line. Well-made rear and good tail set. So easy, true and steady on the move with reach and drive. A lovely Bitch.  BOB 

2nd Walker’s Dexbenella Atticus Finch. 21mth Liver & White D. Pleasing head shape but eye could be a little darker. Long neck into well laid shoulders with good depth and spring of rib. Short loin under level top line, good tail set and turn of stifle.  Another good mover. 

3rd Whitworth’s Freworth Polar Express 

Res Weyman’s Spuffing Molly’s Secret 


Spaniel (Welsh Springer) 


Post Graduate (2,0)  

1st Charles’ Stagarth A Lind of Magic. 4yr B. Pleasing head and eyes. Good neck and shoulders with nice fore chest. Preferred her length of leg and neater feet. Well ribbed back to short loin. Level top line.  Moved well with drive. BOB 

2nd Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosley. 2yr B. Pleasing head & eye, good front angles but lacked the fore chest of the winner. Good spring and depth of chest, longer through the loin. RBOB 


Junior Handling 


6 – 11 Years (5,3) 

1st Emily Moores, handling a Shetland Sheepdog.  Accomplished handler producing good pattern work with tidy lines. Good table work, clear teeth, attentive and aware when the dog moved. Very well done. 

2nd Isobel Khawaja, handling a Standard Poodle.  Another accomplished handler, just needs to pay a little more attention to the details.  Teeth could be shown clearer and remember to check to see if your dog has moved a leg on the stand.  Lines are good on the move but try to make a tighter turn at the end of an up & down. Liked the way you were calm & patient with an uncooperative dog. 


12 – 16 Years (4,1) 

1st Lauren Goddard, handling a Pointer.  BJH 

2nd Charlie-Louise Quick, handling a Shiba Inu. 

Both very accomplished but a few areas that could easily be improved. Ensure you show the teeth clearly and positively. Both stood the dogs well at the table and your attention to detail when standing and checking the dog was good. Good shadowing. Lines were ok but could be straighter. Lauren gave a better line to the corner and back and her send-on was the more fluid of the 2. These were the deciding factors for placings. 

3rd Izzy King 

Adult Handling  

17 – 40 Years (4,3) 

1st Emily Bennet, handling an English Setter. Lovely calm sympathetic handler. Stood the dog very well but remember to keep your head out of the way when showing the teeth. Lovely patterns and lines, good shadowing. 


41 – 40 Years & Over (6,3) 

1st Jackie Weyman, handling an English Springer Spaniel. A very accomplished handler. Best showing of the teeth, fully aware of her dog when both standing and moving. Produced good lines and the best triangle, one of very few handlers who come back toward the judge on the 3rd leg of the triangle. Very well handled. BAH 

2nd Elly Bass, handling Whippet. Another good handler with just a few minor point that can easily be rectified. Got a little too close to me on the circuit, teeth could be shown a lot clearer and the 3rd leg of the triangle could be better.  On the positives, you stand your dog well, you had good lines and did a lovely straight up and down. 

3rd Mrs M Melvin


Ray McDonald (Judge)